"It’s not a good thing to have such a bad mother." Su Mian looked up at the snow scene outside.

Mammy Fang didn’t say anything. All she could do was tell what she knew.
"If you want to bring down Wen Guifei, you don’t have to think about it unless you can make their mother rebel." It has to be more intense than the prince, or you can forgive them with one breath.
Rebellion can forgive other things, so don’t expose the death of the harem emperor. Was it Wen Guifei who did it? Positions afraid will help Wen Guifei pressure.
Then queen Li is afraid that the latter will do something or say something.
"Well, Mammy Fang doesn’t have to think about anything. Just tell me when you think of it. It’s good to know that nothing is urgent. If it’s not one or two women in charge," Su Mian got up and said.
Mammy Fang laughed. "Yes, the handmaiden is waiting with the Lord to enjoy herself."
Su Mian smiled and said nothing. When they left the hospital, they saw that the original two snowmen were going to become a zoo.
Hehuan and a little girl are still arguing. Build a new snowman and argue whether it is a monkey or a puppy.
"Lord, what do you say this is?" Request not pursed mouth way
"This is you? Stupid? " Sue cotton said with a smile
Albizia wanted to refute and was embarrassed to stomp away.
Su Mian is in a good mood. Although she knows that Wen Guifei is not easy to deal with, her life is very comfortable. It is better to have a man with something than anything else.
"Let’s go to the garden to enjoy the snow without Albizia!" Su Mian giggled and walked ahead.
Mother Fang naturally doesn’t follow this time. Young owners naturally like to take young girls with them. Their own owners are not without ideas. They don’t need someone to ask the little girls to play with them.
Mammy Fang went back to her room and the little girls brought hot tea. "Mammy, have tea. It’s cold."
"Well, it’s good to follow our Lord and serve you well in the future." Sister Fang was full of energy and couldn’t help but want to encourage a few words.
"Yes, is it better to follow the Lord, or is it better for Mammy to teach us that we are most angry?" The little girl ran out happily, although the Lord took those children to the garden, and they could play in the garden.
Needless to say how cold it is in December.
Su Mian wants to come out and get scattered. After all, she does little exercise every day.
There is really nothing to see in the garden of the house at this time, but there are flowers and plants in the pavilion with glass around it, and the owners of the house occasionally come to visit.
Su Mian felt a hot air when she entered the pavilion.
"This is really about physics. You go there to prepare for me to go out and enjoy the snow." Su Mian was dissatisfied.
"It’s good for the Lord to sit and breathe fresh air with the ground flame stone." Indigo smiled and went away.
In a short time, a thick cushion was prepared at the stone bench and table in the garden, and warm refreshments were brought to Su Mian, who was invited out.
"The snow in this garden is to show people that it is not very good? Is it bad to sit there with your head stuffy and stuffy in the room? " Su mian scolded Jinxiu
Jinxiu quickly said, "Isn’t this afraid of the Lord being cold? The Lord can’t stand the cold."
"It’s really not cold. This bracelet is excellent. Besides, just sit down for a while and see where you wrap me like a bear. Where is it cold?" Sumiannai avenue
"Lord … Jane’s side …" Linglong language …
"Are I equal to her?" Su Mian, why don’t you come to the garden and meet once?
"Lord, she’s coming to inquire after the Lord." Indigo has a bad impression on this Jane’s pie mouth.
"Come on, call it." Su Mian shook her head. Who knows if this is coincidence or intentional? Anyway, I won’t miss her
Jane naturally didn’t meet Su Mian by chance, but she knew Su Mian had come to the garden specially.
"Greet Sue’s side princess" is as simple as jade, with low eyebrows and good eyes.
"Well" Su Mian casually looks up at her "Sit down"
Jane Jade is dressed in a blue coat skirt of lake water, covered with a light blue cloak, lily bun, a pair of butterfly hairpin ears and a pair of butterfly earrings are a set at first glance.
"Is the side princess better?" Su Mian’s serious illness is well known in the government.
"You have something?" It’s better for her to greet each other without Su Mian’s interest.
Jane sat as a jade cushion and smiled. "Is there something to ask the side princess to ask them to step back?"
"Can’t you have something to say" Sue cotton heart pushed how to see you acting?
Jane jade moment some dark somehow pinned down the "real … menservants and concubines are some words from the heart want to know that the side princess doesn’t like to listen to menservants and concubines and don’t say it’s the side princess’s words … are good for you and me"
Jane jade saw Su Mian didn’t stop her from saying that she didn’t dare to raise her appetite. "The side princess has suffered a lot of favor now, but there are still no children in this house. Even now, she can’t do a draft." There will always be people in the house. Who can guarantee that they will always be in favor? The so-called flower hundred days red … Male and female concubines can but are willing to share the worries for the side princess, that is, having a son and a half women is a side princess. "
Jane Ruyu believes that she knows that Su Mian’s difficulties are true, but she is in poor health. The three disasters are also true. She entered the government in April, and it’s all in the twelfth month. I don’t know if she can survive. I don’t know if she must need help at this time. What is more than Jane Ruyu? At worst, it’s her uncle’s daughter
"Jane’s I remember I said I didn’t want you to be close to the family. Your Jane’s family is better than Sue’s. You told your handmaiden to push me into the water. If I wanted a helper, how could I choose you? There are many families in this house who are poor, good-looking and obedient, but it’s not good to find one or two without me. What makes you be you? " Su Mian smiled and said it lightly, but with sarcasm and disdain.
"When I was a child, it was all my fault. I was willing to admit my mistake and kowtow to make amends, but others in the house certainly have to, but it is my concubine who has blood and affection." Jane Jade said that she would kneel.
Sue cotton glanced at indigo naturalis and grabbed Jane as jade. "What is Mrs. Jane doing? I don’t know how vicious it is to pay our Lord back, but it’s hard to say that it’s nice to ask you a delicate lady to kneel out in this cold winter. "
Jane jade face a red busy way "male and female concubine dare not"