"Silly I don’t want to sleep so much, so sleepy? Son, I’ll stay late and have breakfast with you. "Yan Gui is like hypnosis, so she gently touches her back.

Su Mian’s cat usually closes its eyes with a sigh.
After a while, I fell asleep. It’s not the palace during the day. It’s just that he didn’t sleep well until late.
The next morning, Yan Gui didn’t accompany Su Mian …
The reason is that he stayed late, but Su Mian still didn’t get up.
"Are you busy? I don’t want to get up. I haven’t slept enough! ! !” Sue cotton angry way
Green finch and green Joe shook their hands for fear of getting angry.
No matter how loving you are, so are you.
"Okay, okay, it’s ungrateful to accompany you to dinner. I’m leaving. You go to sleep." Yan Gui shook his head
Su Mian is still not convinced. "Who appreciates it?"
Yan to one leng slowly didn’t know where this is her anger "okay, no gas, no gas, no ungrateful, I don’t want cotton, it’s also ungrateful. Should I be good and not sleep? If you get angry, you won’t be sleepy. "
Said, sitting down, patting and rubbing, and having a good coax.
Coaxed Sue cotton laughed "hum".
"Sleep well and sleep for another hour, which makes me come back early to accompany you after dinner. The queen still wants to attend." Yan Gui said with a smile.
Su Mian didn’t open her eyes, but the smile on her mouth also exposed her mind.
Yan Gui’s eyes are full of spoil patting her back "Go to sleep"
After a while, Su Mian was coaxed into falling asleep.
Yan Gui got up and went out to "ask the queen to drink more water".
He looked at Su Mian’s dry mouth, which was short of water.
"Is it your breakfast?" The bluebird is busy.
"Well, put it" Yan Gui sat down.
In less than a moment, Yan Gui asked, "What is the queen’s breakfast and lunch these days?" What do you prefer? "
The green finch’s mouth will make it clear in a short time what she has eaten these days, whether she has eaten more or less, what she likes to eat and what she wants to eat, but if she has something to say, she must eat, but the Lord doesn’t like to eat.
Yan Gui nodded. "I want to eat watermelon, but I have to eat less. She really wants to eat something. Ask Liang Youcai if you are not sure."
"Is the handmaiden must have a good serve positions rest assured" green finch way.
"Well, serve me well and reward you. If you don’t do your best, I won’t spare you lightly." Yan returned.
Green finch several back now followed by the south little eunuch called pile.
He is the only eunuch who can serve Yan Gui outside Cao Liuwai.
This man’s words are few, but he doesn’t bother him. Su Mian has also been rewarded several times.
Cao Liu, after all, won’t come out to serve these trifles when he is old
Cloth vegetables will be responsible for this matter.
After breakfast, Yan got up. "Don’t ask the queen to get up too late. Wait for her to go out for a walk later."
"Is ready and send positions" several handmaiden busy should be.