Two bloody claws roared out from Dracula’s fingertips, and mephistopheles’s figure trembled slightly and dodged away from the self-attack. Then mephistopheles held out his cane and issued a "pa" soup in the air.

Several black magic powers converge into a virtual shadow and hit dracula’s paw.
The battle between two ghosts that do not belong to human terror began, but the first time they met, someone was thrown out and fell far away. This short encounter made him deeply feel the power of mephistopheles and the frightening title of Defense of the Ancients, which did not get a hollow reputation.
Shaking his head and sighing, mephistopheles gently shook his head with his cane. "You are very strong, but you are still wandering outside the real hell. Today I will make an exception and take you to see the real evil hell world."
The dry and incomprehensible incantation came out silently from mephistopheles’s mouth, and the negative energy that remained in the air after the blood sacrifice suddenly condensed up. It can be seen that the whole foundation of Columbia University suddenly sank more than ten meters, and the flames in the hell burned from the walls of teaching and research buildings everywhere and then spread all over the campus.
Imil is more frightening than admiring mephistopheles’s old devil’s ability. Even if he makes the inner world come by himself, it is also a kind of mysterious and virtual.
Mephistopheles, on the other hand, conjured up the projection of the evil spirit hell from the independence in the depths of the earth, which coincided with this world to some extent.
Mephistopheles is not the kui is a vicious demon leader in the evil spirit hell. He really has the strength that matches his identity!
The demons with broken bodies in hell have crawled out of the cracks in the earth, making a loud roar. Greedy reached out and grabbed dracula. What vampires have no deterrent to them?
"Damn it, you low-level evil spirits deserve to reach out to my vampire king Dracula?" When Dracula saw that the situation was not good, he sang in a low voice. A bloody storm spread from his wings behind him, and the demons who tried to get close to him were dispersed without moving.
"mephistopheles, what are you and I dracula? It’s a fool to try to deal with me just because of this rubbish! "
While speaking, Dracula was inspired to mephistopheles with a lotus flower mixed with black blood. "Will you and I have so little power after absorbing the blood of 30,000 people?"
Gathered most of Dracula’s strength, lotus flower was like a torrent of dark plasma flowing from Dracula’s hand to mephistopheles’s head-on jet to face Dracula’s hard blow, and mephistopheles’s face even showed a slightly surprised expression.
And in this mephistopheles slightly surprised instantaneous dracula bloody stream has hit the mephistopheles.
Not only was mephistopheles’s body covered by blood, but even Imil was covered by Dracula’s intention to attack. Imil’s face changed dramatically, and he tried to block the yin force into a shield in front of him.
Even now, even the strength of Emil dare not block this lotus flower hard, but the shield is slightly inclined to pour lotus flower on both sides of his body. The blood flowed through the playground of Columbia University, turning the earth into coagulation-colored rocks and steaming slightly outward.
Dracula’s paws are hidden in this bloody road and caught in mephistopheles’s body. It’s strange that he can hit mephistopheles Dracula so easily.
However, the battle-hardened Dracula will never be affected by the "strange" in his heart. The fighting claws are still struggling to keep hitting mephistopheles
The strange thing is that mephistopheles seems to be trying to parry his crimson devil trunk, just like opening his arms and accepting all the bombardment of Dracula’s claws.
What is his idea in doing this?
Mephistopheles was pushed back by Dracula’s attack for dozens of meters. Finally, he coughed up a mouthful of dirty blood and laughed. "Nice power, Dracula. Hey hey, it seems that this trip will be fruitful again."
Dracula stopped attacking mephistopheles, distanced himself from him, looked coldly at mephistopheles’s spitting blood, disdained and cursed, "What are you talking about again?"
"You’re not wondering what I let you attack for me? This is an interesting quiz, dracula. You really deserve to be a nightmare horror in the eyes of human beings since the Middle Ages. It really has matching power. "
Mephistopheles grinned and gave birth to the attraction to Dracula. "Your strength satisfied me and you passed my assessment. Come and join us as my servant and I will lead you to eternal darkness."
In Dracula’s unbelievable eyes, mephistopheles said his intention, which made Dracula feel more angry than anything he had always been arrogant!
Dracula has always done something to others, but it will happen to him today. How can we not let the puncture male and the dragon get angry?
"mephistopheles, I want you to die. I want you to die worse!" At this moment, Dracula’s mind has lost its rationality. He has an idea that he is desperate to kill mephistopheles and kill the devil who insulted him
He clenched his fist at mephistopheles and declared in a general tone of doomsday judgment, "Defense of the Ancients, the brave and evil spirit, is just a lie. That’s it! It’s your turn to pay for your arrogance!"
"I really want to see if there is any blood flowing in the devil’s body in hell." Clouds of brown lotus flower were projected from mephistopheles’s body. Every pore of him was sprayed with lotus flower, and even his lux skin became more gorgeous.
It’s a kind of bright color as if it had been plasma for thousands of years, with a little purple light in the blood.
There is something blasphemous about beauty in the evil filth. This strange red color is rapidly expanding in mephistopheles’s body, and it has already swept through him in an instant. After all, Dracula has just passed 30,000 people’s sacrifices. From the blood of these adult men, he has gained the past and can’t imagine that huge blood can be continued.
Chapter DiErSiSi Power Source
Some things imagined by the former method have been forced to the extreme here, and blood can promote them, and now they can all come true, for example, vampire magic controls a hell to get the main blood.
