Be silent with longing

A Dai is worried. "Don’t push it out, Duke. Even if you want to, your wife won’t agree that you are her son. How can she not plan on it?"
See his eyes remained silent A Dai continued, "madam, maybe I can see that you are a little upset tonight …"
Suddenly, longing interrupted, "I’m not careless."
A Dai didn’t blink? Then what does he think, Er Gong? This is 320 silver here. "Well, you’re not careless, but Mrs. Cheng may have misunderstood. It’s only because of this that Mrs. Shao is allowed to sleep in your room tonight in the hope that you can make up again."
Bite your lips with longing. "We’ve never been better. Where can we get back together? You are talking nonsense again! "
A Dai bowed his head. "I don’t talk nonsense. You have to sleep in that bed with Mrs. Shao tonight. This is Mr. Zhong’s exhortation to sleep in a bedside direction. If you don’t want to explain to me, you can use necessary means when necessary. You know I need necessary means. You have no resistance. You might as well go to sleep yourself."
Fascinated "…"
"I’m done, Sir Zhong. I’m going outside to give you a vigil. Sir Zhong said I can’t leave until you sleep in the position he told me."
A Dai left the lock at the back door when he went out. There is really no taboo at all.
I was fascinated to hear the movement, but my fingers curled up but I didn’t stop him. I froze there three meters away from the big bed. Looking at the brand-new one, was it that his style was festive and red, so dazzling that he suddenly felt confused.
Want to escape but can’t take a step.
Until he stepped behind him, his body became more and more stiff
The warmth crossed him and walked to the big bed with a smile on his face. Without paying special attention to the red quilt, he naturally undressed …
Ha, ha, ha. What else is Master Zhong burying?
☆ Chapter 12 Falling in love
Although it’s a month, it’s very quiet and warm in the tribe. People wearing long sleeves don’t feel hot at all. If you remove the coat, there’s still a cool jacket inside, so you can wear it at night.
In her opinion, it is several times more conservative than the short skirt outside the mountain, so she is under great pressure to take it off.
However, it is panic to look at people.
I didn’t expect her to take it off when she said it, or to take off her clothes in front of him, as if they were an old couple. His heart was in a mess, staring at her back, but he just forgot to move his eyes strangely.
From shock to loss, then panic, and finally the heart beats like a drum …
After he realized what he had seen, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed and annoyed. Then he panicked and blushed. The tide spread, and even his ears failed to get lucky. There was a heat wave from the beginning to the bones of his limbs and then to the bottom of his heart. His body gradually boiled, and some changes made him even more ashamed and embarrassed.
The only good thing is that the warmth has never looked back, and that’s when he was caught in a mess.
The warmth of the quilt was unhurried, and the softness and comfort made people want to sigh. The fabric was excellent and there was a warm feeling without a warm bed attached to the body.
She couldn’t help sighing, lying flat, exposing her white arms that had been pulled over her chest, then closing her eyes comfortably and relaxing, feeling like floating in the clouds.
Poor longing still froze there, his body tense as a string, and he carefully suppressed his breathing, but it happened that the more he breathed, the more urgent and heavy he became, which sounded very suspicious.
He couldn’t help being annoyed and ashamed, but suddenly turned around and went back to wash inside for a while, and then the water sounded.
What is the rhythm of warm eyes? Do you want to sleep in it? It would be cheaper to be alone, but I have to admit that it feels really …
After half a ring, when she was in a daze and wanted to sleep, she came out of the room again. This time, she changed into a wider, more comfortable and light soft robe, but the neckline was fit without revealing half a spring.
He should have taken another shower, his hair was wet, and his hair was tied behind him. He walked slowly with a beautiful face, and the lights gradually dimmed like goblins.
Warm trance, unblinkingly eyes.
He was uncomfortable when she looked at him again, and it was hard to calm down the heat and panic and boil again, but he was drenched with cold water and there was a chill. The taste of two days of ice and fire was really hard to say.
He almost wanted to run away again. If he hadn’t seen the teasing smile in her eyes, he suddenly aroused some courage and stubbornness. It was his bed. He was occupied by his territory, but she still occupied it so openly. There was something of banter and provocation in his eyes, as if mocking him for not daring to take another step …
Cuff fist clenched quietly, and he walked closer step by step to see that she gradually raised her beautiful eyebrows. When his eyes flashed with surprise, he suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable satisfaction.
She didn’t expect it either, just as he was scared by her undressing before.
The warmth was beyond her expectation. She watched him approach the bed and lift his legs outside. Or was she lying in the same direction? Her eyes were slightly moved and she couldn’t understand him.
What rhythm is this?
Think about it or accept it?
After he lay down, he was suddenly warmed by the chill in the room, and he couldn’t help shivering and frowning. Why is he so cold? Did you lie in here because of the unbearable cold?
It was before she asked, and suddenly the accident happened.
The bed was suddenly moved by herself, and she exclaimed that she couldn’t figure out what strange events had happened, so she was circled together, and of course, she was fascinated. It was like falling into a cocoon, and you stuck to me and I stuck to you.
Warm consciousness struggles, but no matter how hard she struggles, the external restraints are still and there is a faint tightening trend. "What’s the matter? How was it rolled up by itself? "
At this moment, the two people are like two fried dough sticks in a pancake fruit, wrapped around each other, with some gaps on the top of their heads to ensure that they can breathe freely in it …
Outside, A Dai, it’s really wonderful to watch Mr. Wu’s mouth smile. If I had known there was such a baby, I should have done it when Mr. Gong warmed the bed. Look at how much love it is to roll it together like this!
The two people inside don’t feel warm and crazy. The only thing I can think of is that he is brave. He is really fighting. What IQ does it take to come up with such a trick?
And how did he do it?
It’s more difficult to get her than to feel longing. He was so hot in his heart that he lit a cold bath again, which couldn’t save him. He recited the mantra of pure heart and it didn’t help. The soft and fragrant touch was close at hand. His body was as tight as a string. The most terrible thing was that she struggled for a few times, and the package outside was tightened again. He could clearly feel the strangeness on her chest.