I didn’t expect that as soon as I entered the stuttering ward, I saw her parents busy packing her things, and she had changed her patient in the military general hospital and put on a plain coat, which made her face look haggard and pale, and the head looked so self-effacing.

Yo, what’s going on here ! Treasure and purity in the mind a nervous.
Seeing them stuttering at the door, sister greeted her with red eyes. "Seven seven seven, you are here?"
My heart is tight, Bao Qi holds her hand tightly.
"Dear, you are going to be released from the hospital? How is your body recovering? "
"Hehehe, it’s not a big deal. It’s raised in every family." Sister hung her head and stammered for a moment, then shook her head and said childishly.
This girl is really good-tempered.
No matter what happened to her, she was always so shy, smiling, simple and clean, and her little face was not destroyed by the bullet that passed through her arm, and her friendship with Baoqi was not affected at all by this accident.
Section 174
But her relationship with Jiang Dazhi is miserable.
During the week when she was in hospital, Jiang Dazhi went to the hospital every day, but there was no chance for her father and mother to take turns to guard and monitor him for 24 hours. Once she entered the ward, she was bombarded by her father. Professor Wang’s cultural man didn’t have much words and knowledge, but he was sharp and stabbed in the heart.
In a word, what can you love his daughter with?
When? Without the special forces, he is not only affluent when his life is busy and unstable, but also may be dangerous when he carries out his character.
Money? He doesn’t have a monthly allowance, and most of his salary has to be sent back to his hometown to give birth to his parents. He has managed everything in the army, and he keeps little money for himself.
Where is love when there is no time, no money and no love? No room, no ticket, a car or an army bus. What can he do to love stuttering girls? Professor Jiang Dazhi didn’t fall asleep after returning to the dormitory for a night, red-eyed and thinking for a night, got up early and sent a’ sorry’ message to Xiao stammer, and there was no more text.
To say that Dajiang is also a well-known military academy in China, after all, he has never suffered a big setback since he studied in the army for more than 20 years.
Sigh! Yeah!
A love that just broke ground was strangled alive.
In fact, Xiao stutter is no less painful than Jiang Dazhi, but she is a good girl who has been well protected by her parents since she was a child. She grew up in a warm greenhouse. She never concealed her parents’ affairs except falling in love with Jiang Dazhi, and she never disobeyed her parents’ words.
Her life is like a grass that can’t stand the wind and rain, and she has no courage to fight against fate.
Probably because she and Jiang Dazhi broke up with the Wangs’ parents, when they saw Bao Qi and Leng Xiao coming, they were not so indifferent. They poured water on them and let the two girls chat. The two old mouths went directly to the hospital to go through the discharge formalities for the stuttering sister.
My stuttering sister came to be an intern nurse in the military general hospital, and all the procedures were followed by Jane, but the attending doctor in a white coat came to give her a routine check-up before discharge.
Make sure she’s really recovering well. Baoqi is relieved.
Unexpectedly, the doctor just went out less than two minutes before the door of the ward rang again, and then it was not a familiar man.
"Yo, it’s quite lively today?"
Treasure and pure bitterly tilting face to see his one eye, sipping lip didn’t speak.
The man who came here was none other than cousin Fang Weijiu, who stuttered a little. Once he helped Bao Qi in a timely manner, he didn’t like him very much. In fact, he didn’t feel much ill about it. But seeing her and Lengxiao inside, he only smiled with a handsome face, which made him even more bored.
"Cousin, it’s interesting to know that your brother came to pick you up after you were discharged from hospital today, right?"
Looking at this fellow’s smirk and strength treasure, the girl’s heart is a little confused, because every time I see him, it seems that there is nothing good, especially now that Lengxiao is still sitting there like a cold-faced bodhisattva. If this guy says something else, he will be in big trouble.
Little darling, oh, I’m nervous. Holding a little stutter, my hands are sweating a little.
Tightening her hand and stuttering is actually a pretty exquisite girl. She smiles and looks at Fang Weijiu. "Cousin, I’ll leave soon."
