However, Wolfsburg’s attack encountered great trouble, and they didn’t encounter a lot of trouble in the process of advancing when playing football like Bayern. On the contrary, they had no problem in this process, but when the players arrived near the restricted area, the attack was hindered

Chelsea’s defensive forces are almost at the forefront of the restricted area, and this kind of defense also makes the Wolfsburg attack a bit difficult to display.
Ten minutes after the opening, Wolfsburg completed the first threatening shot. This time, he quickly inserted the ball from the right, but in front of him, Chelsea’s defense was very strict. Compared with many other teams, Azpiliquita and Ma Diqi closely guarded Turan, and their positions were tightly closed, which also locked the ball line leading to the side of the penalty area. They didn’t choose to keep a close eye on the ball, but they almost locked all the short lines on the side. He was free to take the bottom of the ball but wanted to open it with his teammates.
This situation is very unusual for Wolfsburg. Generally speaking, although Wolfsburg likes two wingers to insert quickly, they never let the full-backs fall into a situation of being alone. In the past, the full-backs inserted while the avant-garde joined forces with the full-backs and the strikers pulled out to cooperate with the players in the ribs of the restricted area. These practices have always been the most important routine for Wolfsburg to launch attacks. They have been very successful in the face of most teams, but this time they have not been able to display their routines against Chelsea.
Chelsea’s defense blocked the possibility of the winger catching the ball, and their defense contracted badly, which avoided the center’s insertion with the ball. However, because Chelsea defended him, if he cut, the Wolfsburg players would all huddle together, and there was no room for this routine to cooperate with a small range of technical raids
Chelsea’s defense is not like Bayern’s, where layers of defense closely cooperate with each other to stop the Wolfsburg players from advancing. They are not strict about the Wolfsburg players trying to advance, but their defense has their own characteristics. In the vicinity of the restricted area, Chelsea players can be said to have laid a cloth. tight encirclement did not give Wolfsburg players a chance to get close to the goal. Obviously, they also know that Turan technology is a big reliance of Wolfsburg, and they have also made arrangements for the defense that should be like blocking Wolfsburg.
Against them, Wolfsburg players can easily dominate the stadium, but it is not easy to score goals.
Look at the other team’s disposal, although it has not been forced to rob, but it is also helpless. Without the support of his team friends, he dare not rashly take the ball and insert it. After all, Azar, the core of Chelsea’s counterattack, is definitely not worth the loss if he rashly acts to make the backcourt empty by Chelsea’s counterattack.
Nai he can also choose a long ball and kick it into the restricted area. He wants to see if his golf ball can work miracles. He knows that there is little hope for such a ball, because Chelsea defenders have strong defense ability. They are not afraid of fighting for the top of the ball, especially in the case of very severe contraction. This is the last choice for him. If there is no way, he will not do it.
But now it seems that this is his best choice-after all, he has no other way.
Kicked out a high ball, he knew there was no hope, and Gao Shunyao and Man Zukic in the penalty area knew it, too. Even so, they tried to make a miracle and tried to make the penalty area meet the flying football. Man Zukic and Cahill jumped up together. They tried hard to fight against it and wanted to get the football first.
Man Zukic bounced better after all. In front of the goal, he pressed Cahill to jump a header and blew the ball to the door. But his header angle was not very good. Although Cahill failed in the top fight, he was still fighting against Man Zukic. Man Zukic hit the ball at a poor angle, and some of them were just right, not sharp.
The football went straight to the middle of the goal. wait for a while flew past at a normal height and the speed was not very fast. In the face of such a ball, Cech was powerless. He jumped up easily. He slapped the ball with one hand and hit it out. This header was a threat to him, and the root method made him afraid.
Goalkeeper Petr Cech used to be the world’s number one. Although he has suffered a serious injury and gradually got older, it is not the same as before. In Chelsea, he has been replaced by a rising star courtois, but he is still the world’s top goalkeeper. There is no need to doubt that Chelsea’s defense has a lot of interference with Wolfsburg, and the offensive level has slipped in Wolfsburg. It is almost impossible for them to overcome the situation that Petr Cech guards the door.
Moreover, even if there are loopholes in Chelsea players, it doesn’t mean that they are not prepared. For example, this time, Cech sealed the header with one hand and Gao Shunyao rushed forward after the football fell into the penalty area. He wanted to make up the goal when he was in the penalty area and let Wolfsburg break through the opponent’s defense.
