Deified and distressed, "Hua Er is actually more sad than us. When a mother’s feelings for her children are no match for her, she has to restrain herself."

Brave after listening to want to cry again.
When it comes to warmth and longing, they are always in tandem. He is in front and she is in the back, keeping a distance of two meters.
However, after entering his hospital to avoid everyone’s sight, he suddenly stopped and took her hand when she approached.
Warm eyebrows can’t help but ask, "Are you not angry?"
I am fascinated and indifferent. "Have I ever been angry?"
Section 141
Warm and funny, I forced another sentence, "That’s not angry with me?"
I moved my face with longing eyes. "I have never been angry with you. You think too much."
"Oh, so ….." Warmth stretched out the sound and then said with an expression of sudden realization. "It’s not anger or sulking. It’s just being sexual and awkward with me."
"You …" The longing finally got annoyed and held her hand. "Just bully me. If you were the eldest brother, you wouldn’t treat him like this."
Warm smell sour funny and angry "your big brother will not be as good as you at all?"
That’s true. Can the goods have a cold war with her for several days? I’m sure I can’t do it. I have a shy face and stuck it.
The longing also seems to think that the eldest brother will stop talking.
Looking forward to seeing him strangely, Kannika nimtragol could not help but tease, "What do you think? No, I went to coax it, okay I’ve thought a lot about it and want to make you laugh after the sacrifice? "
Anyway, it’s Monday morning quarterback to bully him. Whatever.
I am fascinated, but I am serious.
☆, Chapter one hundred and three This coax you?
I was fascinated, but I took it seriously, and then I regretted it. It was not that I regretted being proud first, but that he wanted to know what sweet words she would say to coax myself or what she would do to make myself laugh.
He turned blue with regret at the thought.
Warm but smiling at his regretful look is very happy.
When I saw the longing, I suddenly gritted my teeth and threw caution to the wind. I generally took her hand and turned around and walked back. I was warm and passive, and I was stunned by his inexplicable move. What is this beautiful man doing?
Out of his courtyard, he stopped. "All right, let’s start again."
"What?" Warm and stupid face
Staring at her with longing, her beautiful eyes are full of chagrin. "I say we just forget it ever happened."
This time, he will hold back his heart and miss her. He will not be proud to hold her hand and make peace first. He will wait to hear how beautiful and sweet her words will be. It is best to please, so the grievances that have been left out in the cold these days will disappear.
Warmth is like hearing something ridiculous and glaring at him. "Hey, are you naive?"
How can you play like this? And start all over again? This is not a filming bug. Say aion again.
I turned a deaf ear to her teasing. Anyway, I was coaxed once. He was going to throw caution to the wind, not to say that the child would cry and have candy to eat. Look at the eldest brother and you will know how correct this statement is.
Such a thought of once impregnable moral integrity is somewhat cracked, and his confidence is also sufficient. With a somewhat unreasonable way, "If I were naive, I wouldn’t have dragged you here and would have directly returned to the entrance where my mother, uncle and father were there."
Smelling the warmth almost suspects that the beautiful man is possessed by a sacred or small three-child. How can he have sex? Sex hates sex, but a handsome man is another matter … She looks a little overwhelmed, busy and uncomfortable. What should she do after losing the battle so soon?
So she coughed and resolutely resisted, "Stop it! What happened is what happened. How can it be ignored?"? This is life, not acting, and it doesn’t taste like that again! "
She said grandiose to him, but it didn’t shake him at all.
The longing continued, "This is easy. I can pick some forgetful flowers and eat a few petals to forget what just happened for a quarter of an hour."