Chapter 63 A temptation

Liu Jiangshen’s strength is not as good as Yuan Minghao’s, but he has power, but Yuan Minghao can also contain each other because of this. Now that two people have just met, they have exploded like ganci agni, and it is getting more and more out of control.
"Get out or die!" Zhang Tao walked step by step, every step was so firm, and his eyes were full of murder. Facing two saints to stop Zhang Tao, he was not afraid that there were two five-star saints behind Liu Jiang.
"Hum Yuan Minghao, you are really good at finding a hand. You actually found a braggart." Liu Jiang also insulted Zhang Tao but already made moves.
The two saints around Liu Jiang have their own animals, but Zhang Taogen won’t pay attention to such a trivial matter, just like walking through the flowers, Zhang Tao’s body is strangely cut into the dead corner of the two saints
No one would have thought that Zhang Tao would suddenly start work. After all, the number of people here in Liu Jiang is dominant, but Yuan Minghao, who was surprised by Liu Jiang, showed a smile. It was as if he saw the disabled being killed instantly. He knew Zhang Tao’s strength and Zhang Tao’s character.
"Yes, I will find my hand," Yuan Minghao added in his heart. The Zhang Tao attack has shown that the two saints reacted very quickly, but they never thought that Zhang Tao’s strength was like this.
Although there is no strong momentum, but with the benefits of the door opening, Zhang Tao subtly mastered their body muscles’ every move
Now Zhang Tao is more and more proficient in the field, although the dharma can easily cover the surrounding area like a peak saint, but it can be controlled locally and subtly.
"What’s the matter?" The two saints are instantly controlled by the field, and their resistance is like a congenital distortion of the spirit of the celestial beings.
However, their surprise was limited to the moment when Zhang Tao took off, and the body rotated in the air to increase the intensity of the foot, and immediately kicked the two saints out
Just a few breaths, two saints are incredibly vulnerable, defeated by Zhang Tao, and Liu Jiang’s face suddenly turned into surprise at his own hand strength. He knows everything. How could he be so weak? It seems that there is one reason. Is this cold martial artist really an excellent master?
"You know he has a hand? Because my other hand was killed by him, "I saw Liu Jiang surprised that Yuan Minghao’s face appeared a little color, but then he spoke in a flat tone."
Boom! The two kicked saints smashed one side of the wall and made a loud noise, but Zhang Tao didn’t intend to stop. Just after his feet landed, he planned to rush forward and continue to attack. Suddenly, there was a sharp and rapid roar in his anger, but Zhang Tao turned his back to avoid it.
Suddenly, a huge pothole appeared on the ground in front of Zhang Tao. Zhang Tao’s face remained the same because he already knew what had happened. Someone intervened and looked intently. It was a pike in front of Zhang Tao that suddenly turned into an animal with sharp tentacles and rolled towards Zhang Tao.
Right hand gently waving spiral strength gas suddenly form a barrier will suddenly tentacles play at the same time behind a strong breeze as acupuncture points and even Zhang Tao can clearly feel his acupuncture points faint pins and needles, if I’m afraid I will lose my ability to resist instantly.
"It’s not the kui is the combat experience of Sanxiu, and it’s really not the flower of the sect greenhouse." Sanxiu has to go through battles if he wants to live, and these life-and-death battles have made them stronger than their peers, just like Mo Lengfeng.
Is Zhang Tao after fighting is not a small number of nature is not easily solved.
Conveniently turned around and waved his right fist like a pendulum. At this moment, Zhang Tao found that there was an ugly man with a blue face on the opposite side, but his eyes seemed to be accustomed to such fighting and others’ eyes.
Gently bowed their heads and hid from Zhang Tao’s sharp counterattack on his right knee. Instead, he naturally pushed out Zhang Tao’s right elbow and hit the local kneecap. Together, two people’s true qi collided with each other, which suddenly made the hole that had been hit by exotic weapons become even bigger. In the distance, Liu Jiang and Yuan Minghao could feel that just two people attacked and made the surrounding ground shake. Perhaps the whole Ye Fu could feel such a vibration.
Then there was a loud noise like rain, and Zhang Tao and the sneak attacker kept punching each other, and the speed of touching you was extremely fast
Suddenly, the sneak attacker’s face was double-fingered, but biting feelings went straight into Zhang Tao’s eyes. Zhang Tao’s face was cold, and his right hand flashed, and he grabbed the other hand’s soft rib and gently forced it to let the other hand’s right hand suddenly.
But this man turned his right hand and dumped Zhang Tao’s control, and Zhang Tao naturally wouldn’t miss this great opportunity to blow his face with a straight punch.
Bang! However, the other animal turned into a shield that blocked Zhang Tao’s attack. The shield once again turned into a pike and took Zhang Tao’s throat. "Okay, stop it." When Zhang Tao was going to avoid it, a sound suddenly appeared and the other party flashed back his pike and left the pit that had been destroyed by the aftermath of Zhang Tao’s battle with him
"Ye Weiying?" Zhang Tao know this time, and can let the other side to cancel the attack in one sentence. It must be the five giants, Ye Weiying.
