Warm, listening and thinking, it’s really from beginning to end. If you sincerely invite people to dinner, it’s really poor. Anyway, she’s not here. Just taste it casually.

Lin Mei didn’t ask her opinion until after the point. "It’s all Wen Jun who loves to eat. Before coming back, the boss will make it more delicious. Wen Jun can finish these four dishes and one soup alone."
Warm didn’t speak to listen to her cold way, "but this wine is still the same taste as before. I ordered two bottles without poison. You can try them." Just after that, I added a sentence, "Don’t spoil the good wine if you don’t like it."
I don’t know what to say about warmth. She found that she hasn’t been normal in recent contact with women. It’s warm in Beicheng, Qin Keqing, and now Lin Mei’s spirit is on the verge of collapse at any time. It’s really tiring to get up. She really misses her eyebrows and her eyes.
Then two people can talk.
The atmosphere would be embarrassing for ordinary people, but they have strong psychological quality, so it is peaceful.
Ten minutes later, the door rang and Lin Mei shouted "Come in", and the man who greeted the guests at the door himself came in with a plate and set the table neatly. Instead of leaving, he looked at the warmth with a smile on his face. "Excuse me, are you Miss Wen?"
Warm haven’t mouth listen to Lin Mei excited "Zhu Ming what are you asking? Does she look like Wen Jun? It’s not like that at all. Where did you come to the conclusion that she is Miss Wen? "
She startled Zhu Ming blankly. "I didn’t say who she looks like?" And who is Wen Jun? Why can’t I understand what you are saying? "
After Lin Mei blurted out, she regretted it. She was too sensitive and impulsive. She just couldn’t listen to the warmth and the name of Wen Jun. Nowadays, even a casual question from others can remind her of not being upset and waving her hand. "There is nothing for you here. Go and get busy."
"But …"
"Get out!"
Section 454
Seeing Lin Mei’s face cold, Zhu Ming had to leave
Behind the door, Lin Mei hit a bottle of wine slightly rudely and took a few swigs directly into her mouth without even a glass. The wine was pungent in her throat, which stimulated her to choke and cough, but her face was red.
Warmly watching her cough, her lips and jaws were spilled, so she took some paper towels and handed them to her. Her red eyes took them, wiped them at random and drank a few mouthfuls.
Warm didn’t persuade her to wait for her to calm down.
A bottle of wine drank less than half of Lin Mei seems to be comfortable or anesthetized with those pains. She put a bottle of chopsticks and took a few mouthfuls of food at random to eat. It’s really not elegant. Fortunately, the spirit looks normal and some eyebrows look warm. "Why don’t you eat?" Eat not? I’m also hot for your mother. I don’t like meat. Of course, you don’t like these light vegetarian dishes. You and Wen Jun are nothing alike. The place is not like living habits, and it’s even less like who told you that you are not his own. Hehe … "
Warm has picked up chopsticks and took a bite of flavored eggplant to eat in return. "Who said I don’t like light vegetarian dishes?" In fact, I don’t eat much food that is too spicy and animal-like. Usually, vegetarian dishes also like to drink porridge and watch it in leisure. Grandma Chess said that my habits were indifferent to fame and fortune with my father, but I left my father … "
Lin Meili interrupted, "He is not your father!"
Warm and calm, "in my heart, he is blood. What is it? It is said that it is better to be gracious than to be gracious. Since I was born, my father has been with me. Although there are just three years, our fathers and daughters points are enough for me to remember the next generation. "
"Warm, are you deceiving yourself?"
"Self-deception has always been your father and not stupid. Since I knew that my mother was pregnant with me, I was still willing to marry my mother. What did you say? He loves her above everything else and loves me, so he will give me and my mother a complete home, and give me the status of Miss Wen’s family, even keeping it from your grandparents. What does it mean? In his heart, I am his own daughter, Suowen’s big house, and he is willing to leave everything to me. "
"You talk nonsense!"
"Am I talking nonsense? Do you know who doesn’t know my identity in the whole flower? No one doubts that I am not my father or daughter. If my father doesn’t want to leave everything in the big room to me, he can tell his grandparents the secret. "
"That’s because he didn’t know he had a son!" Lin Mei finally shouted out this sentence with a repressed hatred and a catharsis of pride and revenge.
