The magic weapon was extinguished after acknowledging the Lord.

In the process of flying, the eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, which is "not good" to Qingyuan.
"why?" Qingyuan one leng consciousness alert.
Qing Wei quickly said, "You and I are escaping from the magic venerable man, but it seems a bit anxious at first sight, but it fluctuates."
Obviously, the devil can’t let two people leave generously.
So that’s …
Qingyun and Jinlian’s ups and downs stopped the virtual flying, and the mountain collapsed and the stone was crushed.
Qing micro two people couldn’t help looking at a change slowly out of the figure exchanged eyes.
Yuan wall reality is also restrained his impulse to note the situation in the field, but it is not good to look directly at people to attract attention.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine Frequent accidents
Purple bamboo reality, purple oboro fairy heard yuan wall reality news can not help some one leng.
There are always surprises in the plan, but you’re …
The two men they chose to practice half a step were just trying to avoid bringing in his heretical dharma body.
For example, I didn’t expect that I just met two devils in Taimo Palace and then called the dust directly.
The reality of Yuanbi noted the situation with the help of two people’s scales, and at the same time, the tone was purple. They said, "Although this is not bad, I am afraid that the two little friends will not last long."
Even if a magic weapon is familiar with the realm of the great master, it will cost a lot.
Just now, the mixed Yuan Ji broke out and galloped away. The two of them have been far away from Yandang Mountain for tens of thousands of miles.
The evolution of Wuji Xinghuang Banner is heavy. Qingyun and Jinlian protect them. When they look at the distance for a long time, they can’t help but feel some nai.
What an accident. It’s always unexpected …
"Xiancao will let you go"
Dust eyes calmly staring at the two qi qi folding as if just a blow is not the same as he played.
"Although a few Wan Li is not short, people and demons should also be able to track down quickly and there is dust in the road. It seems that it is not easy."
Qingyuan couldn’t help but hide a little excitement in the sigh tone.
Qingwei didn’t see that the second brother was still an adventurous person.
"I want to be honest, uncle Shoucheng, to display two instruments, but it is faster than the two of us, although it is not displayed by others."
Qingyuan secretly nodded, "Teacher younger brother, look for opportunities to display. Let’s go in the direction of Yanzhou in the East China Sea as planned."
Mix Yuan Ji with a touch of darkness, but it can collapse everything. The cold mountain points out the obstacles and hits the dust body directly.
Compared with the big scene of waving a magic weapon, it is natural to be powerful and strive to be effective in the face of the real dharma body
Induction of mixed yuan ji heavy folding machine dust cold hum a but there is no hard resistance to an attack magic plan.