Because we can’t see the details of the alien spacecraft at a long distance, we can see that the alien spacecraft is roughly triangular with a very sharp bow.

According to our observation, there are no other celestial bodies near this asteroid and no more alien spacecraft have been found, so we judge that this blocking asteroid and this alien fleet didn’t mean to intercept it, but accidentally blocked our route.
"I have sent this judgment back to the earth, but our current position is too far away from the earth to contact the enemy. If it is impossible to receive instructions from the level, we are getting closer and closer to the enemy, and we may be discovered by the enemy at any time. We must now decide whether to evade before the enemy finds us or annihilate the enemy on the spot … Let’s express our opinions."
Yip hon would like to say that you are the commander of the fleet, but he is the commander of the marine corps, and he is not qualified to speak at the naval meeting.
An ugly voice suddenly appeared. "We don’t know that the enemy’s observation distance must be evaded by the horse to avoid the enemy for one second. The evasive radius is too far. Even if we can avoid the enemy’s ship, it will consume fuel. How can we fight behind July 7th? I suggest rushing to directly annihilate this enemy. "
"I agree with this opinion, but it’s better to show the enemy is weak," Bo Huang said suddenly.
"Continue" Yan Jing encouraged.
"It’s been almost a year since we set out, and the fleet has been covering up the voyage in Tai Li. An alien can fly over interstellar space anyway. It’s impossible to realize that this enemy is probably sent by aliens to test our abandonment."
Yan Jing looked solemn. "You mean fire reconnaissance?"
"Yes," Bo Huang nodded. "Don’t say that aliens even ourselves have made a volley of naval guns. Aliens don’t know our strength, so they sent a fleet to test our firepower in front. To test our combat effectiveness, aliens can adjust their defense layout in a targeted manner."
"Three days is too short? Is it enough for aliens? "
Bo Huang shrugged. "That’s an alien thing."
Yan Jing thought for a moment and asked, "What about other people’s opinions?"
Another strange voice said, "Commander, we have no extra fuel to evade, but it is reasonable for Captain Huang to consider it. I support Captain Huang’s opinion that we must fight one without exposing all our firepower."
"Then hit one!" Yan Jingding is determined that "all ships should pay attention to the current battle order. In the first non-emergency situation, all ships are strictly forbidden to use profile guns and 12 rapid-fire guns; Second, it is strictly forbidden for ships to carry missiles, especially nuclear missiles, in non-emergency situations; Third, no fighter can take off without my order; Fifth, the emission power of all laser cannons should be halved. If the enemy ships cannot be destroyed, the emission power should not exceed 10% each time. Sixth, all ships should try their best to turn on the turret No.1 and No.3 when necessary; Seventh, if the fire is not fired, the ships will be free to play their firepower. The order is over. "
Yip hon more listen to more surprised to finally couldn’t believe my ears.
Yan Jing’s words are simple, but according to his arrangement of fleet weapons and equipment, it’s good to forget 90% and give full play to 10% firepower. It’s not so exaggerated to show the enemy’s weakness, is it?
Chapter 595 Chasing death and driving north
Many people have the same question. Bo Huang first asked, "Can the commander do it with three turrets?"
"Isn’t there a near anti-aircraft gun?" Yan Jing is confident.
"What if we use firepower to destroy enemy ships?"
"I like so dogmatic person? If the firepower is insufficient, report it quickly. Then listen to my command, "Yan Jing said.
Everyone understood the meaning of the words, which was a reassurance to everyone. Huang Boma ordered the ship to prepare for the battle.
Note that the ship is ready for battle, not turret one or three, that is to say, Yuewan can put some artillery into battle at any time if necessary.
It’s not one thing to be unprepared when necessary, it’s another thing. It’s not a problem to expect the enemy to be lenient and think tough.
Several of his captains have reached orders, including Yan Jing’s Hongwan, which is no exception.
Yan Jing didn’t comment on this, and there is no need to comment, because he should do so when he is ready to come before the war.
At this time, the fleet is still one hour away from the enemy. At first glance, it seems to be more than enough. However, the expeditionary force has been sailing in the universe for nearly a year, and all weapons and equipment have not been maintained. It is necessary to conduct a necessary test on the ship’s equipment before the war to ensure that all weapons and equipment are normal.
In this way, an hour is too short. Even if the maintenance team breaks its leg, it is impossible to complete the maintenance of the weapons and equipment before the war. We can focus on the maintenance of turret 1 and 3.
Fortunately, although the 24-level construction period has been rushed, the quality of the project has not been reduced at all. After the self-inspection of the fire control system, everything is normal.
The expedition fleet is still half an hour away from the asteroid, and Yan Jing decisively ordered the fleet to change its array, namely, Hongwan, Luwan, a group of Summer Bay, Yuewan and two groups of double-ship formations to continue flying to the asteroid.
The fleet finally received a reply from the command center. There are four words to play it by ear.
It’s impossible to grasp the situation of the expeditionary force in real time if the communication of the expeditionary force is delayed for more than half an hour. How can we give the expeditionary force a battle order?
In a word, the expeditionary force can solve everything.
The fleet continued to move forward, and everyone returned to their combat posts. Even the marines who had absolutely no chance to participate in the war wore power armor and stayed in the cabin.
Sixteen minutes before the asteroid, the aliens finally found the arrival of the expeditionary force. The original orderly alien spacecraft suddenly became extremely chaotic. Dozens of various spacecraft took off from the asteroid, half of which fled desperately, and the other half went around the asteroid to hide behind the asteroid to avoid the expedition fleet.
Bo Huang looked at the escape trajectory of the alien fleet and left the pie mouth contemptuously. "It’s quite like it."
The speed of the alien spacecraft just taking off is definitely not as fast as that of the expedition fleet. In this case, it is necessary to escape in the direction perpendicular to the route of the expedition fleet in order to escape as far as possible in the shortest time.
But the alien fleet didn’t do this at all, but fled directly to Jupiter
At this time, the fleet is still far from Jupiter. The Jupiter expedition fleet still looks like an inconspicuous little red dot in front, but it can already distinguish Jupiter from the stars with the naked eye.
Unless the alien fleet can speed up to 70 kilometers per second in a short time, these alien ships will be chased by the expedition fleet sooner or later.