A bright light crashed into the line of fire by its appearance, which directly made Zhou Yi hit a staggering, and the whole person lived in Gao Dun.
an instant
Several streamers swarmed in and bombarded him in his direction
Thunder, wind blade, golden knife, flame, soil thorn, blustery, heaven and earth change color …
The second order is the third-order talisman, and the magic weapon is the exotic treasure. The swarm fell on Zhou Yi and almost tore his body on the spot.
The explosion followed, and a flash of light obscured everything
A population asked.
"Must be dead" virtual shaking a black dress person appeared in the half looking at the inspiration from each other area laughed coldly.
"So many killings, even a successful generation of Daoji, may not be able to stand the suspicion that Daoji will die in the middle."
"Even if he has a treasure protector!"
"Not bad!"
A beautiful image appeared in the nearby jiao laughs
"It’s a pity that such a leader died so easily. I wonder if his mother can escape?"
"If it doesn’t work over there, I’m afraid I’ll have to run again!"
"It’s …"
It is even more incredible to look at the explosion core in the eyes of a black dress person.
"How is that possible?"
In addition to the men in black, there are two people, one is dressed boldly and the other is old and old, which means that there is no strange face.
However, I saw that Zhou Yi, who was at the core of the explosion, stepped out of it step by step. Although he was in rags, he didn’t seem to be injured
The female practitioner hit Zhou Yi with a bullet and a streamer, corroding all toxicity and directly melting his shoulder blades into blood.
The old man was sullen, opened his mouth and spit lightly, and the strange wind blew over Zhou Yi’s body, causing many cracks in an instant.
It’s like a knife blade scraping across the face
But for a moment
Corrosive flesh and blood can be seen by the naked eye, and the speed breeds broken bones. Even the eyes that have been pierced blink and recover.
However, several people who breathed enough were seriously injured and failed to stay with Zhou Yi.
"How is it possible!"
"What kind of spell is this?"
Two people face big change.
"It’s an immortal!" Black dress person binocular condensate mask Kouga clenched an incredible sound track
"According to the perfection of Yi Mu’s longevity, you will naturally get a special magical power called immortal body!"
"With this magical power, the flesh is as endless as a congenital spirit tree, and it can recover in a short time no matter how seriously injured it is."
"But …"
He gritted his teeth
"This magical power can only be made into an elixir!"
"hey!" Zhou yi feet tapping palms shout
"Good knowledge!"
"However, it may not be necessary to have a master then to complete the Daoji realm of B Mu Changsheng."
"Lucky" he visual three people indifferently chuckle.
"Zhou made this avatar a few years ago, but he barely had some self-protection, otherwise he might have been robbed just now."
"How many people are called?"
When Zizhen entered the ruins, he felt wrong and guessed that someone might be targeting himself.
The other party can’t dare to start work in Baisheng League headquarters, and it won’t be a master then.
Not then …
Then there is nothing to be afraid of!
Since someone wants him to come out, it’s better to take this opportunity to come out and have a look around for decades, and it’s really time to relax.
"What a Monday!"
Men in black obviously don’t want to introduce themselves.
"Although the avatar is strong, how long can it last? If you run out of mana, you will also die."
With a wave of his hand, he released two hook-shaped Guanghua double hooks, one green and one blue, and twisted them in the past when they were folded towards Zhou Yi.
Magic weapon!
"Hum …"
Double-hook Guanghua Dasheng Black Dress Repair is also revealed, and it has a post-Daoji repair.
However, Zi Zhen and Mu Daoren are different. Although this person is in the late Daoji period, his breath fluctuates greatly and should be forced to rise.