"How do I know?" Su Yuqi replied at losing her face.

Su Yu Yao directly hit the bathroom glass door and saw that Qin Ning Xian was taking a shower.
"Ma Liang is not here" Su Yuyao froze.
"What Ma Liang will be here?" asked Qin Ningxian, but the pig was ashamed and angry that he had peeked at his mobile phone.
"Where did Ma Liang go? Not in your room." Su Yu Yao suddenly felt something was wrong and asked Su Yuqi.
"Where did you see him in this room? You didn’t bring him." Su Yuqi said grumpily.
"I am the one who brought her here. I saw that he was not behind the sofa. What were you doing at that time?" Su Yuyao was confused.
"What, you didn’t take the opportunity to bring my father after I pushed him in?" Su Yuqi also froze.
Then the two sisters understood that the other party brought Ma Liang, but Ma Liang was not there.
After being silent for half a ring, Su Yuyao couldn’t help saying, "Where’s Ma Liang?"
"I don’t know where we went. We came in together. At that time, he was hiding behind the sofa. I was afraid that my father would see him and specially covered him with a blanket." Su Yuqi was also anxious about how a big living person disappeared.
"My stepmother went to clean the carpet and scared me to death, but I didn’t see Ma Liangren there, so I got him first," Su Yuyao recalled.
"Probably still on the sofa surface" said Qin Ningxian frowsty in the bathroom because she witnessed the process and saw Ma Liang crawling to the sofa surface.
"What sofa surface" The two sisters have different mouths.
"Probably." Qin Ningxian is getting more and more angry. This smelly pig must beat him when he looks at his privacy. Even if he invited himself to eat a meal and sent a beautiful bracelet, he will never show mercy:
Chapter 361 Women’s sweet boudoir
And almost at the same time, Su Yuyao walked out of the door with Su Yuqi and then carefully looked at the direction of his parents’ room and walked quietly to the building. Even Su Yuyao couldn’t even hold the light. When he was lying on the sofa with his mobile phone, he suddenly felt that Ma Liangzhen was in distress and disappeared for two or three hours because he was asleep.
Su Yuqi also saw a sigh of relief. "This idiot has really been hiding in this side. I don’t know what I dreamed about, and my saliva has flowed out."
"Ma Liang wake up" Su Yuyao pushed Ma Liang, but Ma Liang didn’t wake up Su Yuqi, so you’re welcome to hold his nose directly. Soon Ma Liang violently moved the sofa, and suddenly they were scared silly.
Fortunately, Lou’s parents were relieved that they didn’t hear it.
"Ma Liang doesn’t know, get up quickly, and you can really fall asleep when you lie down." Su Yuyao complained again and again.
And Ma Liang squinted for a long time to get used to it, then slowly climbed out of the sofa and stretched himself. He even admired himself and fell asleep on the sofa.
"Hurry up and go to my girlfriend’s house and sleep on the sofa for the first time." Su Yuqi was funny to think of it, but she couldn’t help but give him a white look, but she was also clever enough to help clap the ash.
"Go first" Su Yuyao saw a novel before pulling Ma Liang’s heart thumping block, in which a girl secretly took her boyfriend home and she is doing this kind of thing now.
Ma Liang also didn’t come to see much and was directly pulled into a room. Then Su Yuyao leaned against the door and patted the towering chest for a long breath.
Ma Liang also looked at Su Yuyao against the door. The light in this room is very soft, the white walls have some artistic decorations, and the most conspicuous is the spacious floor-to-ceiling window. Because it is on the top floor, you can clearly see the bright scenery in the distance. Colorful neon outlines the daytime method to see the beauty. Ma Liang can’t help but walk over and watch quietly. This is probably the reason why many people are eager for the city. It is because this kind of rural method has a modern feeling. Even Ma Liang is shocked by this feeling at this moment.
"I’m going to drain the water first and take a shower later. Today, you scared me out of a lot of sweat." Su Yuyao has long been used to this kind of scenery. When he went to the bathroom, there was a large jacuzzi behind a piece of ground glass, and there was also glass over there, but this kind of glass could not be seen outside, but everything outside could be seen inside, which made him look very amorous.
"By the way, I have to buy two sets after I don’t have his clothes." Su Yuyao said to himself, but it was very warm, and then he thought of something and chuckled. "Ma Liang, you can wear my clothes first."
Ma Liang nodded. He was immersed in the darkness, and his heart hesitated and struggled. At that time, it seemed that the quiet village became dim.
"Fool’s water is good." Su Yuyao walked towards the bathroom like a gentle wife pulling Ma Liang. She wanted Ma Liang to find a sense of belonging here, so she had to treat him well and let him not be rejected.
In addition, she also prepared two tall glasses, poured red wine and had a drink in the bathtub, which was extremely romantic, but at this moment the door was twisted and there was a knock at the door.
"You go to the bathroom to hide from me and see who it is." Su Yuyao pushed Ma Liang into the bathroom and then hurried to the door because she deliberately locked it.
Ma Liang looked at the wide bathtub and was in a daze, especially the bathtub, but Su Yuyao hurried in without savoring it.
"You go to Yuqi’s place to hide. My mother has something to find me later." Su Yuyao took Ma Liang and left. Ma Liang is coming anyway. I hope I can have a place to sleep at night. Today I was miserable. It’s really a shame to sleep on the sofa.
As soon as I got out of the door, I saw Su Yuqi leaning his head and waving to him. Ma Liang didn’t hesitate to run directly and was dragged to the room door by her and then locked.
Ma Liang breathed a sigh of relief and then looked at it carefully. This is a completely different style. It is full of girls’ innocence and romance everywhere. There are big cuddling bears and small toys everywhere. Pink can be seen everywhere. A big bed is also particularly conspicuous.