He is he, he is not him, she is still she, but she is no longer her.

Anyway, at this time, Yan Gui met Su Mian without regret, and they will take good care of this generation.
No one needs to remember the past. Chapter 687 There is a war to be fought.
Is it night that Yan Gui wakes up from such an absurd dream?
The woman beside him fell asleep softly, and he put his arm around her slender waist.
I don’t know when I have seen a dream, but it’s really different. Otherwise, how can I have a dream?
In the dream, he passed a generation, but now it’s only midnight.
Yu’s words must have made him dream like this, but how could it be so real?
He looked at Su Mian’s face, half a face, and half a delicate face was buried in the couch cushion.
She is so real that it makes him feel distressed. Yes, it is. Looking at her will make him feel distressed. He always wants to hug her and always wants to coax and spoil her.
The regret in the dream is so real. Maybe … Is that true?
Generation? Is there really a generation?
He held her soft body tightly in his arms and sighed for a long time, "am I willing to give up?"
Even if the generation is the generation, how could he be cruel enough to let her be trampled and killed? 、
Su Mian snorted and opened his eyes. "Well, I can’t breathe."
Yan Gui refused to let go. She pulled her pants and buried him in her body in this position.
"Well … sleepy …" Su Mian was dissatisfied.
Yan Gui didn’t want to talk, kissed her lips and felt her hard.
What the hell generation? He treasures the present!
Su Mian gradually woke up and didn’t know he was so enthusiastic and cooperative.
Yan Gui bit her lip for a long time and said, "I like you."
Su Mian was confused by him, and even more sleepy, she fell asleep again without considering anything.
I received bad news early the next morning.
Kitahara people are married to military forces.
The high wind has come back, and the discussion will be held in the golden phase hall after the early dynasty.
All the important ministers were in a flurry. "Now the news is not 100% accurate, but it’s almost the same. The woodcraft killed four brothers and became the King of Great Khan in Beiyuan last month."
"We will avenge him sooner or later!" Lingfeng duct
No one will forget that when the north wind died, it was woodwork.
"Northwest defense has always been good. Now that Kitahara people are moving, is it strengthened?" Muxiangdao
"Brother see why don’t we make moves first! How can the people of Kitahara be worthy of the people and soldiers in the hands of the dead Kitahara if they don’t take revenge for killing too much? " Prince yingdao
Mu Xiang hesitated. "This … position will fight soon after he began to reign … After all, the prince and other talents will be punished soon …"
Beating foreigners is not a war.
"Mu Xiang, do you remember Shouancheng? Do you know that Tai Dian and Er Dian are nicknamed Ming ‘an Mingshou? " Pei Yuqing said
Mu Xiang smiled. "I naturally know whether it’s … whether it’s a war or not. How can I be impulsive?"
"You can’t be impulsive. The planning department is still preparing. The military forces have not moved the hay. It is the first to fight the hay." Yan Guidao
Qin know industry leng a busy way "is I’ll prepare"
"Mu Xiang won’t behave passively even if Da Yin doesn’t send troops to Beiyuan. I’d rather take the initiative to attack Beiyuan and slaughter Shouancheng. I won’t forget it in my life." Yan Gui said.
"I will do my best to resettle you and wish you success!" Muxiangdao
I knew I had to fight early, but I was unwilling. What else can I say?
Sue cotton learned that it was with a sigh.
"Get ready. We’re going to send troops, even recently."
Mammy Fang sighed, "It’s only been safe for a few days."
"Mammy still don’t know? Kitahara has always been a confidant of the former prince, and he didn’t look at it. When did he have a big shadow? It’s really safe and prosperous. "Su Miandao