"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, so handsome."

"Haha, I knew the DreamWorks program couldn’t be disappointing, and the soldier class actually came to guess the jury."
"I feel that these sprouting new ones are going to cry because of those three old foxes. Look at the treacherous teacher Han Shi."
"Poof, how many cups of bitter gourd juice will you get? Haha, I’m looking forward to it."
When the hottest soldiers and men gang appeared, the audience was so excited that the scene boiled instantly.
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven Stuffed with big coffee in the third phase
Can the audience not boil?
When the magnificent background music heroaosshe sounded, the soldiers’ commandos came out with knives, and the horses recalled the exciting scenes in the soldiers’ assault.
"Even if the head is shot right against the face, will you be so white for me?"
The knife was still waving to the enthusiastic audience, so Mr. Han Shi jumped up and did something funny
And the knife is also very cooperative with "pa" a salutation.
Company commander seven, "Why don’t you grab my lines if it’s not Mr. Han?"
"Yo-ho, the seventh company commander of Steel is here. Welcome."
"Ha ha ha"
"The heartless pit owner didn’t come because he was sick, didn’t he? You laid him off, company commander seven."
"He, he always loses that bitter gourd juice and drinks so much that he loses our face. Can I not get out?"
Seven company commanders also laughed and followed up.
"Yo, you’re here to find a game. I’m not saying that your hearts are quite neat. Pit owner, you have something to come out by yourself. Don’t rely on your company commander to block things for you."
Miss Yang patted the table and roared, weak and weak again.
"I can beat your company commander."
"Ha ha"
The audience was overjoyed that the pit owner was not ridiculed and buried, and then they felt sorry for the pit owner for ten seconds.
"Damn it, none of these bitches have a good word to say. I won’t die if I’m not here."
Suluo whined that it was so painful to watch others complain that they couldn’t talk back.
"What’s wrong with you? Drink water."
The great demon king Xia Han handed me a glass of water again.
"Ah, I still drink. I just finished drinking. How many times do I have to go to the bathroom tonight?"
"Then drink a little more fever and drink more water."
Gong Yu’s beautiful big eyes stared, "Do you want us to feed you?"
"Of course, it is best to have a leather cup." suluo took the cup and muttered.
"What did you just say?"
"Uh, nothing. I said I drink it."
Tonight, the special guests were seated in the audience’s warm applause and screams. The host, Brother Bao, made a simple advertisement and made a speech, and then the program was official.
"Please welcome the first singer lost child tonight."
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
In the cheers, the lost child appeared on the scene, and the Confucian students dressed up in a graceful manner, elegant and handsome, which made people fall in love at first sight.
"Wow, I’m still shaking my fan. Although I can’t see my face, I have a good temperament." Lin Jingxue’s eyes sparkled
"If I had known that I was also ready to go out in costume, my style was spit out by netizens."
"Ah ha ha ha"
Obviously, with a period of experience, the singers in this period have learned that they must dress up carefully and look at Miss Phoenix’s beautiful shape, which has attracted many fans.
"Ah, who do you think this will be?" Yuxuan Leng’s eyes lit up and he stared at the screen and pulled suluo’s clothes.
"A lost child in the world must be Hua ‘an."
The medicine is coming. suluo is a little sleepy and half-squinting. He laughs casually.
"Yi Huaan Huawang, you are not lying to me, are you? He has been invited by you." Yuxuan Leng Dengyuan’s eyes are on edge.
Suluo can’t mess around for a moment. These three girls can’t understand.
It’s such a coincidence that this lost child is really the king of Huatian Wanghua, and he doesn’t do anything to hide it. Who told you to be so cruel? If you don’t try your best, you are simply not responsible for yourself.
The recognition of sound and aria is too high. It’s a boiling.
"Isn’t this sound Hua ‘an?"
"True or false or imitator"
"God, it feels real."
Guess the members of the jury are going crazy. It’s the arrival of the King of China.
"Listen to his nasal and vibrato, isn’t it a standard Fahrenheit singing method? It’s really good. King of China is King of China."
Gong Yu also pulled suluo clothes.
"Well, you really invited him."
Suluo thoroughly said that Hong Bin was in charge of me. I don’t know who will be in this issue. Hong Pang won’t let me get involved, and I haven’t been to the program group this week.
Yuxuan Leng also looked at himself with bad eyes. He meowed and couldn’t explain it clearly. Come on, you can take it as a revelation.
Xia Han muttered, "It’s boring to ask him to do nothing. It’s better to invite more dragons."
"How can you be so sure that you haven’t seen the dragon team again?
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