The waves laughed. "Then Lao Liu and I are trench comrades-in-arms. Well, this will make us much closer. Do you want me to take refuge in Liu Fengshou?"

Li Jie said, "Even if you reach an alliance with Chen Ping, Tan Zhongyi and Zhuang Yuan will be two against two, but at most it will be a draw. Moreover, Tan Zhongyi and Zhuang Yuan are blue relatives. If there is a real conflict, Lan Yuan will still move towards them. If you can unite with Liu Fengshou, Tan Zhongyi will not dare to mess around and achieve a balance."
The waves frowned on purpose and said, "Although I have nothing to do, I still don’t like to sniff at others. It is a little difficult for me to please Liu Fengshou."
Li Jie said, "I know that people like you are arrogant, and no one is angry. Lao Liu is generous enough to ask you to unite with him and not please him everywhere. When he has something, he will naturally protect you."
The waves said, "This is still negotiable. If I want to meet him, I will bow and bow as if I had met my second uncle. I won’t do it, but will this comrade-in-arms agree to accept me?"
Li Jie said, "Liu has always disliked fighting for power. Of course, his power is big enough. If he is asked to stand up to Tan Zhongyi, of course he won’t, but if he sends a message, Tan Zhongyi and Zhuang will not dare to mess with you. But you have to show Liu something, otherwise he won’t come out of the mask. If you have Liu to protect you, Tan Zhongyi and Zhuang will not dare to mess around. Your future will be bright, and you will not be able to make a big career in the next three to five years."
The waves said, "What do I need to be sure of Lao Liu? Money? Beauty? He doesn’t seem to lack anything! "
Sister Li said, "Lao Liu is very emotional. You can’t approach him with money and women, or you will be treated as your brother if you can take the right medicine."
The waves nodded and suddenly realized, "Oh, it’s a good idea, but what does Lao Liu like?"
Li Jie smiled and said, "Liu is from the countryside, but he likes to pretend to be arty. His favorite thing is to collect celebrity calligraphy and painting. If you can find a way to get a celebrity original, Liu Ma will welcome you with a smile."
The waves said, "There are many celebrity calligraphy and paintings. I don’t know which celebrity calligraphy and painting Liu prefers. If he doesn’t like painters and painting styles, he can’t vote for him."
Li Jie said, "I’m not a scholar and I don’t know what kind of painter I am, but once I heard from Lao Liu that what he wants most now is a generation painter’s calligraphy and painting. This painter is also a family with his surname Liu, and it seems that his name is Liu Yu or something."
Liu Fengshou wants to be a contemporary painter, Liu Jue, and his painting is called "Imitating the Landscape of Ni Zan".
Agents of the Wave Body have to dabble in many things. Of course, they also have an understanding of classical culture. One or two piano and chess paintings can’t be said to be proficient, but they can’t ask questions. Liu Jue, a contemporary painter, is also a minor celebrity. The Wave knows that Liu Jue’s calligraphy and painting are rare. This pair of "Imitation of Ni Zan Landscape" is Liu Jue’s representative of the Wave. Of course, remember it.
The waves had a countermeasure in their hearts and said, "Thank you for pointing out the way. I know what to do. How can I repay my sister?"
Li Jie smiled and rode on the waves, twisting harder but not talking.
The waves were tricked by Li Jie’s superb skills. Although her mind was still clear, she felt like a wave of pleasure. Seeing that Li Jie didn’t talk, Bai Lijie also considered whether she was unreliable or not.
The waves have now guessed that Li Jie wants to deal with Ouyang by herself and try to drive Ouyang out of the Red Chamber, but because she is afraid that things will be exposed, Lan always knows that Li Jie should consider the reliability of the waves and whether she can trust the waves.
The waves slightly narrowed his eyes. He wanted to hear what Li Jie would do to deal with Ouyang. He knew that Li Jie would believe him because he had just entered the Red Chamber. Li Jie would recognize him as close to Zhu Zehong and close to Mo Hei. He would listen to Li Jie if he tried to woo him earlier. Li Jie first sold him a favor and helped him find a way to get close to Liu Fengshou. He would help Li Jie.
The waves smiled and said, "If you think I’m a reasonable person, it’s a big mistake. If you confuse others and talk about benefits, I’ll help you if I’m happy. If I’m not happy, I won’t help you!"
The waves are good for Ouyang Qian’s impression, but bad for Li Jie’s impression. He doesn’t intend to help Li Jie deal with Ouyang at all. He’d like to hear Li Jie’s plan to deal with Ouyang. If necessary, he’ll find a way to inform Ouyang to take precautions against Ouyang. He doesn’t want to harm such a woman by the waves. This is his moral bottom line!
However, it seems that the waves underestimated Li Jie, because Li Jie didn’t believe in the waves and didn’t tell the waves that she was going to deal with Ouyang’s plot
After Li Jie’s own pleasure came, her wave body swung wildly, and she clung to the wave shoulder tightly, and after a spasm, she leaned over the wave body softly.
The waves launched a counterattack to crush Li Jie’s rough bed. It was another overwhelming storm that attacked Li Jie and begged for mercy many times before holding Li Jie’s head and spraying her mouth again.
After that, Sister Li and the waves went to take a bath and wash themselves.
But the gentle massage of Li Jie’s waves in the Yuanyang bath tub caused another battle in the waves and water.
When the waves and Li Jie dragged themselves to lie on Li Jie’s bed, it was already an hour later
Li Jie still didn’t say how to deal with Ouyang, and the waves didn’t ask them if they were chatting casually and didn’t introduce this topic again.
Li Jie wanted to observe the credibility of a wave again, so she didn’t say it to the wave for the time being to deal with Ouyang Xian. Her purpose was achieved. She not only enjoyed the pleasure of being abused from the wave body, but also made an alliance with the wave and Liu Fengshou to a higher level, so that both the wave and Liu Fengshou bought her a favor.
The waves didn’t ask who Li Jie was going to deal with and how to deal with it. He knew that he couldn’t be impatient. If he was too impatient to ask, something bad would alert Li Jie. He was still chatting with Li Jie and took the opportunity to ask some information about the red chamber and the sky blue gang.
Of course, Li Jie knows all about the feelings of the red chamber, and she is also very frank about the waves. If it is not a special secret, she will tell the waves.
Although Li Jie is not a member of the Sky Blue Gang, she often contacts the senior figures of the Star Star Gang, and because she is good at dancing both ways, no one is offended. Instead, she benefits a lot from helping people see the waves more clearly than helping people see them.
Li Jie also knows that these things will be known by the waves sooner or later, and she doesn’t have to hide them from him. She can tell the waves that they can win their hearts when they come. Secondly, some things mislead the waves and make them unconsciously incline to Liu Fengshou.
Although Li Jie doesn’t offend anyone, she is very clever in clinging to the tree. With Liu Fengshou’s photos, others dare not offend her. Instead, she can reflect the information she has heard to Liu Fengshou in exchange for Liu Fengshou’s further belief. Although Liu Fengshou didn’t join the gang, he was still very careful. Li Jie became an eyeliner. He knew the situation in the gang like the back of his hand.
Although the two people are laughing and laughing on the surface, they are all cunning and scheming, but the conversation atmosphere is still very good
It was eleven o’clock when the two talked for about half an hour.
The wave set the table and the mobile phone suddenly rang. He answered it and it was General Manager Lan.