Then the two men looked at each other and seemed to argue with each other that they were right.

"All right, all right"
"Change two"
Swart and let two hands into the basement.
This time, the two people are better than the first two, but they are limited. There is still no way to fully describe what is going on in the room, and it is still the same.
However, after changing three people in a row, it was confirmed that there was no danger. Goethe directly picked up the lantern and went away.
Swart wanted to think and picked up a lantern and followed Goethe.
Then the sheriff regretted it.
What did he see?
Body parts!
Pieces of bloody and neatly cut corpses were piled up in an altar supported by six skeletons.
The skeleton is complete with skull, cervical vertebrae, arms and leg bones.
Six bones are kneeling down along the knee. From one side, it looks as if six people have put a round plate against their backs, while those flesh and blood are Chinese food.
Even if Goethe didn’t understand the "extraordinary" world in front of him.
But when I saw this scene, I still felt a strong sense of ceremony.
It seems to be a sacrifice
Like bong again.
Swart threw up when he saw the scene clearly.
Goethe is holding a lantern to continue to find out.
There are human beings, cattle, sheep and horses, rabbits and chickens in the market.
These are very easy to distinguish
Because these flesh and blood have not been refined
Simply put, there is no skinning, that is, after the original cutting, a sheep’s head will be put in the face, and the word in the muddy eyes will become more and more disturbing.
A scarlet, muddy word eyes seem to be coming back to life.
Goethe eyebrows slightly wrinkled eyes to.
Bones are different. They were carefully cut and left with bones.
And the flesh and blood are not on the plate
Goethe looked at six bones with complicated eyes.
He can be sure that his’ aunt’ won the lottery.
So which one?
Goethe interpretation
He can judge the sex of the skeleton by its slender skeleton, but he can’t judge its appearance.
But one thing Goethe is certain.
At present,’ Jie’ should not be written by a’ murderer in the fog’
To be precise, those people just now should not be with the "fog killer"
Should be his’ aunt’ alone provoked not provoke people.