But the Lord Inflammation, after all, is not a weak person. His body shook and tore, and he reached more than ten miles away. He turned into a ball of fire and fled desperately. His heart became more and more afraid of throb. He was so small that he didn’t even hurt the Lord Purgatory.

In fact, the Lord Inflammation doesn’t know. He always doesn’t like to drag his feet. For him, since he has offended the Lord Inflammation and refused to talk to me, then killing is the best choice. Otherwise, if he is given a chance to return to the purgatory and rectify a lot of genera around him, it will be difficult to clean up.
Besides, it’s Lord Yan who sent the door to die himself. Who can blame? For the enemy, willy has always believed that the best enemy is the dead enemy.
However, the Lord Inflammation is fast, and the Xuan snake is not slow, especially the Xuan snake. He has been hiding him in the snow for a long time, and he has already been impatient with waiting and has not changed, but is in a human state, wrapped in a rich ghostly spirit and catching up.
The town riveting, a historical super-powerful puppet forged by Hades himself, is also quite better than flying in all aspects, like a meteor, extremely fast, and can be folded up constantly, making its speed soar.
But faster, but only Yuan Ying’s high-level strength willed to see him turn into a mass of black gas, fluttering and curling, strange and impossible to catch M not. In the blink of an eye, he chased for several miles and the speed was constantly rising. Just a few hundred miles away, he had already rushed to the front of Yan Devil, and his body was condensed, and his mouth hung with a sneer: "Old Yan, so hurry, bitter?"
How is it possible that the demon king is terrible and swearing in his heart? Although this is not the most suitable fighting environment in purgatory domain, in any case, he is a deified Daniel. In his heart, to say that this willy fights with a deified puppet, Lei, and ranks among the top ranks of Tianping, he absolutely admits, but also admits that in this environment, he is not the opponent of willy and Zhenye combined.
However, this throb abandoned the puppet town riveting, and chased it one step ahead. This was simply subverting the reason of efreet Wang. In his view, don’t say that throb is a high-order yuan baby. Even if it is the peak of yuan baby, it is impossible to catch up with the gap between his own yuan baby level and the deification level. It is too big.
However, I don’t know the king of inflammation. In this generation, throb pays the most attention to spiritual cultivation. However, speed has always been throb’s perseverance. In throb’s view, fooling around outside will always meet his own way to defeat his opponent. If the speed is not fast, that kind of thing will happen once, so it is the end of his life.
I am in this world, but I don’t have a second life to squander myself. Therefore, willy is demanding on his own speed, and it is also the case that he is restricted to expand his ability to survive. This makes willy repeatedly in desperate situations, and he has the opportunity to escape, and he has repeatedly turned willy to danger and escaped.
Before throbbing with the shura wing, it was refined by the deified shura wing, and he was born with the law, which made him get along like a duck to water among the low-order monks, but the deeper he got, the higher the contact level, and the shura wing became more and more out of demand, which was completely destroyed in the first world war with evil phoenix.
Fortunately, when Willy started from the foundation period, she often used the rules for a long time, which made Willy grasp a little rule early. Xiao You, the ghost of heaven, has excellent qualifications and has a strong talent for the rules. In this respect, she is also very helpful to Willy.
This also makes throb, in the degree of mastering the law, more and more in-depth, from fur to master, and now, has grasped a little essence and throb, in the land of bliss, that one hundred years, not only in the silly practice of self-cultivation, but also put more energy into the research law.
If others want to study the law in depth, it is rather vacant and difficult. Even if someone guides them, even if they have some magic devices but are throbbing, they have the special advantage in this respect, that is, he has mastered Mundus’s mantra.
Theoretically speaking, magic words such as command laws can be displayed without the messenger really knowing a certain law. Just like in previous lives, someone owned a brain and didn’t need to know the structure and principle of brain transport. On the other hand, if a person with a brain sincerely studies the principle and structure of the brain, its efficiency is far higher than that of a person without a brain, especially one who has never had a brain.
The same is true of the mantra. At present, the mantra known in the world, the mantra of hades, was created by hades. In addition, the great prophecy of the winged protoss belongs to the command law, but those who master the mantra do not necessarily use it to infer the mystery of the law. It is like not everyone who has a brain will have great interest in learning the composition and principle of the brain.
And throb, thinking is relatively broad. In those 100 years, he repeatedly used the mantra to constantly display and push back, and deeply understood the principle of the law, which made throb understand and master the law and made a lot of achievements.
And with the deeper understanding of the law, then, naturally, the law will be integrated into his various means. For example, it is a good evasive technique to escape from the original by willy, but with willy’s continuous improvement, he will constantly understand himself and integrate his understanding of the law into it. Now, willy’s ghost evasion has become a magical technique! enlighten
Chapter six hundred and thirty-five Intimidation and inducement
Chapter six hundred and thirty-five Intimidation and inducement
It combines many laws to understand and comprehend. In the realm of ghost escape, it has already gone beyond the ordinary escape technique. It is odd to wander in the gap with thunder. Of course, it is also necessary to divide the environment. If it is in a place where the ghosts are very ghostly, such as the banks of the Nine Deep Lakes, the ghost escape effect will be worse if it is in a purgatory where the sun is the spirit.