The significance of the two centers in Wolfsburg tactics is that in many cases, they rely on the second attack to give the team more opportunities, and long-term cooperation makes Gao Shunyao and Man Zukic have a good understanding. They can always find many opportunities to better benefit from some second goals, so that each of them has a lot of goals. This time, Gao Shunyao also grasped the opportunities well.
However, he was obviously not the fastest person to seize this opportunity in the ball scene. He was right in front of him. Trebey grabbed the football side earlier. He kicked the football directly out of the baseline with a fierce kick.
It’s not particularly easy to clear the ball directly to the bottom line. For modern football, most teams require the defender to be able to get the ball and immediately launch a counterattack after getting it. It’s actually quite backward to clear the ball with such a simple and rude foot so that the opponent can still grasp the opportunity to attack the corner kick. But Terry’s practice still makes Gao Shunyao endure for a while. Maybe it’s really simple, but the ability to get ahead of him and judge the right landing point and clear the ball with one foot has already made him admire.
And what makes him even more depressed is that Terry’s play is just an excellent supplement to Chelsea’s defense.
Modern football emphasizes the defense technology, but the most important ability for a defender is always defense rather than attack. It is extremely rare for a defender who knows how to play the ball and know how to attack, but he can have sufficient experience and amazing judgment in the defense. The defender is a team treasure, and Terry is of such significance to Chelsea.
Although he is very old, the range of defense has fallen sharply compared with Chelsea’s defense, and it is difficult to cover half a court and be able to move around his own restricted area, but he can still have a lot of experience in the restricted area. With such an old defender present, even if there are some loopholes in Chelsea’s defense, he can supplement it by his personal ability, so that even the last possible loopholes in Chelsea’s defense will be filled.
Compared with David Louis Terry, winning now may have his experience, but it is his experience that can really make Chelsea’s defense at its best.
Compared with Bayern and Real Madrid, the strength of Chelsea players should be said to be inferior. Their players are not as good as those two teams, and their overall strength is slightly inferior. However, after Mourinho trained them to defend, they still reached a very headache level. Wolfsburg can’t fight after the attack, and they can’t play their own level in front of Chelsea.
Before the game, Wolfsburg had predicted that Chelsea would definitely use the method, but Chelsea still had the advantage of being able to design the crouching tactics so tightly. Those weak teams are used to crouching in the Bundesliga. Look at this high-quality crouching tactic of Chelsea. Gao Shunyao also has to admit that Chelsea can become a top team with certain characteristics.
They are really good at squatting tactics.
It is not easy to defeat them in this way, and the usual offensive routines are ignored, which also makes the Wolfsburg attack temporarily stagnate.
However, Gao Shunyao, facing the attack, is also thinking hard. He knows very well whether Wolfsburg can break Chelsea’s defensive game in the final analysis, and a striker thinks this is the biggest test for himself.
Section 464 Advance and retreat
At Stamford Bridge Stadium, listening to the fans cheering for their home team, Gao Shunyao always had a feeling of crying and laughing. Since the start of the game, Chelsea have been defending almost all the time. They seem to have no offensive idea in the game, but even so, Chelsea fans have never stopped cheering, which makes Gao Shunyao feel quite interesting.
For a long time, Gao Shunyao always thought that watching football fans want to see their team play better, which is a near-capable approach, and it is also a very correct idea to hope that their team will play more beautifully in addition to playing better, but now Chelsea fans don’t seem to think so. Their football philosophy seems to be very different from other teams.
A top Premier League team has won the Champions League in the Champions League, and it is a strong contender for the league title in the league. This makes the team face the best result in the Champions League at home, but the team has not played the Champions League several times. It is really incredible that the bus defense tactics can be supported by the fans.
Gao Shunyao once heard people say that since Chelsea won the Champions League by bus football, their physical resistance to such things as defending is much worse, like cheering for the obscene home team, which is hard to happen in other teams. If other teams dare to play such obscene football, they are afraid that their own fans will not accept it, but in Chelsea, these things are natural.
People have always accused the fans of some teams in La Liga. If they see that their home team is not playing offensive football, they will cheer for the big boo home team and the visiting team players. These practices have been criticized by many people, but there are always fans who refuse to change their minds after repeated education. Those fans and Chelsea fans can be said to be fresh contrasts.
Perhaps this is the place where the team can really play Mourinho’s level. These tastes are not so picky, and fans are willing to accept style football, so that Mourinho’s tactical thinking can be brought into full play. Facing Chelsea’s solid defense in the game, Gao Shunyao is thinking about how he can score goals on the one hand, and comparing this Chelsea with Mourinho’s coaching of Real Madrid last year.
