Zou Chen started the car and asked, "Have you been to Beijing?"

"Well, once in the past two years, Yatai had two dealers in Beijing. In those days, they treated us to roast duck every meal, and I felt sick."
"It’s good that you can’t get used to old Beijingers." He looked ahead and focused on the car.
I remembered a lot of interesting things in Beijing that year and laughed, "And that bean juice. Oh, my God … I can’t stand it, but they drink it with relish."
"But it’s still very good to have a deep-fried belly and stew. By the way, the snack street in Wangfujing is also very good, and the beer skewers in Houhai are a little missed."
Zou Chen looked back at me with a little smile in his eyes. "Snack goods"
"What’s wrong with eating? Living is just eating?" I am proud.
"Have you ever eaten the old Beijing brush meat?" he asked
I asked curiously, "Is it different to brush meat in Rongcheng?"
Zou Chen picked an eyebrow. "Oh, of course it’s different."
"Then try it." I laughed.
The bus stopped at the North Fourth Ring Road in front of an antique shop in Nakamura.
As soon as I entered the door, the doorman yelled at me and made Zou Chen laugh. Grandma Liu and I went shopping in the courtyard. It seemed that everything was a bit novel.
I love brushing meat after a meal. I didn’t eat foreign meat. I didn’t think it would be so delicious to brush mutton in a big iron pot. The hot soup was thin and the foreign meat was lightly brushed with two or three sticky points. The entrance of the secret seasoning was so delicious. Some people poured tea in a backhand. The long-mouthed pot was accurate and neat. I was dumbfounded.
Zou Chen came out of the restaurant and took me around Chang ‘an Avenue. The night view of Chang ‘an Avenue is still worth seeing.
Then he took me to the Houhai bar at 10: 00 p.m., and it was just lively. People were bustling and there was a unique flavor. We entered a small bar with another atmosphere.
There was a young man in the bar, drinking a love song in a low voice.
I held the beer in my hand and poked Zou Chen’s arm to his ear and asked, "Can you drink songs?"
Zou Chen looked back at the dim light, and his eyes rippled, "No, I can’t say no"
"Ah", I was a little disappointed. I turned my head and looked at the stage with my hands on my cheeks. The man thought it was good for him to drink.
"Hey, I’m going to be angry if you look at him like this," a man whispered in my ear.
Chapter one hundred and four Temptation
"Hey, I’m going to be angry if you look at him like this," a man whispered in my ear.
I turned to look at his hand and gave him a glance.
He bowed his head and pecked at my lips and spoiled and rubbed the top of my hair.
I looked at him at my desk and felt that this moment was beautiful.
Zou Chen stayed with me for two days, took me to Simatai Great Wall, spent the night in Yanxi Lake, tasted a farmhouse, and went to niujie, where the roast mutton was really too late, and walked around Wangfujing and bought me several sets of autumn clothes in Xintiandi.
It was late at night when I returned to the hotel from Wangfujing, but I was still a little excited and not sleepy at all.
Zou Chen sent me into the room and said that he had a club early in the morning and couldn’t stay here. I told him to rest assured and go home alone, but he said he wouldn’t leave until I fell asleep.
After washing, I became more energetic, but I soon fell asleep in his arms.
I’ve been dreaming all night until dawn. I’ve been sleeping really well recently. I stayed in bed for a while before I got up. I just walked into the bathroom and the doorbell rang.
Who will frown at this point?
I went to the door and looked out from the cat’s eye. I knocked on the door and saw the clerk pushing the dining car at me and smiled at me. "Hello, miss, your breakfast."
"I didn’t wake up early." I’m a little puzzled
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"Oh, a Mr. Zou called you."
It turned out that Zou Chen told me to let the attendant in.
Please be slow. The waiter moved the breakfast to the dining table and then quit.
I looked at the table, hooked my mouth and turned to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom, my cell phone rang. It was Zou Chen who called and said that he would come out in the afternoon and asked me if there was anything else I wanted to go to.
"You don’t care about me, you are busy with you." How busy is he? How can I not know that I have been with me for two days and I don’t know how many things have been delayed?
"Wait for me to have dinner at noon." A man hung up without letting me say one more word.
I looked at my mobile phone and sighed lightly, but my heart was full of sweetness.
After breakfast, I walked around the activity area behind the hotel and found that it was a theme hotel. There were many interesting things in the hotel. I played for two hours before I went back to my room, took a shower and took my laundry to dry cleaning.
It was still early when I got back to my room, watching my cell phone suddenly ring. It was a strange number.
I hesitated to pick it up.
"No matter who you are, I warn you to stay away from Zou Chen" is Ouyang Xueyin’s cold as frost.
I shook my hands and said nothing.
"Don’t blame me for being rude to you if you don’t listen." She hung up.