Zhang Tao also jumped out of the hole with a black robe, but it was unscathed. "Yuan Minghao" At this time, a man in a black fur robe slowly walked out of this person’s eyes like a sword. Although it was not handsome, it was a natural momentum.
Zhang Tao, who has such tolerance, has another impression: Gu Weiran! The feeling that the emperor reigns over the sky reveals that every move makes people look up to luxury. This man did not mean to put on airs, but was born with such temperament, as if he was born destined to be a king.
Ye Weiying! The growth experience of the practitioners who have broken the orifices is very strange. Because of their strong skill in breaking the orifices, Rao is the peak in the practice. When the saints see it, they have to be treated with courtesy. It is also one of the five giants of Yimeng today.
This is Ye Weiying’s intelligence. Zhang Tao looked at him coldly and just fought with himself. The martial artist respectfully returned behind him. Obviously, just that attack was a temptation. Although it was a short fight, Zhang Tao occupied a little advantage, but Zhang Tao knew that the person who just fought with himself was an intermediate saint.
The two saints who had just been beaten by themselves also struggled to return to Liu Jiang’s side. Although Zhang Tao was kicked in the head, he did not make them stay alive by the dark strength.
"Are you Taozhang?" Ye Weiying looked at Zhang Tao and looked dull.
Aside from Liu Jiang and others, they all look pale. He didn’t expect this Taozhang to be so powerful. Ye Weiying’s side is a green face, but the strength of the intermediate saints is also very famous in the righteous alliance. How many people are dead and he attacks sharply.
But this Zhang Tao can never be forced to fight a green-faced ghost. Although the battle is not long, it is obvious that he can easily defeat his two hands. Is this damn Yuan Minghao so lucky? The original two men were evenly matched, but now the appearance of Zhang Tao will upset the balance.
"Yes" Zhang Tao is still cold, even in the face of Ye Weiying, there is no change. If you want to put it in the end, Zhang Tao will naturally not change his camouflage personality
"Where were you when we attacked overseas land? Only now? " Obviously want to muddle through is not a simple matter, even if Yuan Minghao believes in himself, but Ye Weiying will naturally ask one.
"Closed practice" Zhang Tao said coldly.
Ye Weiying took a look at Zhang Tao’s right hand, and suddenly a clap of spiral qi immediately turned him into powder in a wooden chair. Zhang Tao’s pupils contracted slightly. Ye Weiying’s hands were full of whirlwinds, and his body was broken. Naturally, there were attributes that belonged to him. The true qi was actually a wind attribute. This is extremely rare. It seems that his body must also have the ultimate wind power of heaven and earth.
Ye Weiying’s face was cold. "Tao Zhang, you really cherish your words like gold, and so do you?" Seeing Ye Weiying’s attitude, Liu Jiang gloated in his heart. It would be better if Ye Weiying could solve Zhang Tao’s problem by himself. At this time, two saints around Ye Weiying surrounded Zhang Tao with a left and a right. Look at this. If there is a big disagreement, Zhang Tao will be killed on the spot.
Just now, the green-faced ghost’s attack on himself is obviously a test for Ye Weiying. Zhang Taoyi’s audacity naturally won’t be intimidated by such a simple battle. Looking at Ye Weiying’s "always" or short words still makes Ye Weiying laugh. "Yuan Minghao, you found a good hand to let him work hard and like such talents."
Hear Ye Weiying Yuan Minghao immediately fuels and says, "Thank you, my Lord." Zhang Tao also fuels lightly, but Ye Weiying has nothing to do with Zhang Tao’s personality. Liu Jiang looks like the bottom of a pot.
"Our Yimeng has succeeded in getting the sky but the sky is unstable and chaotic. This is a bad phenomenon, so the five of us will meet again in the near future to discuss, such as evaluating the overseas land chaos, and you should also follow the seat." Ye Weiying said faintly after Yuan Minghao and others sat down. Obviously, this is the topic of discussion today
"Hum" Zhang Tao didn’t expect these scattered repairs to be really going to muster. Obviously, the righteous alliance people also know that the main force of overseas land is the grass. Chapter 64 Ambitious people
It is precisely because everyone in Yimeng knows that it is necessary to smooth the chaos as soon as possible in order to deal with the overseas elite physically and mentally. If it is not solved as soon as possible, it will be difficult for Yimeng to bear such a blow even if there are a large number of scattered repairs.
Zhang Tao aside coldly listening to Ye Weiying tell heart but consider whether to stop them? If you are strong enough, you can easily solve the problem of directly appearing on the stage and suppressing your strength, and then you can calm down. Unfortunately, you can’t do it yourself.
Finally, they reached a consensus. Obviously, the five major forces will gather in Yanhua Valley, which is the general altar of Yimeng. This time, they will gather all their forces to return the overseas land to rebel against their organization and completely destroy it.
"We must gather all the forces together and hope that you will give up talking about killing each other and seeking common goals." Although Ye Weiying’s speech is very dull, the command in his tone is obvious.
It’s obvious that Liu Jiang and Yuan Minghao used to attack each other casually, and this time Ye Weiying is bound to step in.
"Yes, adults" Yuan Minghao and Liu Jiang are both fuels. Although they are aware of the collision in their eyes, they are no longer like this.