Men in black happily made a gesture of safety to their companions, and then men in black came towards the sleeping place of Van Cherish Wen and Wang Fan.

"Bad" Wang Fan dark call a just now almost forgot something important. These men in black are afraid that their whereabouts will be exposed. Only when they stun the people in the room will they feel at ease. If he really stuns his own householder, wouldn’t it be a slaughter? But now we can stop the men in black from doing this, but then the other four people on the roof will find that they will definitely not come to the planning department for nothing.
However, compared with catching the enemy, Wang Fan obviously pays more attention to the precious little van Wen ‘an. Just as Wang Fan is preparing to suddenly and violently kill the black dress person in front of him, the precious little van Wen’s shout suddenly stopped, and before that, because Wang Fan was thinking about something, it has also stopped, and the room fell into a strange and terrible place.
Men in black also dare not make a move. The room is too quiet. A little change will make people realize that men in black have not approached Wang Fan. Wang Fan suddenly remembered that he had stopped snoring, so he continued to pack it up. Now the men in black dare not stun Wang Fan and Fan Xiwen. Just now, the slight pause in snoring almost made him fall into perdition.
Knowing the importance of snoring, the black dress person dare not stun the two people in front of him. In the end, because of snoring, the chances of success in tonight’s action can be increased. Ten percent realize the benefits of snoring. This black dress person naturally hates to kill the two people. If they are killed, who will snore for themselves to increase the success rate of the action?
Wang Fan’s snoring sounded, and Fan’s snoring followed. Let those men in black on the roof who are in fear have the courage to come again. This time, the men in black simply got the nerve to ride the rope and slip away quickly. The previous wait-and-see attitude has long since disappeared, as if they were the owner of this room. They usually arranged various defensive formations at will, although they moved and put their hands and feet, but they didn’t leak out their whereabouts. Because Fan Xiwen and Wang Fan snored a little louder.
At this time, all the men in black have come in. It is supposed that an attack should be launched. Why should the householder increase his snoring? Is there anyone behind? But it’s not right. What, I didn’t hear someone coming? It’s not this reason, but what is it? Where is Wang Fan thinking hard? It’s really a headache that Wang Fan, the scheming householder, can’t guess his intentions.
Who knows what Fan Xiwen is thinking? I’m afraid he knows, too.
Fan Xiwen got up early this morning and went to Xiyuan to see the official price. Then he went out and smashed the Qunfang Pavilion to blackmail Baihua Building. In the afternoon, he also went out to buy clothes and walked around the street with the tiger for an afternoon. It was quite tired. This is even if it was a good night’s sleep, but it happened that he touched Wei Zhongdao to make trouble and then chased Cao Cao in the room for a long time. His body was already quite tired.
Now he’s going to pretend to sleep here again. At first, he needed to keep an eye on the movement of the men in black. But later, when the men in black came, it was not good to keep an eye on him. So someone fell asleep sweetly. At that time, it happened that Wang Fan was thinking about things and the men in black were close together. Fan Xiwen didn’t like snoring when he slept, so he fell silent for a while. But later, Wang Fan continued to sing the play and snored again. Fan Xiwen was disturbed by Wang Fan and did the same thing with Wang Fan. This was a conscious act.
Chapter 40 Uninvited guests
The men in black came to Wang Fan’s office, but it’s not surprising that nothing has happened yet. But now it’s not a distraction moment. Wang Fan moved a little to Van’s side and slowly moved to Van’s side. He carefully touched Van’s side, but there was no response. This bully knew that this guy was really asleep at the moment.
This can make Wang Fan at a loss. Now he is the enemy. At present, he is still in the mood to sleep. Wang Fanyu is very present. These people are not here to play with you. They are here to find your life. Can you sleep? Rao is Wang Fan, who has been through many battles and has to say something about her master’s courage.
I can’t help Wang Fanhao poking Fan Xiwen gently with his finger, but the result is that Wang Fan is in distress situation. Because of such a small move, it is not visible to his housemaster how soundly he sleeps. Now he will be discovered by the enemy with a little force under his nose. How dare you let Wang Fan shake Fan Xiwen?
I can’t help Wang Fanhao keeping a close eye on those men in black. Anyway, they have come. It’s really a critical moment. Even if we mobilize the pro-guards outside, we are not afraid of the enemy fleeing. Now Wang Fan is protecting our householder, but fortunately, because the first man in black has checked everything around, the men in black didn’t conduct a survey again. Wang Fan kept a close eye on the men in black and didn’t make those men in black find anything wrong.
Men in black, wearing ties and four men, crept to the corner and listened to the wall for a long time. The result was that the target had fallen asleep, so the leaders in black handed back their hands and motioned for them to climb in from the outside wall.
