People on earth have to be lucky to see his beauty.

At this moment, Li Rui’s pupil suddenly contracted as if he had seen through him.
He must be beautiful.
The big palm suddenly forced Li Rui to imprison people in his arms and put his other hand on his side face.
Big palm hot slowly
Xiao Jing was startled and suddenly tilted his head and shivered and said, "I’m so cold, my Lord."
Then he sneezed twice, and the red tip of his nose was also very witty.
Li Rui’s eyes are heavy and aware that the person in his arms is as stiff as iron, but his mind has turned a thousand times without further action.
Finally, Li Rui rested his mind and quickly changed his clothes and got a red fox fur coat to cover him up.
Xiao Jing turned her neck. "It’s so hot that I don’t want to wear it."
"Don’t be coquetry, it will get cold when riding."
Xiao Jing trembles. He’s not coquetry …
Then Li Rui never gave up and said, "In the dead of night, you can show that no one will laugh at you."
"No, let’s go. It’s almost dawn."
Why is this dog man suddenly interested in his appearance?
Fortunately, Li Rui is not persistent and grabs his arm "Let’s go".
The night is sultry, hanging a solitary moon alone.
A fine horse gallops in the boundless night, and two shadows are drawn for a long time.
The cold fog hit my cheeks and my eyes were dry and astringent.
Li Rui looked down and put his head in his arms and said softly, "Hold the king tight and I will call you when I get there."
Xiao Jing is sleepy, feeling the man’s hot body temperature and falling asleep on a bumpy horse.
Breathing exquisitely is somewhat emaciated.
It didn’t take long for him to lose weight again. When he slept, his lips were slightly parted, as if he were still childish as a teenager.
Li Rui can’t help but chuckle and hold people in her arms for fear that he will not sleep well and slow down.
A big hand is attached to his side face, gently rubbing his intimacy and softness, and his knuckles are hooked around his hair from time to time.
This kid is the best when he is asleep. Once he wakes up, he will make trouble again, and he often plays small like a stubborn kitten.
Suddenly, Li Rui was shocked by his own ideas, and suddenly he stopped and his eyes swept away, and he couldn’t help laughing at himself.
It’s in the middle of nowhere. He’s really possessed.
There is only a rustling wind in the ear, but Li Rui doesn’t feel scared. Instead, his heart is full and he seems to have found the missing part of his soul
He has had a dream frequently these days.
In my dream, the young duke’s beauty was double crown, which made several talents and beautiful women fall in love at first sight and threatened that he was the only one.
He was loved by thousands of people, and even a monarch loved him.
However, the little duke loves himself alone, and they are lingering and envious of others.
Hateful is a dream, after all, it is a dream.
In the dream, Xiao Jing’s face is always blurred, such as covered with a layer of gauze. Although it is not true, it is definitely not ugly.
Li Rui tried hard to remember, even though he had a good night’s sleep, there were several pictures in his dream.
One of them is that he sneaked into the brave mansion and brought Xiao Jing out.
It’s the same night. Two people are watching the waterfall seal it with a kiss in Kaiya Mountain.
Since then, he has been ecstatic as if he had a day.
This dream is so strange that it looks like a real experience. Sometimes Li Rui can’t help but wonder if it is really a dream?
However, the idea is so shocking that he has always been buried in his heart and is not humane.
The moonlight is beautiful tonight.
He was impulsive and took people to Kaiya Mountain.
"Dadada …"