"It’s okay. I’m waiting for the right one. Where are my uncles and aunts?"
"Go through the formalities and come later."
"Oh, that’s ok, I’ll wait to send you back." Fang Wei’s nine greasy eyes flashed with a smile, and he was talking to the little stammer. Elegance’s face suddenly turned its eyes and fell to Bao Qi’s body.
"Treasure sister, let’s long time no see? Did you miss me that night? "
Staring at his treasure and grinding his teeth
Smelly rascal deliberately paused in’ that night’ and went to look at Lengxiao’s cold face and looked at her and then said,’ Did you miss me?’ Isn’t it obvious that people misunderstand that they are having an affair?
Hum! Deliberately picking on men, she read a little’ old love’ and immediately flew to the outside of the cloud nine.
She is no longer polite, and she doesn’t want to be a little ambiguous with him, which will cause cold owl misunderstanding.
So she picked her eyebrows disdainfully and said with a smile, "Fang always thanked you for sending me to juwan that night. By the way, how much did it cost to eat that night? A za a pair aa system one person half, plus your car gas, how much do you calculate? My second uncle will pay you back. "
She and Leng Xiao are the same country.
Fang Wei’s lip angle is light. Hook the Uber’s eyes and throw a * heady rope. "Wow, welcome, right? Do we have to be so clearly divided? "
"Fang Wei Jiu"
He shouted his name without ups and downs. He was cold, fierce, angry and unhappy. He was indifferent and had no other emotions. The cold momentum was not ignored. He stared at him directly. Two sharp eagles rowed past and set off a cold room. "Pay attention to your words."
"ooh, what’s wrong with me? Mr. Leng shouldn’t be so overbearing, should he even interfere in the private life of his niece? It’s important to say that our country is not calm and worried about my suffering from news everywhere. You should pay more attention to those aspects of this chief … "
"I’m not discussing with you." The sound sank again for a few beats. Cold owl drank quietly and interrupted Fang Weijiu’s overbearing arrogance and arrogance, and the powerful abnormal aura not only disrupted Bao Niu’s thoughts, but also made the ward a little depressed.
It’s enough to drag and cross!
Fang Wei’s nine handsome faces smile and smile, and he smiles step by step towards the sofa and sits like a mountain man.
-in the mind with small abacus.
When he approached, he lowered his voice and asked jokingly, "What do you say you can give her?"
The low voice was very small, but in the quiet ward it knocked into Baoqi’s ear like thunder.
Side eyes see LengXiao suddenly YinZhi cold face, she was three or two steps in the past "what’s your name? I said, why are you the same as your last name? Fangfang … Yuck! "
"Chick, are you stupid? Master Jiu is defending you? You don’t even have a name when you’ve been eaten dry, do you? You’re the one with the head, right? Ha ha ….. "Smiled Fang Wei nine mouth and tide wait for no man.
Knowing that his words are the most powerful blow and weapon for their uncle’s taboo feelings.
Make whatever weapon works against the enemy …
The atmosphere once again fell into a low level.
Yinzhi locked his face. Owl stretched out his hand and pulled over Bao Qi’s cold and hard facial expression, but his eyes didn’t react sharply at all, but he shot past like a sharp arrow.
"Fang Weijiu, you worry too much."
"Uh-oh, do I have a good relationship with your niece … she is too young to understand that I have to be a brother naturally?" Fang Wei’s eyes narrowed slightly with a few quick smiles, and he continued to pluck the hair from the tiger’s head.
But the cold wind gave him a look, and the owl snorted, and unexpectedly dragged the letter to Bao Qi’s hand without rubbing the fire at all.
Cold is just one word.
"Go what? Wait. "
Seeing them is about to leave Fang Weijiu. Today, it seems like a brain attack, so he grabbed Bao Qi’s wrist and said with enthusiasm, "Owl, what’s the hurry?" Sister Bao and I still have some private words to talk about? "
Wen Yan Bao Qi’s scalp is numb. What happened to this smelly rascal today?
"Let go-"
"Let go!"