But these men in black don’t know that their goal is actually behind their ass, and he hears breathing in the room. In fact, the root is not Fan Xiwen, but Fan Xiwen. This morning, he just accepted his younger brother, a little friend named Liu Xuan, who ruined his life in vain because of such misunderstanding by the leader in black.
When Wang Fan saw this group of men in black, it seemed that someone next door was suddenly surprised. What’s going on? Is it? It can’t be so tragic, can it? Xiao Liu Xuan, I’m in silence. I know that Xiao Liu Xuan became his own family and lived in body double, and Wang Fan was even calmer. Because his own master promised others to take good care of Xiao Liu Xuan, now he is regarded as a whipping boy, and his life is in danger.
Wang Fan was very worried and shook Fan Xiwen. This time, it seems a little bit because Fan Xiwen obviously moved his body, but he just moved his body from one side to the other. His eyes were not open and he didn’t even mumble anything. Wang Fan had no choice but to bite the bullet. If this gang of black men walked smoothly to the small Liu Xuanchang next door, you can imagine.
"Pa" Wang Fan stretched out his foot and a teacup fell to the ground, while Wang Fan was moving with his feet on the table, just like accidentally knocking off the quilt when stretching, but this cup fell to the ground, which brought shock, but there was no small gathering of pro-guards outside, although there was no break-in, but the figure was too big and the five men in black in the room were just standing there and didn’t dare to move.
"My Lord, what happened?" Outside the door, pro-Wei came to greet Wang Fan, and his heart called bad. The sword in his hand suddenly came out of its sheath like a rainbow and stabbed directly at the black leader. Now there is a preemptive way to win.
Now Wang Fan is a very busy man, not only to raid the leader in black, but also to wake up his master. In addition, he has to shout in foreign aid soldiers. This spirit is really amazing. "An assassin catches an assassin." Of course, Wang Fan, but a clever person, will naturally think of something different and do something different. In a word, Wang Fan woke up his master with one stroke, called in reinforcements outside and finally called an uninvited guest.
The unexpected visitor’s arrival and gorgeous appearance is shocking. Even Fan Xiwen, who has just been woken up by Wang Fan and is still wiping his eyes, can’t help but open his eyes. It turns out that this world really has flying skills. There is nothing wrong with this unexpected visitor, who shocked everyone on the spot by breaking the window.
The uninvited guest seems to have a calm face. In his eyes, this technique is just a trick. Looking at the uninvited guest, the wind is light and the clouds are light. Fan Xiwen can’t help but feel a little drumming. If this person is an enemy, it’s really troublesome. With this shocking skill, the young thieves behind him are enough to kiss and drink a pot. It seems that it is not a good thing to offend too many people. After that, it is necessary to keep a low profile and then keep a low profile. Fan Xiwen seems to forget that even if he keeps a low profile, trouble will still come to you.
How can I say this uninvited guest? The Chinese character "face" and the Chinese character "Hu" are very ordinary, even if they look plain, even if they are thrown into Luoyang Street, it is estimated that few people will see that he is the one who looks at the ordinary brother, but it gives Fan Xiwen unusual pressure to break the window. Although this situation belongs to the family of profiteering and demolition, he also belongs to the martial arts film stunt scene. Fan Xiwen has been in the late Han Dynasty for so long, and he has not seen anyone who has achieved flying skills or who is so skilled in martial arts. But who knows that today he has personally verified and broken this law?
"Since there is such a thing as meritorious service, why haven’t I seen one before?" This matter has been put aside until now, which makes Fan Xiwen puzzled. Before the great army war, I have never seen an enemy who will make contributions. It is the most powerful fighting force in Le ‘an at present, and Chen has not made any contributions. This reminds Fan Xiwen that it is a terror. Judging from the performance of this uninvited guest just now, it is not a problem to combine a self-awareness with a general who has cultivated achievements and hit two or three generals one-on-one. If one day he makes enemies like today, even all the people in Le ‘an will be buried with him.
"There are many famous people in the Three Kingdoms game, but there are not many in Luoyang now. To say that I have the most impression is that Wang Yue, the imperial teacher, is a historical record. This Wang Yue has been circling around the emperor for a long time. How can he and Yuan Shao, a wan ku, come together? So the possibility that he is Wang Yue is ruled out. Who is he? God, at least you should give me some advice! " Fan precious little mouth kept muttering the in the mind is also active.
"Code looks so ordinary that even Wu greatly doesn’t want to leave you a heavy color that I can’t remember it for a long time." Fan Xiwen is cursing Wu Cheng’en and being good at the moment. The uninvited looks so ordinary that it really makes people admire his active thoughts.
Chapter 49 It’s really Wang Yue
In Fan Xiwen’s memory, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is really fascinating. In it, there is either a typical rough voice of Hu or a handsome boy with a white face, and there is no character.
