LanLin raised my hand "pa" a chopsticks hit the Fengyun light head eyes but looked at xiao also devoted to the way "shall we start work tonight? Will it be too hasty? "

Xiao Yi also shook his head. When Feng Yun was light, the anthomaniac looked so crazy that he didn’t see it. "There is no plan to talk about such a thing. You can take it one step at a time!"
Fengyun was lightly nodded by Lanlin, such as pecking rice, getting up and finding Lanlin from horseback, buying pen, ink, paper and inkstone, pressing it on the table and quickly writing Xiao Linchu’s edict.
Xiao Linchu never shies away from her in business. She simulates Xiao Linchu’s tone and also simulates a seven-point image. Adding her words is exactly the same as Xiao Linchu’s. This Shouyu stamp is exactly the same as the real one.
Xiao Yimo looked at his face and turned blue, but he looked calm and calm. He handed Xiao Yimo the forged handwritten edict. "Do you think it is more important for us to save General Cai with this?"
Xiao also devoted himself to watching Shouyu’s silence for half a ring, then stretched out his hand and Fengyun reacted lightly to put the seal in his hand.
He studied a trace of irony in the eyes of the seal. "It turned out to be true!"
Feng Yunqing frowned with an insult. "Of course, I stole it from Xiao Linchu’s room. Can he have a holiday every day?"
LanLin disdain a look at the phoenix cloud light xiao also devoted to is a cold smile.
Xiao Linchu is such a vigilant person. He knows it well, but no woman has ever been in his room. This is an exception.
Fengyun stared at Xiao Yi Mo, waiting for the praise of the male god, but saw Xiao Yi Mo Yang hand tearing up the Shouyu.
She got up with a look. "What are you doing? Although the shouyu is fake, it can at least fool for a while! "
Xiao Yi’s face suddenly returned to the time when Feng Yunqing was an ugly girl. He alienated the indifference in vain and made Feng Yunqing extremely unsuitable.
Seeing the expression on his face, Gu Jingbo, "I never need to hide my head and tail!"
His words are tantamount to sarcasm.
Fengyun’s mouth is also very unhappy. "You are the emperor, of course, you can’t hide your head and expose your tail, but we ordinary people are accidentally wiped off by a card. This head must be saved!"
Xiao Yimo looked up at her coldly. "If you are afraid, you can go to Chu Palace and wait for news!"
A Chu Wangfu Fengyun is as light as being stepped on the tail. She stepped on the stool and confidently "Who’s afraid?" If I were afraid, I wouldn’t come to Beijing with Lan Lin! "
Lan Lin saw the reason and quarreled. The two of them had a headache. "You two still think about saving General Cai’s funeral!"
Xiao also devoted to don’t talk Feng Yun light hands ring chest disdainful a twist "think? It’ s a big deal! "
Xiao also devoted to face a slight change eyes staring at the phoenix cloud light complex.
Fengyun light is awkward than simply turning my back.
Lan Lin stared at Xiao Yi in a melancholy way. "Xiao Gong is afraid that you can’t explain it after the incident, right?"
"Afraid of what? It’ s a big deal! " Xiao also devoted to repeating Fengyun light words moment not instantaneous staring at her cold faint said
Fengyun light in the mind a tight face transient unnatural.
Is this a hint that she wants to talk to her about fly with me?
Little dream "plop plop" disorderly jump Fengyun light embarrassed fingers comb their bangs.
LanLin heart "that rob prison after you two eloped …"
Fengyun was stunned. Looking back, Lanlin’s teasing expression wanted to tear Lanlin’s shocking mouth.
But Xiao Yi-mo looked at her with a serious look as if she were asking about eloping, okay?
Fengyun’s light heart almost burst out of her chest. Before her face turned red, she grabbed a tender piece of meat on Lan Lin’s shoulder. "Call you nonsense!"
Lanlin yi tooth pain, took a deep breath and pushed Fengyun light in the direction of Xiao Yi.
Feng Yun’s instability just happened to sit down in Xiao Yi’s arms, and Xiao Yi conveniently put her arms around her waist, making a shallow sound like a trickling stream, and immediately took away all her senses.
"Be careful," he said, looking fresh.
Fengyun’s big limpid eyes rested on his chest and stared at Xiao for a moment.
Three souls have lost seven souls, and the phoenix clouds are as light as one can’t breathe. Puppets can look at Xiao without expression.
Emma, is this true?
She should be sitting in the arms of the goddess. Could it be that God has given her such a dream because she has been suffering too much recently?
Ask her to take a breath and blink her eyes, and the male god flies away …
She just sat there, afraid to move or breathe.
Lan Lin closed her eyes and pretended not to know this cute natural enemy, Feng Yunqing.
He bowed his head slowly, and when his enlarged handsome face was getting closer and closer to her, Fengyun suddenly jumped up.
Even when the male god turns into a man …
Her breathing was messy and she wanted to slap herself.
Look at what a good male god has been ruined by you.
Xiao Yi’s face turns red. Don’t turn your head to calm your breathing.
Fengyun looked at the shy little face of the male god and wanted to play.
In fact, she couldn’t help doing so. She approached the male god in the previous step and said, "Does the male god want to put out the fire first?"
Xiao is also devoted to looking redder, and his eyebrows are wrinkly. Don’t turn your face away from Feng Yun’s disgusting little face.
LanLin take a deep breath "JingKuai is coming-"
Xiao is also devoted to this just looking back at the approaching Jiing Ruo Fengyun light immediately gathered up the improper sample and sat back to his position waiting for Jiing Ruo.
Jing Gang simply said a little about the prison situation of punishments and nodded with a strange expression. Just now, the blush on his handsome face has faded.
He got up first. "Let’s go and get the carriage ready!"
Suddenly, I knelt down on one knee. "Lord, I beg you to go to Beijing with Miss Yunqing, and I will take care of your affairs!"
Feng Yunqing is puzzling. Why should she go with her? She hasn’t even decided to leave herself.
Xiao Yi is not talking, but he will definitely look at Jing Wei and look excited. "Lord, you will be selfish for once!"