It’s a pity that the warm face is very calm. "You mean Lin Wenyan? Yes, he does look like his father, not only in appearance but also in temperament. It’s all because of you, right? You must have put a lot of thought into shaping the person who is the most like his father. As you wish, I was shocked at first sight when I saw him, so I started to look into him. The fact also proves that he has his father’s blood, but what about it? Dad doesn’t know from the beginning to the end. What do you think Lin Wenyan means? Think of him as a sustenance? Or do you want to surprise dad? Or do you want to take dad as a threat? Or do you want to enter the Wen family chip? "
As she asked questions, every word plunged into Lin’s eyebrows like a knife. She stared at her and tried to open her mouth to refute something, but her throat was blocked badly and her chest was like a boulder. She couldn’t send it out.
A warm sneer continued, "No matter what kind of purpose it is, it becomes meaningless with Dad’s death in a car accident. The car accident disrupted all your plans and made you come to an abrupt end if you didn’t implement it. You must have suffered and resented it in the end, but you won’t give up and won’t be reconciled. After all, your son was born. How can you just forget it? So you told the story to Master Wen, who was willing to join hands with you only after he did a pro-appraisal. On the one hand, it was to protect Wen Lin’s statement that the Wens’ grandson was still very enviable, and some people would not admit it. On the other hand, it was the safest time. My fake granddaughter was still beneficial. Besides, I had been living in my aunt’s house in Nancheng before, and maybe it was no threat to you. I was lucky to be left behind until my grandmother worried about my marriage six months ago. You are afraid that I will climb a big tree when the time comes. I am even more afraid that I will taste the benefits after I go back to Huadu to take over the hospital. I am reluctant to let go of the means to humiliate me. It is ridiculous to want my face to stay in Huadu. It is better to dispose of it in Nancheng forever … "
Warm said a lot Lin Mei so stupefied listening.
"The only thing you didn’t expect was that I did leave, but it wasn’t because you humiliated me, but that I had long wanted to go to the valley of sorrow and I couldn’t find a suitable reason. Speaking of it, I also want to thank you, which made me have to tell my grandmother that I wanted to go outside for fun and contributed to the tribal trip, which made you even more surprised that I was still alive and brought back to the sacred place. Did you also fear them the most? Want to get rid of us? Although those assassinations were carried out by the Kim family, you were behind them, weren’t you? But it’s a pity that after the failure, you see that the sacred medical skill is high, but the hospital brings the benefits of imagination. You just temporarily dismissed the idea of getting rid of it, but gradually you are afraid that my foundation in the hospital is too deep for you to pull out the law, so that Lin Wenyan can hurry back to China to take my place. It is planned that Lin Wenyan will be out of your control again, and his ability is obvious to all. I also gave him a chance, but it is sacred to be elected at this time. You finally can’t sit still … "
Lin Mei took the words, "Yes, you are right. If I don’t believe that there is no traitor around me, I suspect that someone has tipped me off. Hehe, you are really smart. You guessed everything. Yes, we originally wanted to benefit you and the sacred medicine. After all, it’s not too late for him to drive you away until Wen Yan sits firmly in the hospital. But who knows what he will suddenly do? Let’s choose to benefit the hospital. I can’t ask for it, but he even accepts the people in the outer court. This touches my bottom line. How can I still sit idly by?"
"Then what do you want to do?"
"Stop, of course!"
"Does Lin Wenyan agree?"
Lin Mei’s expression became ferocious again. "This is why I have to see you today. You are really a disaster. What did you do to my son? He must be crazy to let him support you and be sacred regardless of the interests of the hospital!"
☆, two more send affection with sisters.
Looking at her warmly, she didn’t continue to talk. There was sympathy and sorrow in her eyes.
