In fact, several other male guests didn’t go back after filming. Several people agreed on this matter, regardless of whether the program group asked them to go back and arrange it, they came directly to Yu Xin.

If there is one person, the program group can still stop them, and there are many people who can’t take them.
This is not everyone waiting outside for a long time. I haven’t seen Yu Xin and Chu coming out. Liu Jie was the first impatient to say that he would come in.
Workers can’t stop it.
Soon a few people pushed open the door and came in, just to see Yu Xin and Chu lying in bed and being intimate.
A few people were stunned and then dissatisfied.
Chang Cheng sink to ask "haven’t finished filming? It’s not early. "
There are rules for each group to finish shooting in 40 minutes before the shooting time.
But Yu Xin and Chu have been filming for forty minutes.
When the photographer was interrupted, he said angrily, "There is no one else behind the last group, so just shoot a little longer. What are you doing here? Go out first and don’t watch here."
When the photographer finished, no one moved.
The photographer is not in the mood to continue filming after these people are watching with great bitterness.
"All right, let’s shoot here."
The photographer looked around and saw something. These men looked at Chu one by one as if they had a grudge against him.
It’s like being taken away by Chu Jue in a horizontal knife
The photographer thought, it seems that this girl is not simple.
When Qian Yu Xin took photos with the four boys, their status was confirmed by the photographer.
I guess it’s a hexagonal love affair
"Since everyone is here, do you want to take a group photo?" The photographer decided on a whim, "How about six people taking a picture together?"
[lying in the trough, this harem is fighting for the war. Can you still take a group photo? 】
[Stimulate Xin Xin and her harem! 】
[The photographer’s discussion is too crazy. Well done! 】
[Great, I want to see a group photo of six people]
[Xin Xin, it must be C]
[Otherwise, how about a six-person bed photo? 】
[Ahhh! Ahhh! Bedspreads! ! ! Available]
The photographer’s words excited the audience.
At the moment, the number of live online viewers has exceeded 100 million. However, in several small windows, few other female guests watched from the perspective of Yu Xin.
In the final stage of the program, Yu Xin’s popularity has far exceeded that of other guests. She has not yet entered the top three in the popularity list, and now she has occupied the first place and is far ahead.
This system has specially set up an option to see Yu Xin, and most viewers come by clicking on Yu Xin first.
The photographer found Yu Xin a black suit skirt and a pair of black high heels.
Yu Xin sat in a high-backed chair with his hands on the armrest, his legs crossed, one leg on the other, his body leaned back and his eyes were firm and deep.
She completely performed the aura of the Queen of Heaven, and five male guests stood behind her, each with a handsome face, although with different styles and temperament, they were all handsome and threatening.
This picture is like a modern giant war and beauty, but the center is a woman.
After Yu Xin finished Hld, those men were all sharp-edged, but they all became affiliated in front of Yu Xin.
Everyone has an idea when they see this scene.
This is the queen, isn’t it? A man is in her hands, and no one can really ask her to be obedient to her.
[Sister is great, sister is good, A is good]
[Sister kills me]
[I also want to enter my sister’s harem if I love her]
【 Xin Xin unique! ! ! 】
[I declare that Xin Xin is my only husband]
After the shooting, everyone returned to the love cabin.
Everyone was tired and sleepy all day, but by late at night, everyone was not asleep. Some people had already started packing, and some people were lying in bed staring blankly.
It’s the last day. A confession ceremony will be held at noon. We’ll have dinner together at noon and leave.
Yu Xin and Gu Linger’s room was already dark and very quiet.
Gu Linger suddenly said, "Are you very happy?"
Yu Xin didn’t say anything. She knew what Gu Linger was thinking now, but she was unwilling and angry.
She didn’t want to say anything to her.
Gu Linger waited for a while and didn’t wait until Yu Xin responded with a sneer at two in his heart.
"I know you’re not asleep." Gu Ling’s voice was cold, weak and pathetic. Many failures these days made her want to stop acting, especially in front of Yu Xin.
Losing is losing, but Gu Linger just can’t figure it out.
What? They all lost to Yu Xin.
Where is Yu Xin better than them?
To say that she is beautiful, she may not be as beautiful as Yu Xin. Sometimes even she will be surprised by a certain expression and movement of Yu Xin, but the snow looks generally recognized as the most beautiful and there is no comparison with her.
If you want to say sexy Xu Li, you must not let her figure be so sexy and sultry.
Speaking of cuteness, a girl like Xie Xiaoxiao is definitely cuter.