Look at that bloody chain almost scared Zhao Si, especially when I just saw two dog take the chain and slap those punks with impunity. Ya even killed the little guy, which also got the chain lock, but the real guy, if he tapped it, would be dead, and there would be a blood hole! Ya, that’s killing me. This little rabbit has no scruples. How can there be such a fight? Zhao Si is really scared. I’m really afraid that if the chain in Ergou’s hand beats himself and doubts or is the first word, then I don’t want to live myself!

Li Hushan looked at the gangsters lying on the ground and smiled and came to Zhao Si’s side and asked, "What about Grandpa Four? Do you have any brothers? If you have something to say, call us quickly so that we don’t have to go for the second time and solve it directly!"
At this moment, where is the seaport in Zhao Si? He didn’t talk or pay attention to Li Hushan with his head down. He just lay there pretending to be dead. Li Hushan looked at him with a cold hum. He turned around and said, "Check your injuries and see if you are injured!"
After seeing Li Hushan’s words, a special training team immediately formed a team. After checking it again, two team members reported, "Report captain, I accidentally got a stick in my arm, but it’s nothing serious. It’s a skin injury!" In the end, Li Hushan counted that one or two people were injured. Of course, two dog had to be excluded from the external cause. Just now, two dog was so crazy that he really got two.
Li Hushan smiled. This record can still be achieved in ten minutes. Nine people have solved more than 30 armed gangsters, which is very good. The most important thing is that there are almost no casualties.
At this time, when the proprietress in Kelaixiang small restaurant saw a fancy car coming outside, she quickly greeted people with a car. She recognized the dry elder brother and the small place all said that they were good at recognizing people when doing business. Can she remember the dry elder brother? Their small restaurant has been open for several years, and the highest consumer was the dry elder brother and the small place of Yang Fenglai five months ago, which actually cost a few hundred dollars in total, but for her, the main consumer group is a student small restaurant, which is already astronomical. So she saw the dry elder brother greet him warmly and said, "Oh, little brother, you haven’t come for several months
"Ha ha, the wife of shop-owner has prepared a bag for us and we will order later …" Brother Gan said with a smile that although he is not short of money, he is not as generous as Yang Feng’s hand and will show off. Of course, brother Gan will not feel bad about money if he has good food, but it is estimated that it will not be too expensive to fry good food in this small restaurant.
"Ha ha, come with me, please …" The wife of shop-owner said with a big smile, leading the way to the bag inside.
Zhang Xiaoyan was just about to greet the clerk when she came to the contract brother to settle down her parents and a small place. She saw the proprietress come in smiling with tea and a menu in person. Now they are big guests, to put it mildly, vipveryipranpersen, a very important person. How can you let the general clerk come?
Dry elder brother, of course, took the menu and handed it to his parents, but as soon as he handed it over, he ate his mother and saw her smiling and handed it to Zhang Xiaoyan, who sat next to him, and said with a smile, "Hehe, girl, have some …"
"Ha ha, aunt, please order. You are a householder here. I don’t care about what I eat. I’m not picky about food …" Zhang Xiaoyan was clever and said to her mother.
"Ha ha, that’s good, then I’ll order ….." Dry elder brother’s mother was so happy when she saw Zhang Xiaoyan, a little girl who knew so much about manners. Now the more she looked at Zhang Xiaoyan, the more she looked like her daughter-in-law.
Usually, the elder brother’s mother will live a daily life, but the woman who keeps the house has been to any restaurant all the year round. But now it’s different. There is Zhang Xiaoyan, the "ideal daughter-in-law" in her mind. She can’t lose her job here, but she knows the family’s Zhang Xiaoyan, but the municipal party committee remembers her daughter. If she is too small, it’s not shameful. So the elder brother’s mother almost ordered the menu signature dishes and expensive dishes. That guy made the boss’s wife happy. She was a little unstable. When the old lady orders these nine dishes, it will be worth four or five hundred. After a while, others will order an estimated nine hundred. It’s not a problem for me to look at my mother’s generosity. Of course, I know what my mother thinks, and I can give a wry smile to my heart.