Wang Fan hit the idea of catching the black leader first, but it was too shocking that the uninvited guests came. The sawdust was flying around and Wang Fan was caught off guard. In case Wang Fan also returned.
"Imperial Master Wang Yue", the head of the black dress person’s vision is still a little bit. When Fan Xi Wen’s brain still keeps guessing the identity of the uninvited guest, the black dress person has already said his identity and his mouth is incredible.
"Shit, it’s really Wang Yue." When I heard the words of the black leader, Fan Xiwen kept cursing in his stomach for such a big ostentation and extravagance, which really deserves to be the first swordsman in the day.
"Oh, I didn’t expect anyone here to know the old lady?" Wang Yue, the uninvited guest, was really taken aback when he heard the black leader shout. Although he came to the capital, he was surrounded by the emperor all day, but he had seen his own people and was limited to Tianhe and some apprentices. However, it is difficult for anyone to recognize himself because of his reputation.
"I wonder what the Imperial Master is doing here?" The most worrying thing for men in black now is that they can’t finish it on time, but now they don’t come to drink, chat and wear the door when they are assassinated.
The leader of the Secret Guard suggested that it should be divided into two roads, all the way from the roof to the inn, and all the way from the outside, just follow the guards and send people to muddy the first floor of Longmen Inn to attract the attention of Fan Xiwen.
Now the Secret Guard can’t afford to drag on, but if the Imperial Master Wang Yue comes to protect Fan Xiwen, even if all the Secret Guards in this operation are added up, they may not be able to escape from him. It’s good to escape. The Imperial Master Wang Yuetian is famous as the first sword master. Who has the courage to draw his sword?
"He’s guaranteed that you can go." Wang Yue’s words are very common, but with an irresistible coercion, it is unbelievable to let five secret guards be in charge of this operation for a while, because Wang Yue is so abnormal today.
Even with family prestige, Wang Yue may not obey others’ orders. Wang Yue is around today, but today he is willing to protect a small county magistrate. If you can digest this surprising fact, you can call the secret guard leader.
"But the senior and junior generations are alive, please don’t force others to do it." Although the leader of the Secret Guard has the courage to consider failure, his heart is still full of bitterness when facing him now. This is the glory of the Secret Guard, but tonight he has to carry a shame and flee without fighting. This is not a member of the Secret Guard who is willing to take on the only thing that can solve this problem, and he will die.
With a dead heart, the secret guard leader tightened his sword in his hand, and he also heard his heartbeat. The room fell into silence again, and he could hear his hand weapon, the white master, ring slightly when he clenched it.
On the side, precious little Fan Wen heard Wang Yue’s words "He guaranteed me", and things in his throat were also put in the secret guard leader’s words, which made the room fall into a strange silence again. Precious little Fan Wen couldn’t help but feel envious. Is this the master magnetic field? It’s too powerful
Because of the master master Wang Yue to protect Fan Xiwen, it is not scary. Now Fan Xiwen needs to think about what Wang Yue will save himself. Today is the first time that Fan Xiwen and Wang Yue meet. This special appearance and meeting is not limited to romance (ouch! What’s romantic about seeing men? ) but limited curiosity. Is it because you accidentally leaked the king’s gas that attracted Wang Yue? It’s a pity that Fan Xiwen knows that it’s impossible. If there is a king’s spirit, why didn’t he scare Yuan Shao away without letting it go? Instead, it attracted these unlucky men in black.
For Wang Qi, Fan Xiwen deludes himself at the bottom of his heart, but on the surface, he absolutely doesn’t believe that this possibility has been ruled out, and Fan Xiwen doesn’t know how to explain Wang Yue’s motives. In a word, this ya motive is not evil, but less mischief.
If next to the jam, Wang Yue knows what precious little Fan Wen is thinking. Even if he doesn’t beat precious little Fan Wen, he will say to the secret guard "You beat him for me" of cutting. Then precious little Fan Wen may be sure to become a king. Will Wang Wang Qi be far behind?
If it weren’t for someone who told Wang Yue to come back and take care of such a nobody who has never even met? Unless Wang Yue was crowded by the door when he went out today, Wang Yue, the first swordsman, had a high eye for such a small county magistrate. It was a beautiful coincidence that he came here today.
Wang Yuefeng received the master’s orders to protect Xiao Gong from slackening off. Fan Xiwen’s trip today can be said to be under surveillance in Wang Yue. For Fan Xiwen’s troublemaking ability, Wang Yue also had to praise that the stronger Fan Xiwen is, the more unlucky Wang Yue is. After knowing that Fan Xiwen offended Yuan Shao, Wang Yuelian didn’t dare to sleep for a night, and he played an extremely mental perception. A probe was shrouded around to scare out a cold sweat. The goal of eleven elite dead people in front and twenty dead people behind was Fan Xiwen.