Dracula wants his strongest and ultimate magic to destroy mephistopheles, the devil who dares to bring him humiliation.
He laughed wildly. "mephistopheles, you are a good opponent, but you are still not my opponent Dracula. I will absorb all your blood and strength to make me stronger. Maybe after I gain your strength, I will go to hell to replace you as an evil spirit, Defense of the Ancients. Hahahaha."
"Stupid" Morpheus mumbled vaguely, and suddenly his body spread out into a black fuzzy body, and he escaped from Dracula’s magic with an understatement.
Mephistopheles mumbled a few odd words. The cane in his hand swelled and trembled, and then it became a stick.
This is when he came to master the evil spirits’ hell handle. He can see that there are several black evil spirits and virtual shadows flashing around the staff, giving out subtle but clearly audible vicious curses.
Every virtual shadow is an evil spirit. There are demons in the hell. They curse all the flowers, all the plants, all the beautiful things in the world, and all the living things that are cursed by them.
"Dracula, do you understand the definition of’ superficiality’?" Superficiality "means that some people make a wrong theory without knowing the situation." mephistopheles laughed. "And you are a superficial guy. Can you hurt me with your filthy blood?"
Imil suddenly realized that the state that mephistopheles has reached now is that all negative energy is a stream and he is the sea for mephistopheles, who rules the evil hell.
Even if Dracula’s strength is as huge as the symbol and the stream is as wide as it is, it is worthless in front of the sea.
If Dracula is a bloodthirsty source, then mephistopheles, a Defense of the Ancients, represents a negative energy source in the Marvel Comics world. In comparison, mephistopheles is closer to the energy source, so Dracula magic can hurt him.
Imil corners of the mouth smile more evil up, he’d like to try what people in this world can be closer to the source than they are in the supernatural body.
Even if mephistopheles realized the ultimate meaning of death, Imil’s attack can also have an effect, not because the damage caused by the attack of high or low strength is different
"How is it possible that such power is the source of darkness?" Imil can see through things, but Dracula reacted by law, or he thought of the reason but was unwilling to admit it.
Dracula growled at the bottom of his heart, "It’s impossible. If mephistopheles is really the source power, what is it that I have been struggling to practice for so many years? Is it true that vampires are lower than the devil?"
It can’t be said that Dracula’s blood is so absolute that it is more powerful than most demons, so powerful that it can be crushed. After all, even if Marvel Comics’s world hell is turned over, how many demons can compete with mephistopheles?
In fact, Dracula’s absolute power is not weaker than mephistopheles’s, but his understanding of negative energy sources is still not enough. The first gods were born when the earth was born
And then the second batch was born with demons, among which mephistopheles was the first initial devil and the most powerful Defense of the Ancients.
Perhaps the strength of Dracula and mephistopheles in other planes remains to be discussed, but in this Marvel Comics world, mephistopheles is much older than Dracula only from its birth.
Unless mephistopheles has lived to the age of a dog, the gap between words is huge, even if pigs understand the source of power, it will far exceed Dracula.
Dracula’s face suddenly turned pale, and he suddenly realized that the biggest weakness of vampires today is that they don’t accumulate enough time. There are no strong people in their race except themselves.
In hell, even though mephistopheles is the oldest, he belongs to the same class, and there are also a number of ancient demons such as the seven monarchs of hell, the night witch Lilith, and the evil spirit leader Asmodeus.
Mephistopheles looked down at Dracula haughtily and smiled faintly. "I can give you a chance to take refuge and untie your blood sacrifice magic circle to us and dedicate the tesseract to me, and I will make you an evil spirit, second only to me in hell. You should know that I will never break my promise and you will get what you want."
Dracula hesitated for a moment and said tentatively, "What if I want to let my people walk in the sunshine without restriction? What if I want to be dominated by my people? "
"Of course, it’s not too much to ask you to join us." mephistopheles smiled slightly
If we can seize the tesseract, its power will merge people with hell, and even the sunlight will not harm all demons and demons of the ghost family protected by the rules of hell, including vampires, werewolves and other dark creatures.
Imil’s face suddenly flashed an abnormal pallor. He stole a glance and left it involuntarily, still supporting the Rosenbridge tesseract. He suddenly turned white. mephistopheles planned to mephistopheles to prepare the tesseract to break the barriers between the earth and hell.
Dracula also grasped the hidden line "we" in mephistopheles’s words, which means that mephistopheles is not alone in trying to figure out who can become "us" with mephistopheles.
Maybe only mephistopheles himself can know what the strong people in hell are with him.
He narrowed his eyes and looked at Dracula. Dracula immediately reached out and removed the magic circle. He personally held the tesseract in his hand and bowed humbly to mephistopheles. "Defense of the Ancients, the great evil spirit, you are right. Only by blending into darkness can we vampires get better development. You will guarantee the interests of our people, right, my master?" to be continued
Chapter DiErSiWu Anger hit Loki
A huge green beast bounces off a tall building. Hulk can hold up an army by himself. This is not to blow it out. All Zetatari teams he stared at were smashed into patties in a mess. There is something that Hulk wants to say to these alien giants who invaded the earth: "Hulk smashed!"
All kinds of energy waves appear one by one, and more superheroes join the fight against the Taris.
Loki lost in the battle with Iron Man and Thor. Iron Man waved his hand and several missiles, lasers and energy cannons roared out to blow up nearby Zetatari soldiers, screaming repeatedly.