Listen to the ice, I don’t know which one just now has implied something else.

When listening to Bing carefully studied the Thirteen Forms of Fantasy Clouds, this female horror talent came into being. She didn’t have the means of Chen Qi’s disadvantages and refined the magic power of the great monk. Until Mo Jing’s lecture on this Thirteen Forms of Fantasy Clouds was finished, the disciples were allowed to ask questions, but there was still a trace of if, if and when the sword was not formed, it was far less than Chen Qi’s ability to cover the sword and become a light cloud.
Listen to the ice heart was very angry when I was about to add a strength when I heard the little thief suddenly ask about this ever-changing fantasy cloud. Some subtle changes, Chen Qi, but refined gas, rushed to the heart and the third place. Although he deliberately concealed his own affairs, every word still hit the point.
Mo Jing’s lack of words just explained that there were many cruelties in the place. Chen Qi-yi pointed out that Mo Jing-yi slowly answered for a moment, which was also very strange. He secretly applauded, "This new novice brother looks like a human warrior who should have joined our school after the Jin Ao Island exam this time, so he can have such foresight. It’s really amazing." Mo Jing-yi quoted the classics and gave Chen Qi-yi some tips on the magic god palace, although the thief head slightly puzzled him. Generally, but there are many problems that are also confusing. The thief can’t find someone for a long time. It’s hard to ask Mo Jing’s advice to many places, and Chen Qi suddenly becomes well versed. Suddenly, it looks like a new world.
Chen Qi listened with admiration in his heart and thought, "This Mo Jing Lai has a real magic god palace, and it is much better than the Qingcheng School. Although I am not a magic god palace brother, I really gained a lot when I came here …"
Seeing that it was time for Mo Jingle to stop the lecture and give Chen Qi a slight nod, he got up and got away from knowing that I didn’t practice much, so asking less made the thief make a big splash. When Chen Qi saw Mo Jingle leave, he said to Ye Bing, "Let’s go back. This is not a place to talk about Taoism. When we get back, we will learn more about each other."
Ye Bing doesn’t like to talk, so although there are many questions in my heart just now, I don’t know what to say, but every time Chen Qi asks something, she seems to be able to hit the nail on the head and help her ask all those difficult questions. Besides, she said that she was more clear than she thought. Ye Bing simply didn’t say a word, but she listened to Chen Qi’s lecture, and her heart was full of words, and she unconsciously became somewhat dependent on this little thief.
Chen Qi said exactly what she wanted, so she got up and followed Chen Qi out of the main hall. Not far away, two people walked out, and three people hurried after him and shouted, "Don’t go …"
Chen Qi, hey, hey, smile, squint at these goods again, and suddenly stop and wait for the three road flyovers to speak. Suddenly, a cloud flew up to detain all the hundred steps. The three Taoist priests came to seek misfortune, but they didn’t expect Chen Qi to say that they would start work before them. The first Taoist priest simply shouted, "This little novice has just come to show off in front of us. Doesn’t he know this introductory swordsmanship? Do we understand the sword palace?" This swordsmanship is very weak. If we want the true qi to protect us, he can’t resist us … "
Before the man finished his sentence, he was invaded by Chen Qi, who gave him a hard blow in the middle of the room. Then he spouted blood and flew out, leaving two people on the road. This just felt a little bad, but Chen Qi-bai became a magical cloud. Thirteen-style fuelling this spiritual fog all the time, and there was a sword to interfere with them. As they couldn’t find the target at the moment, they knocked Chen Qi-yi out one by one. Chen Qi put down the three men and then dispersed the cloud. Hey, say with smile, "Where did you get a lot of nonsense when you hit it?" There are many wonderful things in the thirteen forms of clouds, which you fools can understand? This swordsmanship is not wasted unless it has my hand. "
Listen to the ice, look at her eyes. She is also a sword learner. Of course, she knows that this ever-changing magic cloud thirteen style has many weaknesses. She really doesn’t like it in her heart, but she just saw Chen Qi’s sword tactic and confused her opponent’s proficiency. She beat three mana more easily than he did. Senior Brother’s heart is like suddenly pushing a door, and there are many things immediately.
Leaf ice heart dark I feel, "I’ve seen many people with my general characters since childhood, and they can be surpassed by me one by one. No one can catch up with me or keep pace with me. Even if I come to the Magic God Palace this time, I see those registered brothers who are waiting for the big exam in Jin Ao. I didn’t expect that there was a Chen Qi … He seems to be a little better than me."
