He doesn’t bother to explain that even if they are lovers, he won’t necessarily do so. They are not his roots. There is no need to explain anything to such a person as her.

There is probably a reason for doing this.
Because she just arrived at the Empress, perhaps her words made him worry, fearing that she would tell on the Empress and report the scene to the Empress. It is one thing whether he will be punished then, but Xiao Xi can’t stay.
A little eunuch …
Moxili shook her hands vigorously. If she was shocked and angry at the sight just now, it would be too much for a little eunuch to break his own principles and make her feel uncontrollable sadness.
In the room, the flickering candlelight draws the outline of a man’s face with three-dimensional deep facial features, and the edges and corners are clearly reflected in Gu Xixi’s eyes. She was put on a stool by him and looked at him with some dazed and confused measures.
"Where’s the medicine?" Man condescending light mouth before her.
Gu Xi Xi licked his lips and asked with a dry smile, "What medicine?"
"Do you want the palace to go back and confront those doctors who cure too much?"
Someone was completely choked. Knowing that he had found out was the inevitable result. She took out the medicine in her sleeve bitterly and held out her hand to him. Chapter 1437 She was afraid that she would cry because she was weak.
Jun Yi Han was about to reach for it, but the jade-like stone in front of him shrank back with nothing.
"It’s too much for me to take care of you with all my heart for so many years. Will you give this medicine to me?" Gu Xi Xi bit his lip and said piteously, "Although it’s wrong for me to hide from you that I’m a slave, I don’t want to worry too much about these trivial things … Will you spare me a lot this time?"
What’s wrong with her being so low-spirited?
But he never wanted to rob her of her medicine. It was …
Jun yihan took his hand back and pinched his eyebrows. "Can you go back by yourself?"
Gu Xi Xi rushed to nod "Coco!"
I’m about to get up.
But before he moved, he was suddenly pressed back and his ass was put back on the stool.
"Stay here."
Throwing this sentence, Jun Yi Han strode out, and the corner of the white robe rippled slightly as he became angry, lifting layers of ripples, elegant and noble, and spotless.
Soon someone came in and helped her out to her room.
Gu Xi Xi was relieved and took out the small bottle that the doctor gave her, and slowly gave herself medicine.
It’s not that she doesn’t know what that man just wanted to do, whether she is wishful thinking or sentimental, but she just feels that he seems to have a plan to take medicine for her …
That’s why she said that-knowing that he couldn’t argue with her about a bottle of medicine.
Really want to leave his bedroom.
She doesn’t want to be like that, especially when she knows clearly how well he and Mohi match and still take care of him like that …
She will feel uncomfortable. I don’t know. A kind of discomfort.
I hope I can achieve what I want, but on the other hand, I refuse him to get close to Gu Xixi, feeling that I am going crazy, and I seem to be in hot water. It is wrong to go anywhere with an iceberg and a sea of fire.
Perhaps it was her heart that was too messy to follow her hand, and she pulled the wound with a careless hand, which made her hiss and gasp in pain.
For so many years, Gu Xixi has long been used to living in this way, serving people at the bottom, and she has long hidden the memory of being held in her arms by her parents when she was young, and she dare not think of it easily.
She was afraid that she would cry because she was weak.
But now the tears seem to be a little uncontrollable.
Leaning back, I tried to beat my bed and closed my eyes tightly to keep my eyes from bursting into tears.
She doesn’t know what she’s wronged
My parents miss you so much …
Early the next day, Gu Xi touched Jun Feng in the imperial garden, and it was Zheng when they saw each other haggard.
"Hey, what’s wrong with you?"
"Princess, what’s wrong with you?"
The two people turned out to be different.
Gu Xi Xi smiled and shook his head, pointing to his face. "I didn’t sleep well last night. It’s not immediately with two big black eyes … Princess, what about you? What’s the matter with you? "
Jun Feng Wen also smiled with her. "I didn’t sleep well either. Chapter 1438 He wanted to hide from himself.
Jun Fengwen also smiled with her. "I didn’t sleep well either."
If Gu Xi Xi had changed at ordinary times, she would have asked a few more questions. Now she has been messed up by her own affairs, and she didn’t see the warmth of your wind.