"If it’s another way, I won’t move. She’ll wait for her to show the fox’s tail and then clean it up together." Lian Yan Jiing touched the bar. "Now that you dare to hit my head and solve it early."

"Solve early? How are you going to solve it? Your father killed your leg and everyone brought it back. Will you be ridiculous? " Dong Fengling feels headache at the thought of King Ru of Qin. It’s too natural for him to be an unreasonable man.
He always decides everything and never thinks about other people’s feelings.
"She didn’t want to give me a leg? I’ll give her a chance … "Lotus Yan Jiing caressed her wrist and the red snake said meaningfully.
Dong Lu Ling is a little confused. I don’t know what medicine Lotus Yan Jiing sells in the gourd. Since the carefree saint dares to come, it is natural that there are some things that can’t be done with Lotus Yan Jiing.
Well ….. There shouldn’t be such a pit!
The report and the princess came back. Lotus Yan Jiing naturally went back to the government in the evening. Dong Yan Ling looked at the bar and there were traces, so he didn’t intend to go out to see it once. Finally, he kicked Lotus Yan Jiing out of the door and let him play by himself.
Did something wrong, Lian Yan Jiing also dare not go back to Wangfu casually.
However, Lian Yan Jing didn’t mean to visit Qin Ruwang. She went straight back to her own hospital to miss her before she was divided into four chapters: Chapter 4, Chapter 240, Princess’s maternal love.
Although she did something wrong in her anger, Lian Yan Jiing couldn’t help but feel a little in spirit when she recalled the touch of her lips at that time.
I feel depressed when I think about worrying about it for months before I can marry someone home. Can’t the old man count the time closer? You also get a monk, who specializes in cheating the groom!
I must be jealous of who keeps monks from marrying their wives …
Just as Lian Yan Jing Tian Ma Xing lamented someone, Ruozi came to report the arrival of the princess.
It was no accident that Lian Yan Jing went to the door and just received the princess’s "mother princess"
Lian Yan Jing has always had a good relationship with the princess, especially in those years when her leg was broken, before she knew how much her mother princess loved herself.
"People have gained a lot of meat." The princess smiled and pinched a handful of lotus flowers and pulled her son into the room to sit down, only to look at her only son but her own life!
"Really?" Lotus Yan Jing took the small mirror beside the bed and took a good look at herself. "Is it really long? Will it be too fat? "
Princess leng leng immediately smiled very pregnant. "It seems that Jinger really likes Lingxin County Master. Are you afraid that she doesn’t like being too fat?" When have you ever seen such a thing before?
However, once you come back in those years, you will feel sad once. Lian Yan Jiing has always been thinner every time, and she feels uncomfortable when she looks at it.
"I’ve kept her for so many years, and it’s really …" Lotus Yan Jiing complained that her mother had given Qin Ruwang eye drops in her ear.
"Keep for so many years? Did you see others very early? " The princess was surprised. She seldom talked to her children sometimes. When she was young, she came later. When she got older, she had her own little secrets.
Now see Lian Yan jiing have confided ideas princess immediately feel satisfied hurriedly asked.
Lotus Yan jiing not too not bashful to say the things before then some uneasy looking at the princess "mother princess you don’t like small spirit? I feel that she is from a low family? "
The princess smiled and said, "No, I like to see you in a hurry since I came back. I like this girl very much, but I didn’t have a chance to meet you because you were in a hurry to find someone because of the treatment of your leg clues."
Princess said some regrets.
Lian Yan Jing is afraid of the princess and doesn’t like what Dong Yuling has been worried about. Now she must be a little uncertain when she hears the princess. "Really?"
The princess nodded. "Because she can make you happy, I will definitely like to come to Leisurely. The virgin asked me not to agree, because I know that you may have someone you like, and it will be bad for the virgin to get involved."
Speaking of this beautiful face of the princess, there is a trace of sadness. "But your father persuaded me that it is normal for men to have three wives and four concubines. I don’t know the girl, and I’m not sure what will happen. And I will do whatever it takes for a mother to kill your leg."
"All the way back, I found that I don’t like the carefree virgin. I know that my son would never like such a woman." The princess sighed and said, "But I can’t do the main office. Today, your father went to the county main office. I didn’t follow you. I’m ashamed to see Lingxin County Lord."
"Thank you, Mother Princess." Lian Yan Jing took the princess’s hand and savored the warm maternal love. "I believe you will like her if you get along with Xiao Ling, not because of me."
"I’m looking forward to it …" The princess caressed Lian Yan Jiing’s hair and said lovingly.
"Mother princess tells you a good news" Lian Yan Jiing sat up and said.
"What? Is it your marriage to the Lord of Lingxin County? " The princess’s eyebrows smiled and her heart was moved by such dancing, and she felt that this was the real life.
"How can I? It will take months for Ling Yue, the old man, to marry someone into the door after six ceremonies!" Lotus Yan jiing complained that it was also a rare time for the princess to spoil her side.