Said the neat black has smelly shameless reached out and tentatively took the forsythia cool fingertips!

He was trembling in his heart, waiting to be rejected, but … No!
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Qi Hei seems to be inspired, and the whole person is excited.
He looked down at himself and forsythia hand slowly moving line of sight can not help but affectionately see forsythia "become warped … become warped sister …"
I wanted to say something, but Qihe was speechless at the moment!
He was just feeling sorry for himself, and forsythia gave him such a surprise!
It’s just an eye of god!
Forsythia’s face, like a cold plum, slowly bloomed with a little smile, accompanied by a glow of purples and said, "What are you doing? You don’t want to? "
Qi Hei Zheng suddenly shook his head. "No, no, no, no,no. Are you really … willing?"
He looked at forsythia instantly or not, and Leng Yan Yan kept twitching in his mind!
Seems to be particularly afraid that he will hear the rejection of forsythia when he was about to speak. Qi Hei gritted his teeth and once again used the killer!
Fuck, don’t talk nonsense. Let’s kiss him first!
Qi Hei directly knocked forsythia to the tree behind them, and he was close to her!
And this time, Forsythia didn’t refuse. It was slightly crude and responded to Qi Black!
No one knows what forsythia is!
In the distance, Su Ling burned her old arms and looked at Qi Hei and Forsythia, but she smiled and said nothing!
I don’t know why Shinohara Snow and Huangyin Glass have already gone, but they both look back and see forsythia and Qi Black smiling at each other!
All the stories seem to have settled here!
Although Li Xinrou’s death caused a little psychological fluctuation to Shinohara and others, it was just an episode in the final analysis!
After that, it is the ceremony of Shinohara Snow and Huangyin Glass!
Although Shinohara’s will is to keep everything simple, Huang Yin-li never gives in and decides that it must be luxurious and grand!
Anyway, this is another life for him and Shinohara!
And after so much experience, Huang Yin-li felt that she owed too much snow to Shinohara!
Ten days passed in a blink of an eye!
In the past few days, I have wiped out the cancer of the courtiers one by one!
Whether it’s Shang Sun’s family in the Ministry of Industry or Shang Li’s family in the official department, he completely eradicated it!
Chaotang has also injected new life with it!
The news of the fall of Xia Guo in the south has spread all over the mainland, and Xiao Yu Xuexin is not willing to go back and take over things that she doesn’t like!
So Huang Yin-li and Huang Lao-san discussed the renaming of Nanxia Kingdom as Xuejun. Since then, Nanxia Kingdom has annihilated historical occasions and Xuejun has been included in the map of Qi and Chu!
Because of the recovery of the black map of South Shaqi, the mainland has become the only powerful country at the same time!
Building a building across the country is also a building in the town, and Qing Guolong will not make any moves even if he has other ideas!
This continent seems to be quiet and peaceful again!
People’s lives are getting richer!
But it is an arduous task to change the national conditions of Xuejun!
After all, the female statue is still not in line with the status quo, but it is not a matter of time to change it!