When studying the cause and effect of this incident, Yan Pei found that because of discrimination, most Indonesian Chinese, although rich in economy, did not actively participate in political activities and did not lobby the legislature to protect their own interests. They had the same strong economic strength as the Qing Dynasty, but they could not be transformed into a force to protect themselves.

However, in the same situation, Malaysian Chinese are very active in politics and economy, although they are also ethnic minorities and Muslim countries. Although local laws and public opinion also discriminate against Chinese, they are still successful in many fields except the economic field.
Where the Black Dragon Club wants to benefit the Indonesian anti-Chinese forces and plan another riot to hit China in the face, Yan Pei thinks that the help from outside is not as good as the rise of his own strength to be continued.
Chapter One Red Flowers and Green Leaves
Original Chapter One Red Flower and Green Leaf
Surabaya, located in Java, Indonesia, is the second largest city in Indonesia besides Jakarta, and it is also an important trade and commercial city in Indonesia. It also has the second largest seaport in Indonesia and is the capital of East Java.
The public security situation in Surabaya is stable, and there are many shops, entertainment places and high-end hotels. Nearly one million Chinese, especially those from southern Fujian, live in the city. The Zheng He Mosque is the first mosque named after Zheng He in the world.
It is amazing that a Confucius Temple was built not far from this city’s "Chinatown" in the thirty-second year of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. It is said that it was built by Kang You. The local Chinese said that there was a Confucius Temple before the name of "Surabaya", but they didn’t know whether it was coincidence or other reasons. In Shandong, China, there was also a city called Surabaya Hole, which was buried by Surabaya in the north of Lucheng after its death.
In a small alley in Chinatown, there is a plaque with "Fulin falls down on yiguang" hanging on the facade. At this moment, there is a circle of people around the entrance of the courtyard, but they are all pointing at the situation outside the door.
It turns out that there is a hole in this small facade, and there is a big yard inside.
At the moment, two gangs in the college are confronting each other.
On the one hand, Zheng Li, the master of yiguang, is looking at two young people in the courtyard in the foyer at the moment, and on the other hand, there are two groups of people standing around him.
A group of people with big pants and brown clothes in take off your coat are embroidered with a white crane. In the middle of the class, Hu is a slim J Ο ng fierce character. In his forties, he is the founder of a "Fuyang Martial Arts School" in Chinatown.
The other group is Qing Yishui, black pants, white T-shirt, but Hongfuhui’s team is led by a flat-headed man in his thirties. J: ng Hanhan is the coach of Hongfuhui who practiced wire boxing and was born in Ling Zhaochan.
And Zheng Li is actually from a martial arts background. His practice is different from that of White Crane Boxing. Eating Crane Boxing is also a family boxing.
Crane-eating Boxing is a late boxing method in Fujian Crane Boxing. It was a boxing method advocating actual combat in modern martial arts in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Grandpa Zheng Li was an authentic crane-eating boxer who brought this boxing method to Indonesia when he was in Nanyang that year. He was born in the martial arts school and yiguang was born in Yifutang, a branch of Fujian, Hong Men.
In early Indonesia, Yifutang still had activities in Indonesia before the Chinese community was banned. Later, with the increasing pressure of zhèng fǔ, it gradually annihilated Indonesia’s high-pressure policy towards Chinese in recent years, especially after the nine-year "Chinese exclusion storm". In order to ease the race, President Wahid issued Presidential Decree No.6 in two years to allow Chinese religion and unification to proceed without approval.
With the lifting of the party ban, overseas Chinese and Chinese in Indonesia have set up several Chinese-led political parties, such as Indonesian Integration Party, China Reform Party and Indonesian Datong Party, and some Chinese communities have gradually sprouted, so Zheng Li has restored Yifutang to practice medicine and teach martial arts to young people.
However, it is very difficult for Yifutang to be close to Ri, and it has been strongly excluded by several other Chinese communities.
The reason is that after Zheng Liyi Futang resumed its establishment, most of the people were young people, and there were so many victims in the "Indonesian Chinese Exclusion Storm" in the past nine years. Moreover, he took Yifutang several times to fight against the local Javanese forces for bullying the Chinese, which caused strong dissatisfaction among these Javanese forces, so these forces put pressure on the parties, chambers of commerce and associations in Chinatown, and Yang Yanyi Futang would retaliate against Chinatown if they did anything bad.
As a result, some Chinese communities who dared to show off in front of Chinese people were afraid of attracting local forces to retaliate, and even unanimously excluded Yifutang and demanded that Zheng Li immediately dissolve the hall.
