In the end, people all looked for several practice rooms and finally came to the Sandstorm group because of the full number of people.

If you open the door, you will see Ke Keran sitting alone in Group A.
No one is rushing to team up with the first team these days? Why is there the first person?
For those trainees who rank lower, it is not a bad thing for Ke Keran to finish in a team.
After all, they can learn a lot from her if they have limited ability and team up with Ke Keran, but Ke Keran may need to spend some time practicing with them again.
In the end, I don’t know how long it took, and this long selection process finally
Chu Yao’s voice came out from the stereo in the practice room. "All trainees have made their choices. Now please return to the video studio."
Yan Re was still thinking that it was just a selection of tracks. What’s wrong with showing it to other trainees?
After hearing ChuYao this call news, she was white.
One-time public speaking may have a strong response to the program effect.
In the end, the other four players in Ke Keran’s group are relatively low-ranking trainees, but there is no dance and Shan Qianying is the same.
There is one who can’t sing.
And they came together with Yan Re to perform in the Bamboo Forest group, and the younger sister was the last one in the performance of the Bamboo Forest group.
Because the audience didn’t vote very high, she didn’t rank very high in the end.
But seeing that she is here, Yan Re is relatively at ease.
After all, this younger sister’s ability to cooperate is not bad … If there is anything wrong, maybe she just lacks audience appeal.
The audience relationship is mysterious, and you don’t know what the audience will like you for or hate you for.
Just like what happened before Xu Jia translated, when Yan Ruoqian went out, he looked back and read Xu Jia’s translation of Weibo.
Weibo is full of people cursing.
Many of these people are the kind of fans he used to have at the support club.
It’s not that Xu Jia’s translation line can’t be scolded, but it’s because Yan Re feels a little wonderful about him.
Many people know that the world is not only black and white.
It’s not just superficial to see things.
However, no iron powder has come out to defend this matter from the beginning to the end. He is probably afraid that he will be scolded together if he maintains it.
At first, someone defended him. When Yan Re looked at it, he still felt that Xu Jiayi had been doing well these years.
After all, it’s not a bad thing to have fans willing to stand up for themselves.
If it happened less than a week later, no one translated it from Xu Jia.
He also temporarily disappeared in everyone’s field of vision …
Should Xu Jiayi be scolded? It must be scolded, but there are other artists in the entertainment circle who are not necessarily as scolded as he is.
Not to mention Xu Jia’s translation, even Yan Re was scolded.
Chapter 64 Chapter 64
Captain’s choice, there is no suspense is YanRe.
Of course, as before, although the decision was made very quickly and without any discussion, everyone had no other ideas
After all, they all think that Yan Re is the best choice as the captain.
On the contrary, the audience always feels a little dumbfounding when watching it.
For the same reason as the previous dance of Bamboo Forest, the dance of Sandstorm also needs to move all the time, which is inconvenient to eat too much.
Of course, if you don’t mind going to vomit afterwards, forget it.
After Yan Re wakes up, someone should not eat too much, and he is ready to start as soon as he warms up.
It is estimated that they will not see teacher Rina for a while this dance.
"One" is the singing place of teacher Rina’s group. She will personally go to the "One" group to teach dance and music directly by herself.
Zhao Yue will be responsible for giving some comments later.
Other groups of dances will start with the choreographer, and teacher Rina will watch their progress a few days before the official performance on the performance stage, give appropriate advice and buckle the dance.