The eyes of the waves are sharp. When I look at the light coming through the narrow window, I see two beds in the room. One bed is lying, and a person is sleeping with his head covered. It may be a comfortable bed.

At this time, it was dark, and the room was dim and very comfortable. The light bulb was dim and the light was not bright.
The man lying on the bed turned around and said, "Is Xiao Chang back?"
Her voice is very old, her face is older, her hair is half white, her cheeks are thin and her eyes are deep.
Although the waves were psychologically prepared, they were still shocked. He didn’t expect Shu Chang’s mother to be so old. He felt that her mother was only fifty years old at most and should be a rich middle-aged belle.
"Mom, you lie down!" Comfortable hurriedly let go of the bag to wait on mom to lie down.
Shu Chang’s mother raised her dizzy eyes and looked at the waves. She smiled weakly and said, "Your friend?"
Shu Shuang looked at the waves, and the expression in his eyes was very complicated.
The waves laughed. "Yes, I am a comfortable friend. I heard that you came to visit you!" "
After staying in this room for less than a minute, the waves felt depressed and out of breath.
He is now white comfortable why want to hook up with kun yang, she is Yang Kun money, she desperately to save her mother’s life!
Yang Kun wanted to escape, probably because he could not bear to feel comfortable. He wanted to take care of his mother and didn’t want to escape until now. He didn’t escape in kun yang and still waited for comfort.
The waves know that tragic stories happen every day. He doesn’t want to see this tragic situation, so he has to escape from this room as soon as possible!
"Ding Ding Ding!" A mobile phone bell brought the thoughts of the waves back to the waves to talk
There are few bells in the hands of the waves. This time, I waited for the hand that tracked kun yang to report that the bell was set to miss in my sleep.
His cell phone doesn’t ring because of the particularity of his work. What do you think will happen if his cell phone rings suddenly if he goes deep into the enemy’s hinterland?
One more thing, he hates it when someone calls to harass you when he is making out with a woman. If he and a woman just got into the alley table, the phone suddenly rings … What a disappointment!
The words are from the hand of the waves. "Hai Ge kun yang went to a bank today and held a suitcase in his hand. Maybe he went to withdraw money and then did a lot of things. It looks like Hai Ge said that he wanted to abscond, but he hasn’t left for the time being. He has been hiding in a villa in the suburbs for more than an hour and hasn’t come out yet. I will watch him here."
The waves said, "Keep monitoring and report the situation at any time."
The waves came out of the "rosin villa" and went to a restaurant to have a good and delicious meal-a good mind comes from sufficient physical strength and sufficient physical strength comes from rich food!
Then he went to the store to buy some things and put them in the trunk of the car, all of which were ready to repair kun yang well.
At this time, the waves suddenly looked up and saw an acquaintance-Shu Chang!
Speaking of which, he is familiar with the waves and Shu Chang. After all, everyone has done it! I don’t know each other well, it seems that they all know each other except what they have done!
When the waves smile, they just want to raise their hands and say hello to Shu Shu. When they see the waves from a distance, their faces suddenly change and turn white. Obviously, they are very scared to see the waves.
The waves secretly frowned and flashed an idea that Shu Shuang and kun yang were a group!
-The waves made Shu Chang help him hide his sight. If anyone asks, he said that the waves were sleeping at night. Liu Yifei sent kun yang to Shu Chang to confirm Shu Chang, but he was seduced by kun yang. Yang Kunli told Shu Chang about the waves and told kun yang that kun yang was an old haunt. He guessed that the waves were assassinations these nights. The Japanese went to kun yang to inform the Japanese. The killers Ayu and Ami were sent by the Japanese to accurately track the waves. kun yang was afraid of losing and tricked the small bean sprouts out to let the Japanese catch prisoners and threaten Yang Kunwan. Unexpectedly, Yamazaki Maple is a megalomaniac who insists on beating the waves in the boxing ring and letting them go. After the waves come out, the horse guesses that Yang Kun is in kun yang and knows that he can’t get along in this city. He has to run away quickly. Yang Kun first deposits his cash in a bank account and then hides in a villa in the suburbs. Now he is waiting for someone. kun yang is waiting for this person. This person is comfortable!
These many things are like landing beads jumping and scattering, but the waves are light and stone torches, and these many beads are strung together to sort out the mess.
These many things are in the mind of the waves, but in less than a second, the waves want to see them thoroughly in vain!
The waves greeted Shu Chang with a smile.
Comfortable to see the waves smile, sunny, calm, and the waves may not know about me. kun yang also said that the waves are guessing Yang Kun!
Comfortable, after all, is a woman. Women are naturally good at acting and acting, pretending to be very happy. When they come to see the waves, she smiles like a horse and can sleep with the waves!
The waves saw many bags in their hands and laughed. "What’s the matter? Is the big bag traveling abroad or going home to visit relatives? "
Shu Chang smiled and said, "My mother didn’t come from my hometown, but she bought things."
The waves are saying, "Comrade Xiao Shu, this is where you are wrong! You don’t tell me when the future mother-in-law comes, so that my future son-in-law can visit! "
Comfortable to eat a smile and say "fuck you! Who is your future mother-in-law? You haven’t met my mother yet, so you don’t want to. "
The waves laughed. "To capture a woman’s heart, you must capture her body first. My secret is that’ Desire for the Sea’ brand aphrodisiac powder’ Desire for the Sea’ brand aphrodisiac powder makes men more like men and women more like women!"
Shu Chang smiled and said, "You are advertising here!"
The waves said, "It’s advertising time! After you capture a woman, you must capture her spleen and stomach. My secret is’ pork bun’! Since I bought a few boxes of’ pork barbecued buns’ for my girlfriend, not only has her appetite increased greatly, but her skin has also become smooth. Before that, she didn’t dare to wear revealing clothes. Now look at you here … "
The waves said, reaching into the comfortable clothes …
Comfortable vanquish a smile to hide to say with smile "terror! Pervert! You’re not only a pervert, a dismembered maniac, but also a salty and wet guy! ….. Stop it. It’s broad daylight … "
The waves stopped and said, "Captured girlfriend’s spleen and stomach will be her family’s future father-in-law, future mother-in-law, and future brother-in-law will each give them a few boxes of’ pork buns’, and then all of them will be alive and kicking, giving them healthy Spring Festival gifts and giving them’ pork buns’."
Comfortable scream "don’t say it! I’m all goosebumps! "
The waves said, "well, don’t say it. You don’t like me to send’ pork buns’ and give your mother two boxes of steamed buns!"
There happened to be a steamed bun across the street. The waves bought two boxes and said to Shu Chang, "This steamed bun is good. Let me give it to your mother as a gift!"
Comfortable face is very ugly and frowned. "My mother doesn’t like to see outsiders. You’d better not go today. Let’s take a rain check."
The waves did Sarah laugh on the surface, but they just said, "That’s what you’re wrong, aunt. How can I not visit her old man’s house? Even if you don’t think I’m your boyfriend, you can be an ordinary friend! "