Only then did you know that your eyes swept through the surface one by one and you remembered the tone with a little casual teasing.

"Even the big winners live in single-family houses." Lin Ji leaned on the bay window sill mat, and his long legs crossed at random and supported on the floor.
"If you like villas, there is a building in the outer suburbs named after me that you can go to play when you have no work."
You know, when you walk up to him, you can look down on the wall with your head down at his side with one hand.
"You’re so assured that I’m not afraid that it’s inviting the wolf into the house. I’m not afraid that I stole your things and sold them and ran away." Lin Ji hooked his lips and took him face to face and sat down on his thigh, naturally holding him behind the waist.
"Then why aren’t you afraid to go into the wolf’s den and I’ll cheat you, wipe you dry, turn your back and throw you away?" 8536184
The two men held such an ambiguous gesture in the eye.
A long time to know hand hold Lin Jiba squinting at him smile.
"that you are cheating, I this is cheating and cheating.
This can also be compared with a silence in his waist.
"to cheat"
I know that my fingertips gently rubbed my head in the man’s bar and pretended to kiss him. At the last moment, I tilted my head and buried my head in the other person’s neck socket and smiled sullenly.
"I’m sleepy" laughed and led people to several houses for him to choose.
You know, you are really sleepy, you just nodded at random, you just pushed the door and walked in, changed your clothes and fell asleep.
It’s already noon when I wake up again.
When I first woke up, I was able to be alert when I saw the strange environment around me. I soon remembered that this was Lin Ji’s home and lay back lazily.
I boarded the platform account, watched the news for a while, brushed the hot search and visited a circle. P community received two pictures and finally got out of bed. Lin Ji is reading the original book in her room at the moment.
When the door passed by, I saw at a glance that the man behind the desk was dressed in casual home, and his eyes were sharp, cold and handsome, and he was extremely aggressive.
I only know that I leaned lazily against the door and enjoyed the male feast for a while. I raised my hand and knocked at the door for two times. When I heard the sound, I looked up and saw that I came over. The sharp aura softened my eyes and brought a smile.
"Are you awake or hungry? I’ll make you something to eat."
How others don’t know? Anyway, they know it’s very painful.
Lin Ji looked at the young man coming lazily like a cat, wrapped his fingertips along the open neckline and found the beautiful clavicle with one button and one flap.
"Isn’t it time to ask," Do you want to eat first or eat me first? "
Fingertips on the skin are numb and itchy.
Lin Ji’s breathing was disordered for a moment, and he stretched out his hand and grabbed his finger, hiding a silk smile in his voice.
Where did you learn to come back? "
Who knows how to say, he has been through so many worlds. It doesn’t mean that he hasn’t seen it, and it doesn’t mean that he won’t. He just hasn’t been able to do it. Now he finally has it, so he doesn’t seize the opportunity to try it all.
At this moment, I gently hooked my lip angle: "It’s probably a gift." Lin Ji took him and couldn’t laugh. He pushed aside his previous reading and adjusted his sitting posture. When he put people in his arms, his aura became rare and evil.
The man fingered his lip line, rubbed his eyes deeply and looked at him with a low voice.
"That you want to eat first?
Pat his ass again.
Still want to eat me first. "
Who knows: How is the direction of grass different from what I imagined?
Only when the face is hot can you jump around and walk towards the door as quickly as possible, trying to keep your tone calm.
Chapter 115 Forbidden Line
Who knows Gherardini hook lip end up the bowl to continue to drink his porridge.
Joe’s brain is blown up, so you don’t know what will happen at Lin Ji’s house! Wearing pajamas
Before, I thought they were acting, but now it seems that the two of them are really something. Joe Smoke turned his head stiffly to see that his friends’ eyes were full of doubts. Lin Ji looked faint and sat back with his fingers crossed in front of him. His tone was calm:’ I know that I said I was observing the candidate before, and I really intend to let him audition for the role of Jin Yu.’ Joe Smoke suddenly realized that it was like this!
But it doesn’t seem to explain who will appear in your house, and it seems that you have just woken up. Qiao Yan suddenly widened his eyes and Lin Ji lied to people by identity! And this and that all night tired people just woke up to eat! This is an animal! Joe Yan felt saddened that an old fox who had been a vegetarian for almost 30 years could definitely do such a thing. His father was wrong. His male god was so ruined by shameless animals. Lin Ji saw at a glance that his friends were making up for something strange and strange, and threw two sentences lightly to smash those brain holes.
