What autumn Senate meeting is here?

We are doing it in secret!
Then the round shark saw turtle 2 behind Qiuyuan …
"Jay, Jenny Jenny …"
Turtle two secretly complained and ran away and simply didn’t stay here.
Anyway, the ecological garden is so big that I can hide for a few days!
At this time, Turtle II is already a 25-year-old in the eyes of the round shark.
"You don’t look at Turtle II. Tell me about yourself. What hole did you dig with them? Why do you want to sneak out? "
"Kaka … Kaka Kaka (I didn’t want to sneak out … I wanted to build my own cave)"
Looking at the wronged Baba land shark, if Qiuyuan didn’t know how much it dragged in front of San Squirtle’s younger brother, he might have believed it.
"What do you mean to build a cave of your own? There are so many caves here, why don’t you just pick one? "
"Kaka …"
Round sharks have nothing to say …
It really wants to build a cave of its own!
Definitely not trying to sneak out …
Definitely not digging a tunnel …
Chapter 37 Wind chimes breeding house to buy eggs (for subscription)
Qiuyuan slipped a land shark in his left hand, grabbed turtle big and turtle three tails in his right hand and took them back to the bottom of the tree house for dinner.
After throwing them under the strict supervision of Axe Tooth Dragon, Qiuyuan returned to the system and began to make Poké mon nutritional medicine.
After a whole day of research yesterday, Qiuyuan can make a stock solution by spending 5 grams of wish powder at a time and adding other materials, large and small, totaling 10 thousand yuan.
And each stock solution can be diluted to make 5 medicines.
According to the data, Qiuyuan can make five medicines by spending 1 point plus 10 thousand yuan in cash.
Generally, when Poké mon is young, it takes a median of one month to two months every three days to calculate that each baby Poké mon needs about 15 potions.
Qiuyuan has calculated the effect of the medicine, and it is obvious that there is a desire to add the medicine to the green qualified Poké mon to maximize the income.
The average green qualification Poké mon egg needs 10,000 yuan, and the green qualification Poké mon is about 30,000 to 50,000.
People who can afford green Poké mon eggs or baby Poké mon eggs will surely not be reluctant to spend more than 100,000 yuan on nutritional drugs even though they can’t afford millions of Poké mon eggs.
The price of the autumn yuan is w, and a drug can be sold for 1 yuan at a time, which is not a wish powder. The profit is 8 w.
After all, this one is also for rich people. If it is to remove the wish powder, it will not be so expensive.
But the corresponding effect will be almost suitable for white qualification to light green qualification
Although the division of this stage can be seen in the eyes of others, the rough division can also be similar to that given by Qiu Yuan.
The real money is still made by adding the wish powder medicine.
Selling nutritional medicine without wishing powder is just to accumulate word of mouth, and sweet medicine can’t make much money.
Considering their purchasing power, autumn dollars can be set at a price of 10 thousand yuan, and what is the discount for the whole purchase?
Qiuyuan called Chengshan when he was in pharmaceutical preparation.
At this time, Chengshan has returned to Biyi City from the canteen of the breeding competition venue, and is ready to have a positive hard wave with his father.
Just after Qiuyuan comes back from the wind chime breeding house, Chengshan is almost ready, and then they will go and have a good talk with Chengshan’s father.
Be reasonable. In the world of Poké mon, it is not strict for adults to make appointments with children. It is understandable that Chengshan’s father forbids him to be a nutritionist.
But Qiu Yuan needs a right-hand man at present!
After careful planning, Qiu Yuan decided that if the law spoke rationally about Chengshan’s father, he would have to show his hands in the kitchen.
Anyway, his father is worried that no one will inherit his cooking skills, right?
Then it’s okay. When the mountains come, the autumn leaves breeding house can also be used for cooking, and you can learn more skills and recipes
At this point, Qiu Yuan seems to recruit a nutritionist and a chef at the same time.
1g of wish powder obtained in the lottery was squandered by Qiu Yuan, and 16 original solutions were prepared into medicine, so that the young Poké mon in the house could be fed quickly.
Because I still have to save some money to buy Poké mon Egg House, Qiuyuan didn’t do too much at one time, so I made 8 potions and kept 7 for myself. The remaining one of Poké mon can be sold to Dawu and Miquelis respectively.
Anyway, they don’t care about this much money, and they don’t worry about the autumn yuan system
Miquelis is now a loyal cluster of "Made by Qiuyuan", but it is just that his heart doesn’t have to pick a thorn with Qiuyuan every time.
Qiuyuan is not annoyed that money is a guest and we are good friends if you want to give money.
And Dawu has tried to give Poké mon a treat since he said goodbye in the southern forest. Qiuyuan gave him pills and found that the effect was unexpected. He called Qiuyuan and said it, so he must buy dozens of cans to go.
He must be happy to let him try the effect of nutritional medicine.