And his biggest feeling is that compared with that Real Madrid team, this Chelsea team seems to be really obscene. They are more defensive, more serious and more capable. Facing this team, the Wolfsburg attack has always been possible to play, and it has been three minutes in the past, but the Wolfsburg attack still has no effect.
On the bright side, however, this Chelsea attack is much worse than that of Real Madrid-although Mourinho’s team has greatly improved its defensive ability because Chelsea has let him go more, at the same time they also have a big problem that their offensive ability is obviously much worse.
At this time, Chelsea was launching an attack. Azar on the left got the football and launched a quick attack with the ball. He ran quickly with the ball on the side of the midfield. With speed and skillful ball control, Gustavo around him never found a chance to find his foot. He quickly broke through to the vicinity of the penalty area and defended Azar against the penalty area. He sent the ball to Schuller behind the Wolfsburg defense line, trying to get a head start with such a torn ball.
His idea was good, but the ball obviously didn’t work. The layout of the Wolfsburg defense line was not ahead of them, and there wasn’t much Azar’s kick, which made Benagli Omar jump out. He grabbed the football in front of Huerle and held it in his arms.
Chelsea’s attack is as ineffective as Wolfsburg’s. They obviously can’t play too many tricks with an Azar.
Compared with Real Madrid, the biggest difference of Chelsea now is that their attacking players are much weaker. Compared with the team with Cristiano Ronaldo and others, the base of Chelsea’s frontcourt attack is much worse than that of this Azar. In the past three minutes, the Wolfsburg attack has been at a loss, and the Chelsea attack has been at a loss. No one can break the silence.
This game has always been a stalemate between the two sides, but perhaps this is the main reason why Chelsea fans are still confident. If this stalemate continues, it may be the best situation for Chelsea. After all, they have top goalkeepers and a thick array. They are not afraid of penalty kicks. It is good for them to stalemate.
But for Wolfsburg, this is definitely not a good thing. They want to play like this, but this game has been in the rhythm that opponents want to stick to it from the beginning to the present. Both sides have always been defending well to consume each other’s offensive ability, and this game is not what Wolfsburg wants.
If you want to win, Wolfsburg must attack and look at the two sides. It is fortunate that there are at least a few Wolfsburg. Although the Wolfsburg attack is still not open, Wolfsburg has people to cooperate with. What they need to do is to cooperate in another way, but Chelsea doesn’t even have a partner. This is also the most fundamental difference between the two sides.
In the past three minutes, Gao Shunyao has been thinking about the game scene, that is, how to change the way to reopen the Wolfsburg cooperation for three minutes. He has never thought of any way, but this does not mean that he will never be able to go.
In fact, an idea has taken shape in his mind. If Chelsea fans really think that the Wolfsburg attack is hopeless, they are wrong.
The ball scene Wolfsburg attack was launched again. This time, Shaheen got the ball on the middle road. In the middle scene, he gave the ball to the winger Rodriguez. Chelsea’s defense in front of the penalty area was very tight, but the frontcourt snatch was not very strong, which made Wolfsburg’s backcourt get the ball quite stable. After Rodriguez got the ball, he also saw that the opponents in the frontcourt were well defended. He didn’t know what to do to break the deadlock.
There is no way for Chelsea to defend itself, and so is he, who is blocked by Ivan and Louis. Pericic wants the ball and has no personnel to cooperate with it. In the past, Wolfsburg has been tested by actual actions, and their attack really can’t be opened.
However, unlike the previous attacks, the Wolfsburg attack changed at this time.
Gao Shunyao, the striker, suddenly withdrew and pulled all the way to the middle scene. His position was even lower than that of Perisic. He moved and let Luisma follow him out!
Chelsea’s defense line has been piled up in the front of the penalty area, and they have some unexpected things about the sudden addition of a man in midfield. Moreover, if it is Shaheen’s insertion, maybe Louis doesn’t care much, but the striker’s withdrawal can’t be left behind. After all, although Gao Shunyao is not a breakthrough person, Chelsea can’t let go of this change.
However, it was this change that made Pericic see the opportunity. Gao Shunyao’s retreat made Wolfsburg midfielder suddenly increase the defensive strength of the opponent, which also gave him a chance to take the opportunity. He suddenly ran away from Ivan’s defense, and at the same time Rodriguez got the ball to his foot in the ribs of the penalty area. Pericic got the football!
Relying on Gao Shunyao’s retreat to Wolfsburg disrupted Chelsea’s defense and made them push the offensive line to the restricted area!