"two of a kind is free to fall in love" only to know that she just finished drinking the porridge in the bowl at the moment. After the robot sensed it, she moved over and put the bowl into the body and put it into a multifunctional home machine. She curiously leaned forward with her knees and watched it clean in less than half a minute. I couldn’t help feeling that this was quite convenient. Qiao Yan covered her ears over there: Lin Ji followed Fang Zhi’s eyes and unconsciously smiled: "What’s wrong with me?"
"You" Joe choked on Lin Ji in the middle of his speech. What’s wrong with being handsome and in good shape? When an actor can get a bunch of Best Actor Awards, he doesn’t want to be an actor, but he can be his own boss. He doesn’t want to mix with the entertainment circle. He can also go home and inherit the enterprise. He has a house, a car, a literary ability and a good cooking skill. Joe Yan, the perfect lover in the eyes of a large group of boys and girls, has been holding back for a long time and finally suppressed a sentence of poor personality. Lin Ji ticked off his lip angle, noncommittally
"What’s wrong with him?" Lin Ji looked at Fang Zhi’s bent lip angle and smiled softly. "Of course he deserves my love." Joe Yan silently closed his mouth. If he could just say what’s wrong with Fang Zhi, he wouldn’t be talking about a male god.
So it seems inevitable that these two people are attracted to each other. Joe’s brain is buzzing and he wants to struggle. As soon as he sees it, he knows that he is coming straight here. He just wants to say hello to him when he sees his male god kissing Lin Ji in a particularly fierce, powerful and warm way: lying in the trough, lying in the trough, lying in the trough! ! ! Brain-fried over and over again, I don’t know whether it’s true or not. The old fox was actually helped back to his original position by Joe’s cigarette holder, and he felt it was very necessary to wash his face and calm down. Fortunately, when he came out from washing his hands, they didn’t read and kiss each other, except that his lips were red and shiny, which was nothing different from usual. Joe smoked his heart and swallowed his old blood silently. Joe smoked his personal feelings and personal feelings. Speaking of business, it was still very professional and neat.
The role of the seal has long been decided, but the audition for your other roles has been almost finished recently. Now it’s just your half-sister, Feng Tang, and Jin Yu’s role has not been decided. "Joe Yan flicked his fingertips and projected a screen, which is the result of several major role auditions.
"Qatar there is to want to plug people not settled by Luda mercilessly rejected you know Luda that grumpy almost a pot of blueberry pie directly across the man’s head" Lin Ji laughed at:
"At first, Qin Yaxuan was asked to play Feng Tanglu, and she was asked to audition and speak on her own strength. Later, she took a step back and said that it would be better to add a role and have a five-minute shot. Just let the couple show up."
"Lu Da immediately patted the table and jumped up with a fart, which turned the face of the opposite Kada person blue." Qiao Yan said with a good example and performed the scene at that time, only to know that he was sitting next to Lin Ji and playing around that slender beautiful finger. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows: "Lu Da" looked at him puzzled: "Don’t you know the original author of Forbidden Line? In recent years, the list of best-selling predecessors has occupied half of the seats. In recent years, I really didn’t know if I really don’t know it.
So I shook my head sincerely. Qiao Yan looked at Lin Ji and then looked back to know the tone: "You haven’t read the Forbidden Line". Only then did you know that Joe Yan continued to shake his head: "No". Qiao Yan’s face was complicated: "The day after tomorrow is three days after Feng Tang’s audition. If you haven’t even read the original, you will always feel a little embarrassed to eat the role."
Chapter 116 Brokerage
I know that I was severely beaten, especially when I was close to each other’s chest behind me. I could clearly feel my heartbeat and pass my temperature through thin clothes.
Who is wiping who now! Picked an eyebrow, threw his hand aside and turned his head to kiss a man.
After the kiss, I jumped out of each other’s arms very directly and simply, and raised my fingertips to point a little at the man’s eyes. There was no light in the room, but the bottom of the dark eyes was faintly shiny.
You know, with a low smile, you wanted to think, with a smile in your eyes, and attached it to each other’s ear, and asked a word lightly. Lin Ji didn’t answer, but looked at him transfixed.
I was about to continue to put people back into my arms, only to know that I suddenly ran out with a sly smile and then ran to the bed with a few steps to lie flat and pull the quilt cover.
"But I have to go to bed" only to know that I look serious, but I have a bad smile in my eyes. "You have to get up early tomorrow.":
I don’t know whether it’s angry or funny, but I closed my eyes and yawned like I really want to sleep. I said vaguely, "Uh-huh, good night. By the way, remember to help me with the door when I go out. Lin Ji smiled and really turned around and went out."
I didn’t know that when I heard the footsteps go far away, I opened my eyes and lifted the quilt. I jumped out of bed and planned to pick it up and continue watching it. Then I found that I was taken away by Lin Ji when I went out.