After the dry elder brother mother ordered, she smiled and handed the menu to Zhang Xiaoyan and said, "Hehe, girl, what do you think of aunt’s order? You can also order two dishes that you like to eat …"
"Oh, aunt, what are you doing ordering such expensive food? No outsiders just order a few home-cooked dishes. That’s enough. No more …" Zhang Xiaoyan knew that it was time to take care of herself when she saw that the mother’s order was expensive, so she was cheerful and said to tell the truth, she really didn’t think of herself as an outsider.
"Ha ha, yes, yes, there are no outsiders, so let’s do this first …" Said the mother of the dry elder brother and handed the menu to the boss’s wife. Don’t be so happy, especially Zhang Xiaoyan’s sentence of "no outsiders" said that the mother of the dry elder brother was elated. The boss’s wife was so happy that she took the menu and went to the kitchen to make a small profit today, while the dry elder brother and they were chatting and waiting there …
Li Hushan looked at this waste and watched the citizens wait for half an hour. Zhao Si and his gang of unintelligent goods didn’t dare to get up and say anything. Li Hushan looked at his watch and then walked beside Zhao Si and gently kicked Zhao Si’s feet. Zhao Si was still unmoved. Li Hushan then slammed it and kicked it hard. His mother pretended to be dead and was addicted! After kicking, he scolded, "It’s time for Master Zhao Si to get up. It’s no way for you to fall asleep like this!" Said and kicked two feet.
Li Hushan’s kicks are not light to listen to Zhao Si’s whining for mercy. "Oh, grandpa, please give me a break. I’m ignorant. I’m Zhao Sisun. You can give me a break …" Zhao Sishi was scared and couldn’t afford to play …
After listening to Zhao Si’s words, the onlookers immediately talked and whispered, "Hey, isn’t his mother quite ruthless? She has really been beaten into Zhao Sisun!"
"Ha, ha, sun, sun Bai, who hasn’t been a sun yet, or just be beaten …" Another onlookers laughed and said that Chapter 14 turned out to be Mr. Wang!
Chapter 14 It turned out to be Mr. Wang!
It’s no wonder that Zhao Sishi, a joke with an old white surname, is used to this Zhao Si county town. It seems that everyone is inferior to him. It seems that people’s grievances have accumulated too much. Otherwise, if he is a little decent in Zhao Si, people in Qianye County won’t watch their servants being bullied by strangers, but now people are eager to have a strong dragon to clean up this little local strongman!
Seeing Zhao Si where Sun Tzu is begging for mercy, the people are all pointing fingers. Just don’t be too crazy and arrogant. Don’t look at how big you are, because you are afraid to pull the list later. You will have to return it sooner or later. This truth will never change.
"All right, Zhao Si, you his niang want to be my grandson, and I don’t want you to be a bear-like grandson. I can’t afford to lose that man! Don’t be a grandpa four. I’m the most equal person. You are Zhao Si and Zhao Si. Our business is business. If you don’t finish, you’ll be finished. I’m a law-abiding citizen. Law-abiding citizens need legal weapons to protect themselves. Now my personal safety has been hurt, so I have to take legal weapons to protect myself … "Li Hushan looked at his knees and begged for mercy. Zhao Si despised and said that if Zhao Si’s bones were hard to kill, it wouldn’t be soft. Li Hushan still admired him as a tough guy, but now his mother has not played a few times, Dare to claim to be Zhao Si’s grandfather is really insulting this word, so people can be the boss. It seems that the level of underworld team construction in this small city still needs to be high, especially the quality of management personnel needs to be high. How can you be a big brother even if your grandmother goes to loyalty hall to be a younger brother loyalty hall?
"Oh, no, I’m Sun. You’re my grandpa. Grandpa, give Sun a break! I beg you … "When Zhao Si heard that Li Hushan had finished playing, he had to call the police and beg for mercy. He said that this grandson is going to be the end of the sun. What’s wrong with this world? There are so many grandfathers without grandchildren! At the critical moment, someone needs to stand up and be a grandson! When a grandson has the advantages of being a grandson, don’t be beaten. It’s like that buddy just said that if you have a grandfather, you have to have a grandson. It’s your grandson. You can’t make your grandfather cool. Sun is not a good grandson! Just Zhao Si, the grandson, just won’t let Li Hushan’s cool grandson feel sick just because Li Hushan looks at him. Who wants such a grandson?