Chen Qi doesn’t pay attention to those brothers who were stunned. Although he has a strong impulse in his heart to pick all three magic bags, this place is, after all, a magic god palace, not a wilderness, so openly robbing the "door brother" can’t be said. If there is no place, the thief might even kill them, but now he can look at the bottom of his heart and say, "I want to come to these humble people and there is nothing good to rob them …"
Chen seven twist a head to see the leaf ice face look seems to be some excitement, the bottom of my heart slightly surprised dark I feel "that this cold girl has also been a mountain thief? I was so excited to see these goods that I fainted, and I couldn’t wait to rob them all. "
Ye Bing didn’t know that Chen Qi had taken her to other places to see Chen Qiyi. She came back with a relaxed face and could not help but lightly say, "Brother Chen has made a good appearance." They have been together for several days, but today Ye Bing is personally acknowledging the identity of the "brother" of the thief.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Fire and water fellow practitioners
Chen Qi laughed and called a school sister to see that this cold girl of Ye Bing should be more "old-fashioned". He immediately shared with Ye Bing all kinds of tricks of his understanding of the ever-changing magic cloud. Chen Qi’s accomplishments in magic were not lost, and he didn’t lose even though his swordsmanship was a little inferior, but it was not so difficult to understand such entry-level swordsmanship. It was just that he usually struggled for benchmarking.
Leaf ice listened to Chen Qi and explained this swordsmanship to her in detail. Not only was it suddenly obvious, but it was even more shocking to realize that there was a big gap between herself and Chen Qi. She was a little unbelievable and secretly felt, "We are all just human fighters. Even if he is taller than me, how high can he be?" We are all beginners in this swordsmanship, and he can realize that he is so much better than me? It’s more than pulling a street … "
Ye Bing’s mystery can identify that Chen Qi’s talent is far beyond his imagination. She is even more admired for Chen Qi. You know Ye Bing has never met a person with higher talent than herself in her life. This Xiao Ni will be a little cold. That is what the ancients called "the wind and dust float in the sky … the birds fly in the sky …" It is natural to be different from others.
But Chen Qishen let Ye Bing vaguely feel a little "similar" breath, which made this cold girl very willing to get close to the thief.
Chen Qi talked about the ever-changing cloud-and-mist 13-style, and he realized one more point. When they walked all the way back to the high-rise building, Chen Qi pushed this road of swordsmanship to the seventh level. He became more proficient in listening to the ice. Seeing that Chen Qi’s sword was sharp and unpredictable at every step, his heart became more and more impatient. When they returned to the high-rise building, Chen Qi immediately found a place to cross his legs and study this swordsmanship.
Chen Qi has fully understood this swordsmanship, but he is not in a hurry to push it to a higher level. The thief’s head circled this 19-story building, but there was no plaque. He had to think about it in the future, but now he has some leisure, so he couldn’t help but go around and find a century-old tree. He chopped it and made a plaque. Chen Qi briefly thought about it and wrote the five characters "Shock Wave Thousand Fantasies Building", and then he hung the plaque in front of the high building with Ling Bing.
With so many plaques, this high-rise building is different. Chen Qi got this plaque and stood up seven feet high, spanning the second, third and fourth floors. The five characters of the firm but gentle magic building are straight to fly out, which contains Chen Qi’s understanding of the cloud sword.
After Chen Qi got this plaque, he just smiled and went straight to the top 19 th floor to listen to the ice. He didn’t care about where to practice, so he chose the most convenient place to go in and out of the first floor, and Chen Qi was so happy that he chose the top 19 th floor residence. This shows that the two people have different personalities.
On the second day, Chen Qi and Ye Bing still walked hand in hand, but this time when they got to the back of the main hall in Mojing, they felt a great pressure. Chen Qi swam around and found that the four brothers who had been stunned by himself were surrounded by a man with a heavy face like water who seemed to have a poor war.
Chen Qi took a glance over there, so she didn’t care to listen to the ice, but she couldn’t enter her heart except for swordsmanship. One night’s kung fu to listen to the ice clouds and swords has barely broken through the first floor, and the whole body of martial arts has been transformed into ten percent clouds and swords. If there is a layer, it looks more like a fairy.
