What does she really want to do,

"Master’s adult, this is you,"
Soon, Sang Na appeared outside the door, stepped into the hall and stared at Arroyo.
In her eyes, I was puzzled, and there was a lot of anger. In her eyes, Arroyo was just a puppet. What was really terrible was the summer building behind her. So, there was no immediate attack.
"Last night, my bodyguard intercepted an emissary in the direction of Tanaro tribe in the east of your Thousand Butterflies clan. I wonder if Thousand Butterflies are interested in this matter."
Arroyo said coldly, still sitting firmly,
Smell speech, Sang Na is puzzled,
"That emissary is the leader of the close-quarters guards around Tanaro. Do you know him?"
Sang Na suddenly a surprised, seems to want to understand things, quickly said, "generation leader, the man did come to my thousand butterfly family, but last night, I even sent people and letters to Xianyunling …"
"Fairy Yunling is not in the east,"
Arroyo interrupted Sang Na with a cold scolding.
Immediately, Sang Na Zheng,
Several elders looked at each other, and an ominous premonition hit their hearts. Last night, they sent an escort team, which should be back at this moment, but they have never been seen, so the matter is confidential and has not been publicized, not to mention Xianyunling, which is an ordinary thousand butterfly patriarch, and has not yet been known.
Now, the escort team must have been assassinated, and the death proves the truth. Arroyo made some moves and made Sang Na guilty of collaboration.
It’s a good chess game,
"A thousand butterflies make Sang Na,"
Without waiting for Sang Na’s words, Arroyo stood up. "You colluded with Tanaro. Today, I will take the name of the leader and order you to go to Xianyunling to accept the canon."
As he spoke, a sharp light flashed out of his eyes.
"I don’t,"
All of a sudden, Sanna gave a sharp scolding, and the gas of the method of art quietly spread out.
Arroyo’s reason, although there is no evidence to refute it for the time being, is not too far-fetched, which makes Sang Na have to suspect that it means building behind the summer, and wants to completely annex the Thousand Butterflies.
In this way, she is even more unyielding.
"Start work, will Sang Na escape,"
At the command, two maple guards suddenly started to attack Sang Na together, while the rest of the people in the hall controlled Xiu, who was not a strong butterfly patriarch.
At the moment, Sang Na stepped back a few steps, and suddenly the method of art really surged out, and his face was full of malicious color. He used a trick of residual crime and turned out to be the two guards in front of him.
"With a few kittens and puppies, dare to run wild with my thousand butterflies?"
A complete rebuke, Sang Na was full of anger, did not put Arroyo in the eye, a strange smell spread out, and then you can detect a few quite strong smells, from the camp of Thousand Butterflies to the drum tower.
A few words of laughter, a full face of evil spirits.
"You’re a leader, but I don’t want to deal with Tanaro. At the moment, I want to deal with me first. If I’m in Xianyunling, I can’t stand you, but if you come to die, you can’t blame me."
Seeing this, Qinchuan’s heart sank.
Arroyo with these guards can really be regarded as "kittens and puppies" in Sang Na’s eyes, but Arroyo with such a few people came to ask Sang Na what the purpose was.
Just thinking about it, suddenly his eyebrows frowned and some of them changed color slightly.
Seeing Arroyo standing in situ, he smiled coldly, and the mark on his forehead seemed to flash a little light. Suddenly, there was a light-transmitting curtain that quickly set up around the drum tower, including Qin Chuan, who was lurking on the roof, and the whole piece was firmly trapped in the light curtain.
A few strange runes, flickering,
Among them, the level of repair is not profound, which is just the level that Arroyo can control, but the light curtain is strong and strong, which is actually a Fuximen Taiji hexagram array.
Is this, too, the occult in the witchcraft?
Chapter Mirror Flowers and Hidden Moon
"Ha ha ha ha …"
Seeing this scene, Sang Na laughed instead of anger. "You stopped the master in my family, and like that poison repair can scare others, can you scare me?" !”
With a jade bamboo stick in his hand, he made a splash.
Suddenly, my hands slightly lifted the jade staff that I don’t know is made of material, and it quickly spun up. Then a few maple guards struggled to intercept it before Arroyo blocked the blow, but it was like a spent force and scarred.