Zhao Si a listen to Li Hushan also want to put into legal weapon couldn’t find a piece of tofu a head bump dead! Your sister, I thought the wicked complained first! It shouldn’t be a vicious person who called the police first. Nine of them have already beaten their own hands. Just call the Mao police and pat their ass and leave! Mother did take off her pants and fart! Zhao Si thought angrily in his heart, but the surface is still a kind of sun, that is, sun is how ambitious his heart is, and he still shows a face of slavery and flattery outside!
Li Hushan doesn’t care about his grandfather and grandson. He used to be a special soldier. Although he is retired now, he has found his old passion in the loyalty hall. It’s the duty of a soldier to be ordered to die. At that time, Brother Gan had already hinted to him that he should call the police directly after he had finished teaching these bastards. Brother Gan’s words were orders, so Li Hushan took out his mobile phone, pressed 11 and called out. As soon as he got through, Li Hushan was as cool as a cucumber and said, "Hey, I want to call the police. I was hit by a BMW in Qianye County. They also corrected 30 or 40 thugs to teach us to come quickly, comrade police! By the way, I want to talk to your director. Is it important for your director? "
"Ha ha, I’m sorry, comrade. This is the alarm information desk. Our director is very busy and it’s not convenient to pick you up now. I’ve already recorded your words. We’ll go to the police to deal with it. Please wait patiently for a while …" The beautiful policeman over there replied politely and professionally, but she wondered in her heart, is it that those young people are harassing me again? Why doesn’t it sound a little nervous? It’s not that it’s a siege. It sounds like he surrounded others and then reported the meritorious service, and he has a good tone to see his director! The director can meet anyone who wants to see him. It’s really improper to treat the director as a cadre!
The beautiful woman picked up the walkie-talkie and patrolled the street. The patrolman ordered, "7,7, this is 1. The existing person called the police and said that there was a hijacking incident on the Central Avenue. Please go over and check for support. I suspect that some chat people are joking. Please check and verify it quickly!"
"7 received! 7 Roger that! We’ll get there … "Two patrolmen patrolling the main street quickly got out of the car and immediately headed for the central avenue.
When the two patrolmen finally came to the Central Avenue, they saw a large crowd on both sides of the road, so they quickly passed the car. After the car, the two patrolmen pushed the crowd to squeeze in and have a look at the good guy. Thirty or forty people were lying on the ground crying, almost all of them were injured, and nine people next to the two Land Rover SUVs opposite them seemed to be indifferent. One patrolman secretly scolded one of them and his mother was hijacked. How dare you say that a group of waste more than 30 people were actually knocked down by nine people! So he asked coldly, "Who is calling the police?" Say that finish disdain looked at lying on more than 30 waste to see if they have a report!
But to his great disappointment, none of them got up. Li Hushan smiled and replied, "Hello, police elder brother, it’s me who called the police. We were surrounded by them. We had to kill us at that time. I didn’t expect that when we fought, it was all straw bags. This situation appeared. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have bothered police elder brother …"
After listening to Li Hushan’s words, the policeman’s eldest brother really wants to laugh. His grandmother is too young to beat people casually, so there is nothing wrong with it. Then the world is not in a mess! Cops can hit people because they have a license to hit people, but you can’t hit people because you are a civilian! I cann’t believe I don’t want to bother the police when I think of good things. It’s easy for you to say, but the police are just coming to trouble! But he also has to admit that these guys are really tough. Except for the little guy who is a little hurt, he is as strong as a bear. How can he be hurt? So he said coldly, "Comrade Hehe, even if they besieged you, it would be wrong for you to hit people. Of course, it would be different if you defended yourself, but we still have to investigate the specific situation before we come to a conclusion. Please cooperate with us to carry out the public!" He gave a military-like salute to Li Hushan. He didn’t expect Li Hushan to give a military-like salute with a smile. At first glance, the salute posture is a professional soldier, or else it wouldn’t be so standard!
