He turned to look at Britney Spears and knew that Britney Spears also wanted a piece of the action. Then he made a fierce attack on the proud snow and suddenly pulled out and drove the proud snow out of the desktop, putting Britney on the table.

When he drove Aoxue to the desktop, he showed that he was pulling out his feelings, making Aoxue hate, anger or bitterness, glancing at the waves and licking his body wounds and heart wounds.
After the waves put Britney Spears on the table, they turned her over, not her face. She lay down on the table and stood out of the table. The waves were fierce and Britney Spears’ legs broke into her body.
Like a red-hot nail, Britney Spears suddenly attacked and stabbed into the delicate parts of her legs. Although she was psychologically prepared to undertake abuse, the storm was still stung by rough and hard. The rugged male glory suddenly broke into the wet peach blossom garden with indestructible strength and speed.
-evil guest! Absolutely evil!
How could it be so violent if it wasn’t a bad guest? How can you be so rude if you are not a bad guest? How can you be so reckless if you are not a bad guest? If it weren’t for the evil guests, how could they attack the city and plunder the land like this?
Welcome the evil guest! Welcome evil guests to do it! Britney Spears while snickering and laughing and being happy!
Biddy was not idle, and the waves attacked Britney Spears. At the same time, she pressed Gu Lian on her hip to make Gu Lian’s mouth red. She made a rude move and had a bad attitude. No waves!
Without changing posture, the waves attacked for more than ten minutes in one breath and shouted at Biddy, "Change people!"
Biddy smiled and pushed Gu Lian up. The waves handfuls of Britney Spears pushed the table and put the plump Gu Lian on the table.
This time, the waves put Gu Lian in a different posture. Ao Xue is facing Britney Spears, but she is facing him. This time, Gu Lian is posing sideways, holding one leg high and her other leg on the table. The pike shakes a gun, distracting and stabbing …
This time, the difference is not sad, it is directly joyful singing, because Gu Lian is the last one to be favored, and the water is wet, greasy and slippery, and there is no dry feeling.
Tonight, the waves are enjoying the happiness of the people, and the combination of things and things is self-contained.
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Pack pure SAO sample
The waves slept until the sun rose three poles before getting up.
He had already spoken to Liu Yifei and asked Liu Yifei to report that Shao Yifu was all right. According to Liu Yifei, Shao Yifu almost got out of the wheelchair after hearing that the ship robbery was going well-excited!
Last night, the waves drove all the three ladies out, leaving Biddy to sleep with her, hugging the foreign woman and sleeping soundly and sweetly, because he was too tired, three ladies with twelve rooms and a foreign girl would melt him even if he was a real iron man.
The waves get up to take a shower, take a shower and get dressed, and Biddy wakes up. They are laughing and tidying up separately.
After they packed up, they went upstairs to sit in the living room and waited. At the same time, they asked the young lady to call Jack’s room and urge him to get up quickly. The waves didn’t wake his uncle. They didn’t go their separate ways for a while. There was no need to wake his uncle, but his uncle remembered the waves. Further, the waves remembered that it was not his uncle but his cousin Elaine Lin.
When I think of Elaine la Jolie’s waves, I think of Miss Gu Lian last night. Both of them are lotus flowers, but I don’t know which one is more beautiful. But Elaine la Jolie may be much worse than Gu Lian, because Gu Lian is a first-class beauty even if she eats this bowl of rice and is born with beauty.
Try again. Elaine Lin, although she has never seen her before, knows that she will not be old. But when it comes to being a miss Cai, a professional woman with a short-sighted lens appears in her mind. Let alone her appearance, which is as dull as that antique, it will make men stay away. How can it be compared with Gu Lian’s natural obsequiousness and coquettish charm?
However, after the success of the revolutionary cause, the waves still need a man’s plan. If Elaine Lin is not a dinosaur-level woman, he will bite the bullet and come on. Maybe he can pick up a treasure from the garbage, just as Lin Ling, the niece of Shao Yifu, was not an antique-level office professional woman at the beginning. Let him have the mistresses to provoke her exuberance.
I smiled at the thought of the waves in Lin Ling. This sanctimonious bed is really coquettish enough to hit her. The floodgate makes her eager to rush like a raging tide. How can she abide by the principle? I can’t keep it after I fuck it!
It’s almost time to go to Lin Ling. I’m going to feed her these two days. Since the spring breeze, the waves haven’t had a chance to spend time with her again. Now he’s going to someone else. Of course, he can’t just go there without giving gifts. He has to have a body to make money. Lin Ling lacks everything. If he can put her bed on the bed, she will post it and do it.
To be honest, it is not that the waves want to seduce Yilin Elaine, Lao Shao, the "Fulong Gang", nor Lao Lan, the "Star Gang". He is himself, and he has a skeleton in his closet. This secret will be revealed by readers and brothers at the end!
The waves were thinking about their pride, but Biddy couldn’t help laughing. She glanced at him and picked the corners of her mouth and said, "Did the three young ladies have a good time and secretly laugh?"
The waves quickly sat down and said, "No! No! I’m planning a big operation. How can I think about these little things? You are too underestimate the cudgel! "
Biddy picked the corner of her mouth to show that she didn’t believe in the waves, but suddenly she smiled gently and said, "I like your pure and coquettish appearance!" "
The waves almost spit rice and pretend to be pure? Still slutty? It’s really slippery that this foreign girl dares to be so old. How dare you! If there are not too many people watching the living room, the old horse will put you on the spot to see if it is you or me!
The crazy expression of the waves in Beatty’s eyes attracted Beatty to laugh at her waves and attracted the attention of onlookers.
She is a foreign girl who doesn’t understand the national conditions of the East and laughs dissolutely, regardless of other people’s strange eyes. Let others see her smile-expression!
The waves are a little unable to hold the strange eyes of onlookers. Although it is very fulfilling for others to see that he has played with a foreign girl as a horse, it is limited to the door. The hall is full of people laughing wildly and laughing so lewdly. He is thin-skinned and embarrassed to turn red (do you believe that the waves will blush? )
Of course, the waves won’t blush with shame, but they deliberately express their "feelings" for people to see, so that Biddy can relax her vigilance against him, or else she won’t be able to see a trace of feelings from his face if her face is flat.
What did he study? What is doing? What kind of train did he receive? -acting is a compulsory course in his industry!
Wave acting is more perfect. Cry or laugh if you want. Staring at your eyes can frighten you to death, be bold and gentle, and melt a woman!
Biddy blushed and laughed even more dissolutely when she saw the waves. The giggling and beautiful blonde hair made several men react. Looking at Biddy with lust and envy and jealousy, several women also reacted. Brothers, don’t get me wrong. These women are still quite pure and don’t like to play homosexuality like Biddy. What they heard was that Biddy laughed and reacted because she made them feel a layer of fine goose bumps and made them feel creepy.
This shows that a person’s self-confessed sexy smile is absolutely different from the reaction caused by the eyes of the same sex and the opposite sex!
Just then Jack came from the building, radiant and not tired, which shows that proper * * can make people glow and have beautiful effects!
The waves saw Jack’s sample and said, "The sample is quite self-controlled and there is no too much sex."