Red beans laughed. "Hehe is really a gentle guy."

Naruto laughed, "Well, I’m going to untie your evil seal." After that, Naruto saw the seal, "Seal the evil seal." Naruto put his hand on the red bean mantra, and suddenly the red bean body emerged with the same mantra pattern as Sasuke.
Red beans suddenly squatted in pain, and a cold and evil chakra was full of red beans, and suddenly she felt that murder was impacting her reason.
Naruto said to Naruto, "It’s your turn to absorb the negative emotions of Sister Hongdou."
Dark Naruto laughed coldly. "As you wish, ha ha ha ha."
Naruto stopped, "Are you crazy? Now absorb her negative emotions, and you may really fall into the dark abyss. "
Naruto calmly replied, "only in this way can I evolve a kaleidoscope as soon as possible, isn’t it?" Believe me, I can certainly overcome the negative emotions. "
Naruto Nai said, "Whatever. Nothing I can say can stop you from deciding. I will try my best to let you evolve a kaleidoscope of sharingan as soon as possible."
Dark Naruto said impatiently, "Are you bored? It’s the most correct thing for him to do, or when will sharingan evolve into a kaleidoscope? I appreciate his decisiveness more and more now. Hahahaha, you can only be cruel to yourself."
Naruto didn’t like Dark Naruto’s smugness and said, "Cut the crap and start." Then Naruto exchanged consciousness with Dark Naruto.
When Naruto came out, he laughed, "It’s still refreshing outside. We meet again, beauty."
After that, I came to Red Bean and squatted down to look at Red Bean and said with a painful expression, "You look very painful. Just wait a moment." Then I suddenly kissed Red Bean’s mouth and looked at Naruto with disbelief.
Dark Naruto also kept his eyes open, and his eyes were relative to red beans. Suddenly he was shy and closed his eyes. Dark Naruto was even more shy when he saw red beans closed his eyes, and he pushed his luck to hold red beans in his arms.
Red beans were suddenly surprised when they were held by Dark Naruto, but they were kissed by Dark Naruto. In addition to shyness, there was also a feeling of being swayed by considerations of gain and loss. After entering Dark Naruto’s arms, they became relieved.
Those negative emotions brought by the red bean body mantra were absorbed by Dark Naruto, who exchanged consciousness with Naruto after absorbing the negative emotions of Red Bean.
Dark Naruto just returned to consciousness. Good Naruto looked at Dark Naruto with a strange face and said, "This is your plan. No wonder you dare to absorb this negative emotion, but aren’t you afraid that he will give you trouble when he wakes up?"
Naruto laughed. "When he wakes up, he doesn’t have time to bother me. And don’t you find that his temperament has been changing?"
Naruto laughed. "I always knew that his temperament was moving closer to you, but it’s better that he became more and more emotional, which is helpful for the evolution of his eyes, isn’t it?"
Naruto Nai said, "You are an old fox. You have figured everything out."
Sun Naruto replied, "Now that this has happened, let’s start. If there is no change, he may really seal us again, which will be difficult."
Naruto nodded and said, "Let’s get started." Then Naruto spread his hands and an extremely cold and evil energy appeared in Naruto’s hands.
Shannaruto also spread out his hands, and a force opposite to Dark Naruto appeared in Shannaruto’s hand. After combining the energy of his hands, they joined forces to hit this force into Naruto’s eyes.
At this moment, as soon as consciousness was exchanged with Dark Naruto, Naruto suddenly felt an extremely powerful negative emotion erupt in his mind.
Naruto’s reason was suddenly dispersed, leaving the most primitive desire to Naruto holding red beans in his hands more and more.
Tight kisses are getting hotter and hotter.
Red beans seem to sense the change of Naruto, but red beans did not stop Naruto from demanding more and more from her, but tried their best to cooperate with Naruto and Naruto to kiss together.
At this time, the combined strength of good and evil Naruto finally broke out in Naruto’s eyes. Naruto suddenly felt that his eyes were dry and he could close them. When Naruto’s eyes were opened again, Naruto’s eyes left two blood stains and his eyes became a six-pointed kaleidoscope sharingan.
Good and evil Naruto saw Naruto’s eyes turn into a kaleidoscope, and sharingan immediately laughed at the same time, "Success."
Shannaruto laughed. "It finally worked this time. Even if he knew you were calculating, he wouldn’t say anything."
Dark Naruto sneered, "It’s not just me but you. Don’t, I don’t know if you provoked the love desire of red beans."
Shannaruto laughed. "That’s because I think you guessed the red bean move and your plan helped you conveniently."
Dark Naruto disdains to say, "Hypocrisy means that you are calculating, but on the other hand, it is really hypocritical to say that you are helping me."
Shannaruto laughed. "Hehe, of course, I have my own plans to help you. Besides, Red beans like him, don’t they?" I did this to help her casually. "
Dark Naruto said, "I can’t say it anyway, but if it’s what I want, I’ll go." Then Dark Naruto disappeared.
Shan Naruto looked at Naruto and Red Bean and laughed. "I hope you can be happy." Then he disappeared.