And the same is true of the king of efreet. If it is throbbing in the underground palace of the core class of molten lake, even if it is cast such a ghost, the speed of escaping is almost the same as that of the inflammatory demon king, but the inflammatory demon king is called to come to the light sanctuary to make trouble. This place is the most suitable place for ordinary human growth. There is no advantage bonus to throbbing and king efreet, but it happened that throbbing quality is half as good as that of the inflammatory demon king.
Poor Lord Yan, who could have expected that willy would have such a strange trick? At that time, some people were frightened. In their hearts, they secretly scolded the thunder Lord. Which deified middle-class strong man pretended to be a monk in Yuan’s infancy to find his own heart? I want to run, but I want to fight, but I dare not for a while.
Actually, even if he wants to play willy without relying on puppets, he is not afraid. Although he can’t win, it’s hard to lose with the particularity of ghost hiding. Now willy is not a fish’s belly. When he meets a complete state, he will be ravaged by others, so it is difficult to fight back.
In Lue Wang, efreet, I hesitated and the Xuan snake rushed to help with the willy-nilly glyph to surround the Lord Inflammation. At the sight of the Lord Xuansheyan, my heart was half cold, and my heart was completely cold. I didn’t even have a good hand to the willy-nilly. "Brother Lei, you see this thing is a misunderstanding. I have always admired the hero of Brother Lei, but I can’t even fight with the Lord Purgatory. Otherwise, this time you will let your brothers and horses be grateful to heart."
"Old inflammation old inflammation" willy laughed "you can be really the hard way to think about something is not to help me in three hundred? Your element clan is favored by heaven and earth. Shou Yuan is very long (to be continued 9 reading networks). You have to take it too seriously after 300 years? "
Inflammation demon king looked around with a bitter face. What do you think? What do you think? Today is really unlucky. A group of human beings gave some benefits to summon themselves to help fight, but they didn’t expect that their opponents turned out to be throbbing the malefic. In the purgatory domain, this cargo can still live very smartly after killing the beloved daughter of Red King and robbing the treasure of the purgatory demon king.
Now he deeply knows that it is impossible to escape, but he can’t beat it? Maybe you can’t fight with others with this life? But how can the demon king, who has been driven by people for 300 years, be willing?
Aside the Xuan snake is insidious smile tut, "Brother Yan, I’ve never met you before. Let’s be fair. Today, our army is playing a trick to lure the snake out of the hole in the implementation of the military policy. Your sudden appearance not only kills our soldiers but also destroys the plan that we have been running for a long time. It’s strange that you are willing to let you go according to boss Lei’s temper and disposition. Don’t feel wronged. It’s not your first day out. Of course, you know that this world is a law of the jungle world. How can you easily let the enemy go if you take advantage? If you surrender, of course, we will have one more good brother. If you want to seasoned road, we won’t suffer much. It’s enough to hit a god-level monster and light up your material. "
Inflammation demon king braved the fire and got a tingle to listen to that. It’s really annoying to scold you for being a wild monster. Your family are all wild monsters. This is a bit painful. Inflammation demon king’s pride says that the flame element clan has always been regarded as a wild monster. Inflammation demon king, old man, flame monarch, that’s the biggest wild monster in purgatory.
If possible, the king of efreet really wants to slap this outspoken Xuan snake to death. However, the situation is better than people. The face is so long that he has two quick smiles. "You are the Xuan snake?" You call him Boss Lei. Are you willing to be driven by a human being in infancy? Recognize its owner? " Poor provocation
"I’d like to" Xuan snake that YinZhi middle-aged male face a face of disobedience injustice way "it’s a pity that my master is a ghost domain evil phoenix eldest brother phlogistic demon king, you didn’t know that it was lucky to have the opportunity to follow throb eldest brother. If you meet evil phoenix, you will know what is called inhuman treatment." The thought of evil phoenix Xuan snake can’t help but shudder.
"How lucky is it for a strong deity to be suppressed and accept servants?" H Lord Inflammation snorted with disdain. "You are too embarrassed to be the top strong." Lord Inflammation failed to "make a plan" and again "make a plan".
"Shame? Hehe, although I do feel a little ashamed, there is no need to feel ashamed if it is Lei Lao’s big talk. "The so-called Xuan snake laughed." Lei Lao Da’s identity is extraordinary, and one day he will fly to the sky. At the beginning, I was seriously injured by Xuan Snake and Xie Feng was willing to give me some miscellaneous pills, but Lei Lao Da gave me only two innate elixirs, which not only helped me recover my injuries, but also helped me break through a bottleneck that had been bothering me for a long time. "
"A congenital panacea?" Inflammation demon king, namely can’t help but swallow a mouthful of water Chou to throb quick way "boss ray, you gave the Xuan snake a grain that left a grain if you give it to me, I am willing to help you for three hundred years" At this time, efreet Wang Hengxin has moved a little, not to say that the innate magic really has that great power to drive him to throb for three hundred years, but he thought to himself that it would be better to honestly promise to come and get more benefits by the way if he didn’t promise this time anyway.