That man turned out to be a doll.

"You go first with Miss Ru" Xuanyu gritted his teeth.
After the first world war in the tower, Xuan Yuqing clearly knew the power of this doll.
Now there are a dozen people on their side, and even if they have five times as many people, they can’t beat each other at all.
Blue ink Yan eyes light dim ring in RuXiaoNan waist arm tightening.
He has never done such a thing as abandoning his family and running away alone. However, at this time, he did not hesitate to take Ru Xiao out of the carriage.
He didn’t want to hurt the little thing anyway.
"Blue ink yan you wait!" Ru Xiaonan earned money in his arms and looked at the doll opposite. "Hey, his body is gone."
"What?" Qing mo Yan looked at Qian’s wounds, but in his eyes, the doll was no different when they first met.
"When he doesn’t have a weapon in his hand, please take Miss away quickly." Xuanyu urged.
That’s right, lance!
Green ink Yan noticed that thousands of wounds hands were holding the chilling rapier didn’t shine.
"I know!" Ru Xiaonan raised his little face and said excitedly, "The evil spirits of his sword stained with stupid dog blood that day were dispelled."
"What if it is dispersed?" Blue ink yan don’t understand.
In their view, killing a god is killing a god, and it makes no difference if he is a doll with no emotional pain and no evil roots.
"The absence of evil spirits proves that it is not controlled by the puppet master now," Ru Xiaonan explained. "Maybe it came here of its own will, maybe to tell us something."
Qing Mo Yan doesn’t think a doll can say anything, but since the little thing said so, he didn’t refute it.
"You let me go" RuXiaoNan wriggled.
Qing Moyan put her on the ground according to the words, and her left hand pulled her little hand, but her right hand was buckled on the waist scabbard.
Xuanyu and others are ready, but none of them dare to act rashly without the order of the world.
The doll slowly came to the front of the carriage, looked down at RuXiaoNan and held out his hand.
Green ink yan left hand consciousness tightening want to pull RuXiaoNan behind him.
"It’s okay. He’s not murderous. I don’t think he wants to fight." Ru Xiaonan said crisply.
Hyun-woo and others secretly complain that if this doll starts fighting, it’s not a fight. Well, it’s a massacre!
Although RuXiaoNan was a little nervous, she didn’t flinch. She believed that she was a teacher of Yin and Yang, and her intuition raised her face. She looked directly at the doll opposite.
"… child" doll thousand wounds slender eyes give a glimmer of light spit out a word.
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Xuanyu and others feel creepy.
I didn’t expect dolls to talk.
Ru Xiao Nan and Qing Mo Yan have seen these places in the puppet shop for a long time, which is not surprising.
Thousand wounds stretched out slender wooden fingers to touch RuXiaoNan face.
Green ink Yan always can’t help but protect Ru Xiaonan in her arms. He really put up with letting others touch the little face.
Thousands of wounds finger fell to move a lag.
Xuanyu and others instantly became vigilant, and their fingers were pressed on the scabbard and their hands were full of cold sweat.
Thousands of wounds did not go back, but continued to lean forward, with slender eyes fixed on Ru Xiaonan.
"Are you afraid of me?" He spoke slowly.
Ru Xiaonan was pressed by the blue ink Yan in her arms, and the little head did not hesitate to order a little.
That day, she also saw the power of killing gods with her own eyes. To say that she is not afraid of cheating.
Thousands of wounds slowly straightened up and stretched out his hand over his face and then lifted his face to a lift.
Xuanyu and others all drew back in a gasp.
Blue ink yan quickly covered her eyes RuXiaoNan.