Chapter sixty-one Hallucinating again
The afterglow of the setting sun is scattered in the village of Konoha, which shines as if immersed in the embrace of nature, and everything seems so harmonious.
In the forest of konoha’s death, he was carried away by negative emotions at this time, and rational Naruto also woke up leisurely
Naruto felt as if he was being pressed by something, so soft and soft. Shu Ming’s hands touched the pressed object, and Naruto thought, "Well, it’s soft, smooth and delicate, and it feels very comfortable to touch."
At this time, Naruto felt the object crawling. As the peristalsis rubbed against Naruto’s chest, Naruto suddenly felt his blood flow accelerating.
Naruto suddenly froze and thought to himself, "Well, this feeling makes people feel faster and more comfortable. I feel so familiar. Ah, ah, ah, bah. What is familiar with this point is what I feel when I am doing unspeakable things with that orochimaru hand and that female voice?"
Naruto wanted to open his eyes here and look around. At this time, the red beans were pressing against his chest.
Naruto calmly closed his eyes and thought to himself, "I’ve been so tired from exams and Sasuke and Xiangphosphorus recently that I’m hallucinating. I’ll be fine if I sleep again."
At this time, a memory appeared in Naruto’s mind, and Naruto remembered that after his consciousness was dispersed, Naruto became more and more dissatisfied with kissing Red Bean and began to pull Red Bean’s clothes, but Red Bean did not resist Naruto. It was like being immersed in desire and obeying physical energy.
Naruto’s memory suddenly made Naruto cry in his heart, "What the hell is going on here? What should I say to Ueda? I can’t say that I will be killed. I can’t say that a soul reborn can’t say that I can’t say that I am here."
After making up his mind, Naruto broke his eyes again. At this time, Red Bean also woke up with four eyes, and they suddenly felt embarrassed.
In fact, Hongdou has already woken up, but like Naruto, I can’t believe pretending to be an ostrich.
Red beans struggled to get dressed and said, "Let’s pretend this never happened, okay?" Say that finish before naruto reply a blink and left here.
Naruto came and wanted to say something, but he left before he could say something. Naruto sighed deeply, then got up and dressed, immersed himself in consciousness and prepared to avenge those two bastards.
Naruto just came to consciousness and saw both good and evil. Naruto just wanted to talk well and Naruto laughed. "Don’t worry, so do we. Besides, it’s your own insistence on absorbing the negative emotions of Red Bean. No wonder we are."
Naruto was preempted by the good Naruto, and I didn’t know how to answer. It was really myself who insisted on absorbing the negative emotions of Hongdou.
Shan Naruto was happy when he saw Naruto’s words. "Besides, you don’t feel remorse because you absorbed her negative emotions. Now her body mantra is no longer a threat. This mantra is free and there will be no vice. Speaking of red beans, I have to thank you. So don’t feel guilty. It’s okay.
If you really can’t, you are responsible for it. Although you dare not marry her as a wife, it is also worthwhile to be a lover. "
Naruto was excited when he heard this. "How can this work? I don’t want to be love rat."
Shannaruto laughed. "I didn’t ask you to abandon her. How can you count as love rat? It’s just a bit of a playboy at best. Besides, it’s not the earth. No one stipulates that you must be monogamous. If you have the courage to tell Ueda, even if you marry dozens, no one will say anything about you."
Naruto replied, "No, you can’t tell Ueda that you want me to be killed by a kitchen knife. Besides, I don’t have the heart to make Ueda sad. I will try my best to be nice to her. After all, I am a selfish and overbearing person. Since she happened to me, it’s me. I won’t allow her to leave me."
Shannaruto laughed. "Then keep it this way. As long as you and Hongdou are happy, it doesn’t matter what others think."
Naruto Nai replied, "I can do this for the time being. By the way, is the negative emotion of Sister Hongdou helpful to my eyes?"
Shan Naruto laughed. "Don’t you just try injecting chakra into your eyes yourself?"
Naruto injected chakra into his eyes after listening, and suddenly Naruto felt that his eyes had become several times stronger than before, and there were three things in his mind to make these eyes endure surgery, namely, the left eye, Harle, the right eye, and the other one to maximize the pupil of his eyes.
Naruto said, "These eyes have the same ability as Sasuke."
Naruto laughed. "It’s normal. After all, you got these eyes only after you transplanted Sasuke cells. There’s nothing you can do about it."
Naruto nodded, "I know it’s okay. I’ll get familiar with these eyes first." Then Naruto withdrew from consciousness.
Seeing Naruto leave, the talented person laughed, "Why are you so quiet this time? I miss you very much."
Dark Naruto laughed. "Seeing him now reminds me of one thing."
Naruto wondered, "What is it?"
Naruto laughed. "It’s just that I seem to have changed. Oh, I shouldn’t say that all three of us have changed our personalities. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice. You old fox should have found it long ago, right?"
Shannaruto laughed. "I thought it would be a while before you realized that you didn’t expect to notice it so soon."
Naruto sneered, "So you knew. Tell me what’s going on."