The time in the field flashed, and the angel’s wings gathered and stood aside. The old man with double knives looked dull and his body slowly fell down.
Until he fell to his heart, a trace of blood appeared.
A quiet in the field
an instant
Soaring into the sky, the dangers surged from the Shuigong, and if there was any substance, Wang Wenna, a woman on the side of Shenyu, looked stunned and turned out to be’ forgotten’ to stop it.
The nine angels’ eyes twinkled, and each of them stood in one place, drawing out his weapon, and a black light full of sacred meaning emerged.
"Boom …"
When two huge gas engines collide and stir the waters of the square, they are actually indistinguishable.
Although a single angel is silver, it is not strong, but nine people together burst into amazing energy.
There are many strong people in Jiao Ren Water Palace, and they can’t be suppressed.
"That’s enough!"
Queen Wen Nami’s eyes flashing suddenly low to drink.
At the same time, with her hand waving lightly, a breath of marginal vastness emerged, which pushed both sides to the air.
This seemingly delicate queen burst into a third-order silver power in this water palace.
Even Lorne couldn’t help picking his eyebrows.
"It’s hard to keep your hands off the knife for a while."
Queen Anna sat leisurely on the throne, and the haze quietly faded to restore her dignified manners and gently nodded to God Loen.
"God domain warrior really get Wen Na is seen today"
Loen waved his hand at will.
"They are products created by an angel, father and god. Although they have some strength, their brains are not interesting."
"Don’t take offense at the Queen for killing you."
Wen Na gently shook his head and pressed his heart to fear.
"God is sincere. When Wen Na sees it, I don’t know what will happen to you if you do this water palace owner Jiao Ren?"
Nine angels alone can compete with many masters in Shuigong, plus the unfathomable God Loen.
If they want to
Even killing the whole water palace is not a problem.
Wenna’s body, Queen Jiao Ren, has a secret treasure in the Water Palace, which is comparable to third-order silver, but she still has no chance of winning in the face of Loen.
May be that only way to continue the ethnic group.
"Wow …"
There is a resurgence of noise in the field, but there is a queen who dares to say more in Jiao Ren and can stare at the angels opposite one by one
"If I entered the Water Palace, Jiao Ren naturally believed in God the Father, wouldn’t I be mistreated?" Loen held the Queen in her arms.
"After the Jiao Ren clan, it was blessed by the father, but after the death of the believers, they naturally returned to the ghost land. Isn’t it much better to live in peace and worry than now?"
Wen Nami eyes flashing but know surely more than that.
Loen toyed with the queen’s hands and continued
"Since we are believers in the Father God, natural people dare to ask questions. Even if there are fierce beasts and heterogeneous animals, there are shrines to deal with the Jiao Ren clan, so it is good to be an ordinary person without practicing any practice."
"If anyone dares to practice without authorization …"
His face sank.
"If you disobey God’s will, you should be killed on the spot!"
A quiet in the field
Queen Jiao Ren’s beautiful eyes contracted, and many Jiao Ren’s hearts were frightened.
Ying Chao