Lin Mei was pricked up by her eyes. "What on earth did you give my son * * soup and let him do whatever you want?" I raised him for more than 20 years before you met him for a few days. Why do you confuse my son? "
Warm shook his head and sighed, "I don’t need to fill him with any soup. He’s not crazy. It’s you. You personally made him meaningless. It’s a joke. Have you seen him for so many years?" Is he your puppet? "
Lin Mei folded way "what did you say hu? He was born in October when I was pregnant. How could I not treat him like a child? Do you know how much effort I have spent on him over the years? "
Warm sneer "it’s a pity that those are not what he wants. What he wants is a normal family with parents and love, but have you given it to him?" Dad didn’t know he was here from beginning to end. How sad do you think he is? "
"Shut up!" Lin Mei hysterically cried "you don’t know anything! I had planned that it was your mother who upset everything. She was a jinx. She killed Wen Yun. It was her! "
Warm frown deliberately ask "car accident is not an accident? What makes you blame my mother? Even if you hate her again, you can’t be so angry! "
Lin Mei wan smile "ha ha I envy her? Yes, I am jealous of her. I hate her for taking Wen Jun away without blowing off dust. How many years have I been chasing Wen Jun? But lost to her by his side for a few days! What about love at first sight? I hate it. He fell in love with a pregnant woman at first sight. And at that time, I had already given birth to a son, but I didn’t tell him the good news when I heard that he was married with Yu Lin Yan Hui Huadu. Is there any irony in the world? At that time, when I heard the news abroad, I wanted to be dead, but I was unwilling. I didn’t believe that he would like Lin Yuyan, and I didn’t believe that Lin Yuyan would like what he said. Who knows … "
She thought of those pictures, and her expression was distorted. "But what I saw was that they showed their love everywhere. Everyone knows that Master Wen loves his wife to the bone and loves his wife to be crazy. What is the relationship between the couple? Every time I listen to it, I can’t wait to cut their faces with a knife. That smile is too dazzling. Why can they be so happy but let me stay alone in hell?"
"That’s because you can’t get evil influence. There are people around you who like you, but you can’t see that you have to chase after you don’t love you. You are doomed to get hurt. After your father left, you still don’t know how to reflect and pay back the shame. You said that you are suffering in hell. It’s all your own fault!" Warm and merciless way
"No, it’s not. It’s your mother. She seduced Wenjun. She doesn’t like Wenjun. Why should she marry him? What? She just has a grudge against me, but she can’t hide me … "She lost her temper and picked up the bottle to drink. The wine flowed down her lips and there were tears.
Warmth didn’t follow closely. She’s not in a normal mood now, and her speech is confused. I just wanted to ask a question about the car accident, but she digressed again and what she did in those years. Dad has studied and traveled around under an alias for less than three years, and she can conceive this issue alone?
And what surprised her most was that mom didn’t like dad? Then who does she like? Her … biological father?
Ten minutes later, Lin Mei’s mood calmed down a little, but instead of talking about the topic she was interested in, she said, "You haven’t told me how to confuse me? Let him be willing to support you and holiness? "
Warmth didn’t hide it from him. "It’s very simple. I told him that what my father wanted to do most before he died was his last wish!" "
Lin Mei seemed surprised by this. "What did you say?"
Warm mocked, "You didn’t know when you were with your father for years?"
Lin Mei face flashed embarrassment grind way "even if I don’t know? Don’t you know a lot of things? Just like here, if I don’t tell you, where will you know where An Xian Garden is? Even your mother doesn’t know. "
"I didn’t know Anxian Garden was here before, but the first time I came here, I forgot what my father had eaten here. I just tasted the food here, which is far less delicious than the Wen family kitchen."
"Maybe he likes the taste here! I like to eat light vegetarian dishes! "
"Not WenGuChu what vegetarian dishes can’t do? Dad came here because he likes to live at home. No one knows that he is a gentleman of the Wen family. He can talk to the boss here at will. To put it bluntly, he just enjoys this moment of relaxation without bearing the heavy pressure brought by that identity. If so, I think dad must not like being a gentleman of the Wen family but choose to be an ordinary doctor. "
Lin Mei was pale for a long time, unable to speak as if many things had been subverted and shattered at this moment. Before that, she stuck to her memory and became blurred and distant, and even the voice and smile were no longer clear …
"At the end of the day, you don’t know dad at all. Don’t deny that if you knew him, you wouldn’t have done those things, let alone chased him for years but couldn’t get into his heart. But my mother can make him fall in love at first sight. That’s because my mother knows him. Some people have been together for a generation, all of them are strange bedfellows, but some people can give birth to the throb of a brief encounter on the first day of meeting."
Lin Mei shook her head and murmured absently, "No, it’s not like that. I know what color clothes he likes to wear, what flavor of food he likes, how can I not know him?" I love him so much that my whole life has been occupied by him since I met him. How can you say that I don’t understand? "
Warm heart is really mixed feelings. The most hurtful thing in love is that I love you crazy, but you don’t care about me. It’s rare to see her lose her mind. The Virgin of Charity gave an encouragement. "You wake up now and forget the past. You still have a lot of good days to live …"
Lin Mei suddenly laughed. It’s more uncomfortable to laugh than to cry. "Wake up? I can’t wake up, I can’t forget me, and I don’t have any good days. Even my son is no longer close to me. Who else am I? "