Torres looked at the servant around him, dressed in black linen, just like the most common grass in the world, but this grass gives people the feeling that no matter what you do, I will never move.

"Can you see what he does?" Torres gently asked the servant around him
The servant shook his head. "I don’t know, but I can guess that I must practice some kind of kung fu."
Torres smiled at the servant and said, "Reyes, one day this teenager will make the whole continent look up."
There is no emotional fluctuation in calling servant Reyes. "Is that why you helped him last night? To this strongman master you won’t be soft. "
Torres looked up and said, "Rez people are born fighting with others, fighting with things and fighting with life, but all this is the same day. We practice medicine and fight with the same day to pull the dying back from the death line. This is waiting for the incredible doctors to fight with the monks, so we are more determined."
"This kind of thing is quite mysterious. If you believe it, you will not believe it. It is like the mainland saying that you can reach a new level by breaking through the film hunters (returnees), but who has reached it? But people finally believe that the state of mind is that I was given a wild sign from his heart at the first sight when I saw this boy last night. I remember it correctly. When I was a child, my Shan Ye teacher told me that there was a kind of person who killed people without blinking an eye, but he didn’t show his self-esteem and dignity according to common sense. But it seems nonsense in his eyes. If this kind of person is allowed to destiny Sirius again, whoever owes him will pay it back sooner or later, and this boy is the whole world’s fear of’ respecting Yamaraja’! "
Reyes was obviously shocked. He didn’t expect Torres to give this boy such an evaluation of "respecting Yamaraja". It is said that he can live with his own dignity, but he will let everyone know what is called a river of blood and what is called bloody pieces! Let them know what is called-the devil!
Torres has no extra words to walk into the room, He Tianwen and open his eyes. Torres smiled at He Tianxiao and took the pulse for several people.
"Much better. In a few days, they will wake up one after another. You said that I would install artificial limbs for the young man tonight. It is a coincidence that I am conducting an experiment recently. The artificial limbs are all made of steel or wooden artificial hands, but recently I have just developed a simulated artificial limb. The artificial limb needs to be thawed when the limbs of the dead are frozen out in Xuan Bing. If the suture is successful, it may really be as flexible as your own hand."
Sammul He heard Torres’ words and suddenly a burst of joy! Can people who have lost their hands really get them back? Sammul He was most casual, but I didn’t expect Torres to give him a big surprise. Before Sammul He thanked him, it seemed that Torres also expected Sammul He to thank him.
"But you have to listen to me on the other hand. I won’t let you down."
Sammul He was dull for a moment and then said "good"
Just a good word made Torres look at Hetian for a while and then nodded with a smile.
In the evening, before Xiao Liu Xiao Qi woke up, Sammul He had got up and went to Shadow Castle.
All the way to Sammul He, the mood is comfortable. Several people are fine and have money. After that, life is beautiful! Maybe he will soon be the kind of rich man who lives in a mansion and hires some servants to enjoy life. Of course, there must be many women around him. Sammul He is also a normal man. When he thinks of women, he thinks of Aiweier. If he can get Aiweier, even if he doesn’t touch her, he will have a little resentment, even though the world is as powerful as his world, there will be many women.
He came to the castle to announce his identity. Although Sammul He showed up with hundreds of cass, he didn’t have the money to buy himself a new dress. He felt that this dress was enough to attend this dance because his clothes were full of feelings, not those rich people’s clothes were full of money!
In the castle hall, Sammul He seems to have entered the Grand View Garden. Granny Liu keeps raising eyebrows and sighing, which shows that he is more interested in these luxurious decorations than those beautifully dressed girls.
Sammul He doesn’t know if he can step on such a luxurious ball again. Of course, even if he does, he will never be the protagonist as this time.
He Tianxin didn’t look away until after enjoying the decoration. The guests were already in droves or laughing, commenting or whispering. At first glance, they found themselves neither fish nor fowl. Of course, there are still a few people like Sammul He because not everyone in the top 20 is rich.
The focus of this dance is Avril Lavigne, but before Avril appeared, the focus became the first contest, the first Napoleon, and it was very sophisticated to watch Napoleon’s ball cope with those longing for love girls.
And Sammul He, which ranks second, is not without a chat-up, but it was forced away by Sammul He’s almost idiotic answer.
"Can I ask you to dance?"
"I won’t"
"I didn’t teach you to come."
"Do you have to wear dancing shoes when dancing?"
"Just don’t have shoes."
Sammul He stretched out his foot, and the tattered cloth shoes could see his toes. Suddenly, the big toe exposed outside was shaken in the wind, like a woman breathing fresh air. Finally, she looked embarrassed and left.
Sammul He also murmured, "I told you you can’t dance without dancing shoes."
After several girls were sent away one after another, no one came to cut her own throat again.
He Tianan sat in the corner, which made many male brothers feel satisfied. Without a girl killer Sammul He, he could become a girl killer if he wanted to, but Sammul He still couldn’t change his mind for a while. Now he still recognizes himself as a beggar, and he will really end his idea of being a beggar when he gets the money tonight.
It can be said that tonight’s dance is a small step for Avril.
Aiweier finally arrived late. Colorful lights shone on Alexander at the entrance of the building. Aiweier wore a white princess dress, low-cut chest, and the white skin made everyone swallow a mouthful of saliva. Even women were no exception. Aiweier’s face and figure were so outstanding. Sammul He himself had several idioms, that is, it was delicious.
The dance came to a climax because of her love for Vera and Alexander, but the scene was eerily quiet. Because of the boiling heart, Sammul He sat in the corner and looked at the beautiful and glorious woman. Suddenly, she felt that maybe this was the gap. Some people were born with the stars and the moon, while others were born with nothing. Sammul He quietly looked at her eyes without any impurities.
"Welcome everyone to this dance. This dance will not only award prizes to the top ten, but also announce that my daughter, Aiwei, has a good feeling in her heart. Please wipe your eyes!" After Alexander’s steady and serious sound, the whole dance was boiling, and everyone wanted to know who was so lucky to be seen by Avril.
Alexander waved his hand and said, "Be quiet, then come and present the prize."
He Tian and others took the money at this moment, so he wanted to leave because Sammul He knew that if he waited here until Aiweier announced the name of his sweetheart, he was afraid that his heart would be too painful to see.
Ignore Taiwan palm Sammul He took a "Union Card" in his hand and left the stage like many people. The Union Card can make money for the mainland to pass the card. Whether it is the light mainland or the shadow mainland, He Tianbing took the card and finally ate some desserts and drank a glass of juice. Then he quietly came to the corner and left.
No one should pay attention to He Tianyuan’s departure, but when He Tiangang walked out of the hall and came to the corridor, he couldn’t forget the stereo and said, "Are you leaving so soon?"
This sound is Aiweier. Sammul He doesn’t look back and knows that because of Aiweier’s sound, it will be so quiet and beautiful, just like Oriole in the valley.
Sammul He didn’t want to leave without looking back.
"Well, I have work to do when I go back."
Avril’s face didn’t fluctuate. "Aren’t you satisfied with this dance?"
"This is the only dance I attended, and I will never forget it." Yes, Avril wore a princess dress and walked down the corridor. Sammul He may never forget it. At that time, Avril was like an angel in Van Boo.