"Ah, ah, ah, you are Li Xin, right? It’s been a long time, Chaper77: The big black bear is hanging around in human skin.

This loud and full of joy, the whole stadium line of sight is in the past. People are worthy of being a basketball team. One is to give him a bear hug in front of Yun Lixin. "Li Xin, how can you be Andre? Why don’t you tell me that it’s really not enough brothers?"
"Yang Hong, let me go first." Yun Lixin took a step back by this impact.
This boy named Yang Hong is 1.92 meters tall, huge, with strong muscles and a small shirt. Compared with Yun Lixin, he can really be regarded as a slim person.
Don’t get hurt when you pinch the sweat by winding Xiaoyun Li Xin.
"I thought that the two of us were at a disadvantage in the stadium. Which team was our opponent?" Yang Hong let him go and talked about the brilliant deeds of course, but it was sad when he said it. "It’s a pity that what happened to you later? Suddenly drop out of school, I can’t connect you. "
"When things were over, I came back." Yun Lixin patted him on the shoulder. When things were wrong, he really left without a branch meeting.
Yang Hongwen’s speech was a punch in Yunlixin’s chest. "Your ya, I specially didn’t change my mobile phone number, but you didn’t call me a word. It’s too unkind."
"Hey, you can’t just hit people." Luo Xiaoyan saw this big guy and wanted to bully Yun Lixin, so he immediately stopped him.
Only then did Yang Hong notice that she was touching Ba and looking at him. "Hey, who are you, little one?"
"Hey, don’t call me little, you are too strong! ! !” Collateral Xiaoyan was obviously stimulated. It is true that she is not tall, but she firmly believes that she is still the president.
"A stronger man makes people feel safe. What do you know about a little one?" Yang Hong looked at her with disdain.
Luo Xiaoyan curled his lip and snorted. "It looks like a bear. I don’t know who escaped from the zoo or which zoo. The big black bear is hanging around with human skin. Chaper78: Small size makes great power.
"You! !” Yang Hong was said to be red-faced, and an honest man was defeated when he quarreled about what he was not good at.
"Xiao Yan, don’t tease him. Yang Hong and I are very friends." Yun Lixin immediately opened his mouth to save him.
Smell speech Yang Hong not regardless of the red face immediately woke up, "what friends are we brothers? !”
At this time, the basketball team was surrounded by people, and one of the black people asked, "Captain, this person is Li Xin, who often clouds up. Why is it thinner than expected?"
Yang Hong immediately gave him a surprise. "Can a fool talk? My brother is a small man with great strength. Do you understand?"
Collateral Xiaoyan couldn’t help laughing. Yun Lixin’s gentle face, which has remained unchanged for ten thousand years, is also flawed.
"It seems that Yun Lixin is an expert in basketball. I don’t know if you are interested in playing a game with me." Suddenly another voice came up and the line was full of provocation.
When they turned around, they saw Mo Jing’s letter pointing to the ball and evil came along with a smile.
"Yo yo, new classmate, although you play well, you have to practice for a few years if you want to beat Li Xin." Yang Hong shrugged his shoulders and tutted.
"How do you know if you haven’t tried it? I don’t know if Yun Lixin has the courage to answer it." In the wind, a chestnut hair is sealed and dancing with the wind, and amber eyes are more thorough than the day, but far more dangerous than the day.
"I haven’t played for a long time. I don’t know if it’s rusty." Yunlixin moved her wrist to see if she took the fight.
"Hey, you …" wait for a while, who was put in the hands of Xiao Yan, watched the two men walk to the stadium.
"One-inch to go to Li Xin to play ball, but it’s wonderful. Don’t miss it." Yang Hong gave her a push when she stood there.
Yun Lixin is a gentle beauty. There is a Chaper79: prelude (1)
Glancing at what Luo Xiaoyan was holding, Mo Jingfeng narrowed his eyes. "Kitten, get me a bottle of water."
"Oh, you wait." Luo Xiaoyan put Yun Lixin’s bag on the side seat because this place is dedicated to the basketball department and has a special water intake point.
After drinking water, Mojingfeng gracefully turned around with a basketball in his hand. His palm is very slender and the basketball can be easily held.
"Bang bang" sound up.
He made a beautiful gesture, jumped in a beautiful arc and made a three-pointer into the line in the sky! It attracted people around you to scream "Wow, awesome! ! !”
Yun Lixin accepted Mo Jing’s provocative eyes and hooked his lips and smiled "Good shot"
"New arrivals, do you want to have a game with Li Xin or find some people to have a team game?" Yang Hong is naturally helping Li Xin to be less friendly to Mo Jingfeng in his tone.
"It’s getting late now. Let’s come to the venue for two people, or it’s not good to delay everyone’s going home." Mojing looked at Yun Lixin and said, "You don’t mind?"
"He doesn’t object to my objection." Before Yun Lixin could answer, he heard a high voice not far away, and everyone smelled it.
You look at me and I look at you. Obviously you don’t know people, but you listen to Xiaoyan and shout, "Ah Shang! How did you come here? Aren’t you Xi Mu Si College? "
Collateral Xiaoyan saw an acquaintance. One was to run over and look at her. I didn’t see any abnormality. I was cold. Sure enough, she and Mojing could not be simple creditors.
On the business side, however, he stood with a careless hand and said, "Oh, isn’t it after school? Brother Ling took me to visit Andrelie."
Said with another hin long figure came along winding Xiaoyan sideways looked at the past is Dongling, a gentle face, he smiled shallowly more gentle than to see.
He stretched out his hand and touched Xiaoyan’s soft hair and said, "Yaner, if you want to leave, you have to tell me. I’ve been worried for so long. Chaper8: prelude ()
"I’m sorry I forgot to say it when it was an emergency." Luo Xiaoyan remembered that he owed Dongling a farewell, and others kindly took him in. If he didn’t leave a word, he just disappeared and disappeared.
Dongling saw the ink scene seal gradually livid in the corner of his eye, and his hand slowly moved to the cheek of the winding Xiaoyan. "It’s good to be safe."
Luo Xiaoyan gnome male-"giggled for Dongling-Yi, who had always been defined in that year. She was far from being tall and straight and handsome now, and she liked to sit in the corner and stare at her with thick gauze, as if she owed him millions.
Later, after she fled from Andrelie, Dongling kindly took her in for three days. Dongling was very good to her and lost her former cold breath, which often smiled at her, causing her to change a lot about him.
A black storm spread from the stadium, and the cold breath spread to the off-court ink scene. Feng came over with an evil smile. "Dongling, what does your friend mean by opposing?"
Shang Xiao was as hearty as ever. He looked at Mo Jingfeng and threatened, "I object, of course, because the duet is boring and can’t satisfy the audience present."
Mo Jingfeng played with his basketball shirt and his small arms showed that his muscles were properly exercised and he looked at the merchant like amber. "Oh, I don’t know what your opinion is?"