"Well …"

Her breathing disorder makes a slight nasal sound involuntarily, which is wonderful and mixed with a little bit of joy and love.
Feeling each other’s fire, lusting after and cherishing Wu Yu, I couldn’t help but fall down. Zhang Huai encircled Zhang’s neck, and her arms tightened even tighter. She had forgotten to drive away the flame repulsion force.
However, the natural exhaled breath also entered Zhang Yang’s body so that Zhang Yang would not be burned by the flame.
Breathing Zhang’s unique warm and safe breath by leaning on Zhang’s lean chest, Wu Yu’s attractive twin peaks are involuntarily rubbed against Zhang’s chest, which is a girl. Her twin peaks have seen pride and friction, and Wu Yu’s proud peaks are constantly deforming.
Make Zhang Yang’s body burn uncontrollably …
Afraid of delay, Wu Yu wore a thin robe to cover up the proud and charming body, and the robe slowly slipped a corner when she kept twisting and rubbing Zhang Yang’s chest
"No!" I suddenly realized that I was abnormal, and Wu Yu wanted to get up when she left with her eyes open.
Suddenly, Zhang stretched out his arms and hugged Wu Yu’s neck tightly!
He kept whispering with his eyes closed.
"Don’t leave me! Wu Yu! Wu Yu … "
See Zhang sample Wu Yu didn’t get up and said with some shame and anger. "He woke up and said talk in a dream! It’s not a big lie in your sleep. You must lie to me. "
I thought Zhang was cheating, but Wu Yuqiao betrayed her mind, and Wu Yu’s brow was charming and playful for a moment.
Then she gently put her head on Zhang’s chest, showing a happy smile, and her long hair was covered with Zhang’s chest.
But when Wu Yu saw Zhang Yang’s magnificence, he quickly closed his eyes and whispered angrily, "Rogues don’t wear clothes."
When I thought of clothes, I remembered that it was my own flame that burned Zhang Yang’s clothes!
Secretly opened her eyes. Wu Yu’s face was red and hot. This time, she closed her eyes and frowned lightly, just like a cheating kitten afraid of being discovered by her owner.
Suddenly, Zhang Yang’s shortness of breath, a mouthful of blood spurt, a muffled sound, and blood vessels on his body surface burst one after another.
"Not good! The flame eats itself! " Wu Yu exclaimed that she quickly printed the red lips and Zhang Yang’s body elements could once again rush into Zhang Yang’s mouth, and a little breath was also crossed into Zhang Yang’s mouth by her.
When Wu Yu Zhang Yang entered Yuan energy again, the flame of Zhang Yang body became docile.
At this delay, Zhang’s skin was red and red, and it was burned in a big mess by black and gold flames.
Slowly recovered from the injury, Zhang Yang’s tongue was as touching as Wu Yuxiang’s tongue once again …
Tongues embrace each other, fight, be gentle, be attached to and be infatuated with Chapter 81 Black flame quenching body.
Chapter 81 Black flame quenching body
Wu Yu’s intoxication is like being possessed to give his love []
And the injury slowly recovered, and Zhang Yang was intoxicated. He felt that he was either dreaming or trying to open his eyes to verify the reality, but that kind of love and happiness made him fascinated.
Wu Yu has long forgotten her original intention. She has let go of her heart and has no idea of leaving Zhang Yang.
Wu Yu slowly wrapped his arms around Zhang’s neck and charming body tightly attached to Zhang’s chest, and both of them couldn’t wait to integrate each other into their bodies and hearts.
Constantly absorbing the breath of Wu Yu, plus the remnants of the Taiyin and taking the "Bite the Spirit", Zhang Yang’s body has adapted to the black flame, and the essence of Magic Ji has merged into his blood to complete a part of his body.
There is also a reason why Moji likes Zhang Yang’s Taiyin remnant. The black flame also belongs to the extremely yin flame, and Taiyin is more yin and cold than the black flame, which is quite helpful to cultivate the black flame Wu Yu.
Wu Yu also likes Zhang Yang’s breath. Her body is yin and fire, and it is colder than her breath. Zhang Yang’s Taiyin breath will also attract her.
Wu Yu, who is beside Zhang Yang, will feel that she has just been chatting with Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang is not as good as others. Wu Yu is more kind to Zhang Yang.
At this time, Zhang Yang’s bones and muscles were wrapped in black and gold flames, which kept burning, and his bones and muscles kept dripping black liquid, which was then burned to ashes by the black flames.
Then Zhang Yang’s bones and muscles become more textured and harder, and the white bones are plated with a layer of black gold luster.
If a samurai wants to break through into a martial arts master, he must constantly refine his bones and muscles, and the yuan can cyclone into a liquid state, and the moment when a samurai breaks through into a martial arts master is when his bones and muscles are completely transformed.
The point of breaking the boundary is to give samurai a lot of pure yuan energy and help Bushido absorb yuan energy at the highest speed, which is more than ten times faster than usual.
Absorb the energy of heaven and earth to refine bones and muscles, make oneself thoroughly remould oneself, expand dantian, condense cyclone liquid, and finally break through to Wushu master.
Now the black flame of Zhang Yang’s body quickly refines his bones and muscles, and the black liquid dripping from his bones and muscles is impurities.
Frequent injuries and repeated body explosions have caused Zhang Yang’s bones and muscles to be mixed with a lot of impurities. If it weren’t for this black flame quenching, even if Zhang Yang broke through the martial arts division, his high speed would be greatly hindered.
The bones and muscles became harder and harder, and the injury also recovered. Zhang slowly woke up …
Suddenly, he gave a thick nasal sound, and later he breathed a little awkwardly. Wu Yu’s lingering lips and teeth have ignited Zhang Yangyuan’s slow recovery, and his dream reality combination can’t help but move his fingers.
Zhang Yang-deficiency narrowed his eyes and saw that Wu Yu was relieved because he really felt in his consciousness that Wu Yu was kissing himself.
Don’t be surprised or confused. Zhang knows to hold that guy in his arms.
He couldn’t help but embrace Wu Yu’s waist with one hand and cover the snowy peaks with the other.
Starting with satiny and soft Zhang Yang is like holding a beautiful jade, gently caressing and slowly rewarding Wu Yu, who can’t help but gasp.
Wu Yu was intoxicated by that wonderful misty feeling, and felt a pair of big hands caressing her sensitive parts gently. Her virtual narrowed eyes revealed a little coquetry.
And with Zhang Yang moving and Wu Yu limping, Zhang Yanghuai’s body is getting hotter and hotter, and there are even small sparks on both sides of the body!
Zhang Yang and Wu Yu have some feelings, confusion, affection and fascination. Both of them have forgotten everything around them and know each other and merged into the heart of the person.
As time goes by, Zhang Yang’s bones and muscles become stronger, and the white bones and muscles have turned golden and black, just like steel bars and iron bones.