He looks like an idiot, which hurts Nangong Star, but it doesn’t make sense to say it on second thought … It seems that this is the reason …

"I didn’t know you were so clever!"
He automatically ignored those contemptuous words, and his eyes bubbled with worship, which made him see a chill.
Shake shake body language looked at the nangongshan star way "let’s go, don’t go those people will wake up"
The nangongshan star that is the look followed him to the yamen.
After several people woke up, they were bound together with a burst of annoyance and growled, "I told you how could there be such a good thing!" So simple, don’t trace us. There is still a back road here! "
A few people were secretly scolded by Yin, and the one who insulted them …
Atchoo is talking to Nangong Star. He sneezes. Nangong Star raises his eyebrows. Is he ill, but he shakes his head.
"It is said that we can go back if they tell us everything?"
The nangongshan star summed up two people just talk asked.
He nodded his head in a hoarse voice. "But it won’t be easy for these cunning people to make them confess like this."
Fortunately, I just took the pills out of their mouths while they were unconscious, otherwise it would be a body when I saw them!
"It’s okay! I have my own way to make them talk. "
Nangong Star’s grim smile made him feel cold in the back. Chapter 3 is simply subverting the world view.
When I really saw what Nangong Star said, he was completely speechless … I really doubt that this is really what the Emperor thought when he first set up Taitai …
See the nangongshan star with evil smile with scalded pig iron in his hand to convince the leader that it has just been cold in the water. At the moment, white smoke can clearly see that the ice water has been heated …
Even so, they didn’t blink an eye, didn’t even look at the red pig iron …
"Hey, you can want to think it over and make sure that you have to endure it all the time? Believe me, there’s always a way to make you say it, "said the Nangong star, holding up what he was holding.
"Bah, insidious little man, it’s meaningful to have a war with grandpa like this! It’ s simply a bag! "
They were so humbled that they just ate a meal and ended up in such a scene that they didn’t even commit suicide.
The nangongshan star was sprayed with a face of saliva and wanted to get angry, but suddenly thought of something like evil and laughed. "Is it really such a provocation that I can die?" Think too much. "
Say stop and pass me a feather duster …
The people who saw it changed their faces and seemed unable to believe, "You … What do you want to do …"
"Hey, hey ….." The Nangong Star shrugged his shoulders with a lewd smile. "Since you want the hard way, I can’t think of any other way to deal with you."
"Ah ha ha ….. you let me … ha ha ha ha abnormal condition …"
The sound of crying and laughing in the prison made all the chief officers break out in a cold sweat … This person is simply a pervert. When he first came in, he ordered them to find a feather duster. But because the county grandfather gave him a face, he went to look for it …
See the nangongshan star with a bad smile eyebrow eye bent together to find the side guards to control the bouncing feet fixed plate that people are all disorderly fibrillation because of itching …
"Hey, hey, hey … who sent you after all?"
Don’t blame Nangong Xing for thinking of this trick. It’s also an accident that I heard two maids chatting at dinner. I always thought this method was abnormal. I didn’t expect it to arrive today!
"You … can you …"
The people around him have long been tender by Ray Jiao Wai. This is what he said … Looking at the man in distress situation and looking at his face with bad taste, it seems to satisfy his bad taste …
"Do you have a better idea? If you have a better idea, I will stop."
Know what he wants to say, the nangongshan star frivolous seems to be with a triumphant asked.