All this made the two of them very dizzy. What happened between the two sisters and the Mu family?

Xia Yibing turned his head and looked at grandma, who is resting and can’t be disturbed by others? She should be calm and not conflict with them. Grandma is disturbed by the noise in this ward.
"Be mean mad dog, have you finished roaring? Roar out, please leave "said Xia Yi coldly. Looking at her with cold eyes made her shudder inadvertently.
This mad dog made Meng Minting angry, but she didn’t dare to do anything.
"You are no longer my Mu Chuyou’s flesh and blood, and she is no longer your grandmother’s. You are not qualified to take care of my mother. My mother will take care of ourselves." Mu Chuyou said eloquently when he saw that his wife was insulted.
It turns out that the couple came to be important people.
Not qualified to take care of?
The rain clenched his fist as soon as he heard this. These two king eggs still dare to appear here, and they are aboveboard. What’s more, she is not qualified to take care of grandma?
There was a grandmother in Mu’s family at that time. They weren’t the husband and wife. Who else caused Grandma to fall from the building?
"Ha … funny who sent her to the hospital if she was your mother? Who will take care of her if she is your mother? If she is your mother, she knows that grandma’s blood type is only available in four families, and who will draw blood? " Xia Yi Bing Bing smiled and said so many words in one breath.
It’s ridiculous that her mother doesn’t care and now she’s aboveboard.
Want someone? In a word, no way
Meng Minting was a little scared to draw blood. Fortunately, she didn’t come at that time, otherwise she would have blown them. It was just the right time for the couple to come.
And Muchuyou was also a little scared?
"At that time, we didn’t know, and now we know that we are going back to our mother and taking it home to be treated by a private doctor," Meng Minting retorted plausibly.
"Going back to mom? I tell you that I won’t let my grandma go back to Mu’s home for one day. "Xia Yibing responded and said what she meant.
Deah35 is that you have a conspiracy!
"You two? Mom is a family member, which onion do you calculate? "Meng Minting said angrily, pointing to the two sisters, and never let grandma stay and take care of them.
"We have the responsibility to take good care of our mother, and you two are not mu family members. How can Mu Chuyou know if you two have any conspiracy against grandma?" Muchuyou narrowed his eyes light said
Conspiracy? It’s also their husband and wife who have a conspiracy. Look how much Europe and Sunseeker love grandma.
They will have a plot against grandma? Who believes it?
"Or do you want a property of Mu family?" Meng Minting followed suit and said
"property is not needed and you are the real conspirators, aren’t you?" Xia Yibing turned a corner and scolded him back.
"Miss Big and Miss Second, it’s raining." Rain knows that Xia Yibing is weak and both of them are her masters. She should come out to block them.
Xia Yibing nodded at the rain, pulling Xia Yi sunseeker, turned around and walked to grandma’s bedside, looking at grandma’s heart and feeling sad.
Huangfuyanhao didn’t talk to Ouyang Ze from beginning to end, and Mu Chuyou Minting didn’t find them.
There are too many questions for the two of them to know? I cann’t count the numbers at the moment
Rain walked up to the two of them without saying a word and said, "Please go out and you are not welcome here?"
"You …" Meng Minting was so angry that she pointed at the rain.
"If you don’t leave, I will clear the field? Then don’t blame me, "said the rain still doesn’t give them a little face.
Muchuyou is angry, too, but it doesn’t sound like a joke. Then go home first and find a way.
Muchuyou patted MengMinTing back holding her hand out of the room.
As soon as I left the ward, I heard Meng Minting’s voice "I’m so angry. I’m so angry."
Soon the two voices will disappear inside and outside the ward.
Huangfuyanhao and Ouyang Ze looked at each other and walked over behind a Xia Yibing and a Xia Yixiu.
"Sister grandma she …" Xia Yi sunseeker looked at Xia Yi ice sound became choked up, then the words didn’t come out, and the tears fell directly to the first.
HuangFuYanHao again pull Xia Yi sunseeker back into his arms tone both love dearly and spoil said "game sunseeker stopped crying, ok? You have been crying for hours since just now, and your eyes are swollen. "
"If you cry again, your eyes will be blind." How beautiful the blue pupil is, how distressing the girl is. How can he make her cry again and again?
"Grandma, she …" Xia Yi sunseeker cried and said.
"Darling, I know that I know all about it. Will you stop crying this time?" HuangFuYanHao gently wipe Xia Yi sunseeker face tears distressed tone said
Sometimes crying is the best way to vent when you are in a bad mood and sad, and it will be better to have him vent at the same time.
"Are you all hungry? I’m going to buy rice." Ouyang Ze wanted to be alone outside. All this came so suddenly.
Regardless of whether they nodded and finished speaking, Ouyang Ze walked out of the ward directly. Xia Yibing turned around and looked at his back and felt a little lonely.
Xia Yibing didn’t have much time to guess that everything is more important than grandma’s.