The patrolman knew from this military salute that this time he had a hard time. It’s strange that those useless things didn’t get beaten. It’s good that a group of hooligans didn’t get killed when they met soldiers! The patrolman quickly called the headquarters to ask for support. According to the current situation, if you want to control these nine soldiers, you will need twenty or thirty policemen. They don’t care! The beautiful police answering officer immediately reported to the headquarters after receiving the help from the patrol, but he was puzzled in his heart. What happened? Was it really hijacked? Then the hostage is too calm and his psychological quality is too good!
At this time, the dry elder brother in Kelaixiang Hotel generally enjoyed a harmonious meal. First of all, although the dishes were all the most expensive ordered by the dry elder brother’s mother, this small restaurant did have two dishes to cook, which was also worth the money. For the dry elder brother, it was still delicious. In this period, the mother almost forgot her father and the small place to entertain her ideal daughter-in-law, Zhang Xiaoyan. That guy made Zhang Xiaoyan happy. She came to compete with the little witch girl. But since she went to the harbor, she and the little witch girl have become good sisters, and The little witch also hinted that she could accept her to join, but it is absolutely impossible to let the little witch quit. The little witch also made it clear to her that a person like Brother Gan is destined not to have a woman, even if he wants to God! Now, Zhang Xiaoyan’s fingers are counted, and the real wife Ke Mengxuan has got rid of the dry elder brother’s mother, and she has got rid of the dry elder brother’s younger brother. She has got rid of the dry elder brother’s father’s obedience, and now it’s done. That’s not the only thing left, so don’t be so happy. This meal is delicious and frequently gives dry elder brother the glad eye, otherwise it’s really unbearable!
After dinner, Brother Gan settled the account, which cost more than 630 yuan. The proprietress made a small profit today. She also took her head directly and collected 600 yuan. Brother Gan didn’t care about it. She smiled and paid the money to the proprietress. She left the car happily, and sent her parents Zhang Xiaoyan and a small place back to school first, so that Zhang Xiaoyan could accompany her parents to deal with things on her own.
However, when Brother Gan came to Central Avenue with Audi q7, he found that at least 50 or 60 armed policemen were surrounded by Li Hushan, and several Li Hushan people were afraid but took it seriously. That’s the real thing, but it’s all a bloody hole, which is a life. They want to live for a few more years! Yang Gang, the police chief of Qianye County, paid great attention to the fact that a group of ex-servicemen and a group of social workers were fighting in the street, so he personally attended the command!
Brother Gan took a look at this appearance and quickly drove past. If he hurt his brother, he wouldn’t suffer from YaBaKui. Yang Gang was just about to shout with a megaphone. Suddenly, a bold voice came to his ear. "Director Yang, long time no see …" Yang Gang listened to the familiar voice and turned around to see if it wasn’t that he had dealt with himself twice and was accompanied by a municipal party committee every time. Although he didn’t know his name, he remembered the three words "Mr. Wang", so he quickly handed the megaphone to the mid-team leader of the armed police around him and said with a smile, "
"Ha ha, Director Yang is really rare. I didn’t expect you to remember me …" Brother Gan heard Yang Gang call himself "Mr. Wang" and went forward with a smile and said with a smile as he walked.
"Ha-ha, Mr. Wang, you’re laughing at me. I can’t know your name. You remember me, Yang. That’s my pleasure …" Yang Gang saw Brother Gan coming towards himself with a smile and greeted him with a smile. He stepped forward and shook hands with Brother Gan with a smile. But he knew who Brother Gan was. I remember that the first time he was arrested in the public security bureau because of Zhao Cong’s smallness. Boy, from the central government to Dongshan Provincial Political and Legal Committee, Zhang Xun to Qianye County, Choco to the county Committee. Field but also specially sent a person from Beijing to come here overnight, which is also great. This is a day to listen to people. Where can he afford a small county public security bureau chief?
"Ha ha, Director Yang, don’t say that. You’ve dealt with each other twice. It’s an old friend. If you say that, you’ll be welcome!" Dry elder brother said with a smile