On the left, Pericic got the football and tried to make a breakthrough on the edge of the restricted area, but he had not launched an attack. Ivanovic and Cahill had stopped him in front of him, and he was blocked in the restricted area with a two-on-one posture. Pericic got the ball, but on the left, he hesitated for a long time and still dared not break through the Wolfsburg. The attack came to an abrupt end in front of the restricted area.
The strongest part of Chelsea’s defense is still near the penalty area. It is quite difficult for him to make further attacks against Wolfsburg in this position. Pericic has always regarded himself as a very good technical player, but even if his skills are no better, he knows very well how difficult it is for him to break through the joint defense of two defenders by himself. Gao Shunyao helped him get the ball on the edge of the penalty area and get closer to the goal, but even so, he still managed to break through.
If you want to break the tight defense, it’s not a matter of one person.
Teammate Gao Shunyao has quickly moved forward at this time and has withdrawn to the midfield. At this moment, he quickly rushed over and directly killed the ribs of the restricted area from behind. His insertion made Wolfsburg have two players in the ribs of the restricted area, which also made Wolfsburg tactics come alive.
Pericic didn’t know what to do. He gave the ball to Gao Shunyao and wiped it behind the opponent’s defense. Gao Shunyao stepped on the football in the ribs of the penalty area against his tall body, while Pericic pushed forward and behind him. At one time, the Wolfsburg attack line broke Chelsea’s elaborate defense.
First, the retreat allowed the football to break through the midfield defense and reach the ribs, and then the forward thrust allowed the rib troops to get support and attack smoothly-Gao Shunyao successfully opened the Wolf Castle attack idea and made Chelsea’s goal face an unprecedented threat.
Section 465 Full benefits
Gao Shunyao retreated and advanced, which made Chelsea’s defense finally collapse in front of him. Although Chelsea players worked hard for 3 minutes and spent a lot of time to lay out the defense line, it still lost its effect at this moment. Gao Shunyao got the football Chelsea defense line in the ribs of the penalty area and was threatened.
This situation makes Chelsea players feel that it is a little unexpected that their original excellent defense line has a loophole in Gao Shunyao’s efforts, which makes it hard for Chelsea players to believe that they are not in the mood to regret at this time. Who is to blame Gao Shunyao for interrupting? It can be said that it is too late for him to hit the rib position in the restricted area at this time, which can be said to be the greatest help for his teammates.
Gao Shunyao is very strong in body. After he got the ball, he was eager to protect it, and it was hard for Chelsea to get it. In front of him, Perisic had bypassed the Chelsea defense line and went to the restricted area. Gao Shunyao got the ball in the ribs of the restricted area, and the two of them formed the possibility of connecting a high center to take the ball and a winger to cut the shot in the restricted area. This routine is really too dangerous. Chelsea players don’t want to stop Perisic.
Terry and Ivan rushed at Pericic for the first time. They kept Pericic behind them well, otherwise he had a chance to catch the ball, but Gao Shunyao’s kick didn’t go to Pericic. On the contrary, his corner crossed the front of the penalty area along the penalty line, where Man Zukic had already inserted it.
Wolfsburg’s attack was not completed by Gao Shunyao and Perisic. When they were on the side of the road, Luman Zukic, who was close to the right, also came close at this time. When Gao Shunyao got stuck in the ribs of the penalty area and controlled the ball to form a fulcrum in the frontcourt, while Perisic bypassed the back line and suppressed the opposing defender, making Chelsea’s back line jittery, he had quietly concealed himself and killed the front of the penalty area at this time.
Man Zukic, an excellent striker, is obviously talented. He doesn’t have too delicate skills or extraordinary organizational consciousness, but a striker is absolutely excellent in grabbing points and outflanking, and the hunter’s mentality is even more incomparable. The left-wing struggle has attracted most of Chelsea’s attention, and at this time, his silent surprise attack has become the most deadly sharp knife
Gao Shunyao’s attack is a bluff. He just wants to take the ball as the axis, while Pericic’s attack is just as a bluff. His purpose is to hold down the opponent’s defense line, but in their joint efforts, Man Zukic’s position is gone. When the defender receives Gao Shunyao’s ball, he can even take the ball forward and take another step. In the restricted area, Man Zukic adjusted his step and looked at Terry, who had not defended the position. He kicked the ball out with a low shot and let the football go straight to the left corner of the goal.
It is extremely dangerous to miss anyone in the restricted area, and it is even more terrible to miss the other striker directly like this. Chelsea’s defense line will never have such a problem, but it attracted too much attention because of Gao Shunyao’s rampage. They ignored Man Zukic’s unforgivable mistake