Yesterday, I wanted to go for a ride on the ice. When I saw this situation, my brother Gong Jian was even more angry. I didn’t know what he said to the man with sharp murderous look. The man smiled and walked slowly. Many people saw this man coming to Chen Qi’s trouble and showed awe-inspiring look. Obviously, this person is quite overbearing.
The man walked beside Chen Qi without looking at him. He said faintly, "Please wait for me outside the main hall after the master stops speaking!" " Chen Qi smiled and scolded, "Where did the dog bark?" The man’s body was so heavy that he walked slowly. Even Ye Bing felt a mountain of heavy pressure to fear women in addition to kendo. Ye Bing heard that he was suddenly worried about Chen Qi and was about to fight against this person with Chen Qi. I heard the phrase "the thief is bohemian" and fought back hard.
The man’s eyes seem to have golden Lei Guang jumping in his eyes, and his anger suddenly rises. Anyone who sits near Chen Qi and Ye Bing’s sword palace is forced to retreat involuntarily by this person’s imposing manner. Even Ye Bing is really angry, but it is also very hard to resist Chen Qi, but he is somewhat contemptuous of this person. "What nonsense is a younger brother who is refined and refined?" If your seventh grandfather beat you flat without hiding his strength, even if I can’t use my magic, won’t I be afraid of you? " Chen Qishen’s cloud sword suddenly appeared to be incredibly hard to resist this person. The momentum was so heavy that the thief’s head and cloud sword was like a reborn, and it broke through the first weight for a moment, and then it broke through the ninth weight.
The man is getting more and more imposing and wants to forcibly crush Chen Qi, but Chen Qi’s sword is also getting stronger and stronger. Actually, he broke through the realm one after another in the momentum resistance with this man. The sword is changing, and Chen Qi’s sword has entered the Taoist heart. Fiona Fang Zhang Xu has evolved many kinds of swords, and the sword should be weak and strong. It should be supported for half a step.
This person is also a little surprised, but my heart is even more angry. I want to make moves with a cold hum, but at this time, among the three people sitting in the front row, someone suddenly drinks a "Wu Begging Bow, Teacher Shi told me that you don’t want to make trouble". The man looked at the speaker with a cold hum, but he didn’t dare to offend the man after all. He said lightly, "Remember to wait for me outside the main hall after speaking …"
Chen Qi smiled and shouted, "Bullshit!"
The man spoke slowly and was not angry after being interrupted by Chen Qi. He asked coldly, "What’s the matter? Are you afraid? If you are afraid, you can kowtow to these people and apologize. I can spare you … "
Chen qi hey but sneer at a way "if you are just refining gas induction repair I also run over you with a finger, if you have the courage, just wait for me to refine gas to see who is timid. People like dogs also say I am timid? If you have the guts, go and occupy the three senior positions in the front row. Don’t be underestimated and dare not let go of your fart. Turn around and brag to me that someone who has the guts looks down on you. "
Chen Qi didn’t give face to this sentence, and his face suddenly turned red. In his eyes, Lei Guang actually came out to form a slight crack. Just now, the man said, hey, but he sneered and said, "Chen Qi’s younger brother said that it makes sense. Go back to your place. Do you want me to see if you have dog guts?" Wu Begging for Bow’s face turned livid and shook his sleeve robe. Without saying anything about the scene, he turned his head and walked back to his cross-legged seat and never looked at Chen Qihemian again.
The man who spoke just now gave Chen Qi a look back. Hey, but he laughed. "Teacher Chen, although your breath is sharp, you must also have a sharp sword in your hand to be worthy of words. I will wait for you to sit by my side one day." The man turned away and never looked at these people again.
Being eligible to sit in the front row is naturally the three true brothers of Mojing Block, Wu Qigong. Although fierce, they dare not offend one of the three, Chen Qi, who actually made a start for himself, but his meaning is still somewhat despised. Although it is not inspiring, it is obvious that the rules of the Heavenly Palace are different from those of the Qingcheng School. Everyone has to rely on hard repair to earn less harmony than those of the Qingcheng School.
Chen Qi’s heart smiled and secretly thought, "Give me half a month’s effort, and I will definitely be able to break through the cloud sword to the 27th level. At that time, I will also be able to win the opportunity to coagulate the evil spirit. After that, it may not be necessary for anyone to be afraid of anyone. Let’s not conflict with him for the time being."