Zheng Li naturally refused! His wife was killed in the nine-year violence on the streets of Jakarta, and even the body was not found, leaving his daughter Zheng Xiuqing to live together.
So he can’t protect his own people. What is the purpose of these Chinese associations?
But no matter what he does, in recent days, people in Chinese communities have come to kick the pavilion one after another.
Today, I came to Fuyang Martial Arts School. It is said that both hands in the courtyard should be crane boxing, but one is white crane boxing and the other is eating crane boxing. However, from the hands of two people, it is found that what they have finished is crane boxing, and modern fighting things have also been added.
The Yifu Hall is Zheng Lisheng, the nephew of Zheng Li. His hand is eating crane boxing, but his steps are not as stable as those of Nanquan, but some modern fighting moves. His opponent is the master brother of Fuyang Martial Arts School, who is known as the "fighting crane" in the local area.
Just as they became one in the field, two people inquired all the way to Fulin and beat yiguang. These two people were Xie Cunguan and Guo Trelu. It turned out that according to Yan Pei’s intelligence, the Black Dragon seemed to make Surabaya the location of this operation after contacting with Indonesian local extremist forces.
On the one hand, Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, which has a great influence in Indonesia. On the other hand, Surabaya’s political and economic stability was almost absent in the nine-year "violent Chinese exclusion" incident. At that time, many Chinese in Jakarta moved here, and the sudden surge of Chinese population seems to have an impact on Chinese confidence and the world.
Moreover, according to intelligence, the funds of the Black Dragon Club are flowing to this place, and the backbone of some extreme anti-Chinese organizations in Indonesia are slowly flowing to this city.
After the establishment of Zheng Liyi Futang, there were obvious actions against local forces, so Yan Pei’s intelligence personnel made this a breakthrough point, and Zheng Li made a connection.
Zheng Li is in the midst of foreign troubles at this time, and some people support nature to hit it off.
So Xie Cunguan and Guo Tanlu came here to make contact with him first.
Who would have thought that when they came in, they touched someone’s door and kicked the pavilion? They didn’t say anything. They tried to get into the courtyard through the crowd, but they were immediately blocked. They were from Fuyang Martial Arts School and Hongfutang.
At this time, the battle in the courtyard was decided at this time.
See "Zhanhe" Yuemian right fist and boxing face Zheng Linsheng, a crane sealing his hand with his left hand in front, lifting his right hand from the front and lifting his palm from the back to his hands like a crane’s mouth. When Zhang Yue’s fist came in, he took hold of the opponent’s fist.
As soon as the receiving crane fist hits the opponent’s hand, it pulls back and takes the opponent’s backhand. Immediately, it turns around and bends the opponent’s arm, elbows the opponent’s heart and then elbows the opponent’s jaw.
This recruit series potential is Zheng Linsheng practice since childhood.
So when his hand touched Yue’s fist, Zheng Linsheng immediately turned to pull him.
However, when Yue’s fist touched his hand, he immediately grabbed his left wrist with his backhand, and immediately pulled them back. Although Zheng Linsheng had both hands and one hand, Yue pulled back with one arm straightened, but their strength turned out to be evenly matched.
Zheng Linsheng turned around, but when he took over, his hands were a little far away from his body, and he didn’t fit properly, so he was a little clumsy without pulling Yue’s body.
At this time, he grabbed Yue with one arm and kicked his right leg straight for his rib.
When you pull your leg and kick your leg, you just listen to a bang. Zheng Linsheng feels the pain in the ribs. When his hand is loosened, he pulls back his arm. When his hand is loosened, he immediately turns his left leg to the left and whips Zheng Linsheng’s face.
Zheng Linsheng’s ribs are hurting, and the black Venus is shining at the moment, which actually gave this leg a whip.
At that time, when the nosebleed splashed, I pushed back a few steps and desperately wanted to live, but finally I fell down without living, and I didn’t want people to step forward immediately and step on Zheng Linsheng’s face again.
On one side, Zheng Li stopped in front of Zheng Linsheng and called "Stop!" When a man comes out of his legs, an embedded horse seals his legs.
If Yue’s leg is blocked, he can punch Zheng Li in the face immediately.
Zheng Li’s legs are embedded in the horse, his hands are as strong as a crane’s, and he shakes his fist and goes out. Put his hands straight forward, insert his hands and fingers, and mark them on Yue’s two shoulder sockets. When Yue hurts, he directly falls back to the ground, and his arms can’t be lifted for a while. Zheng Li, this is an authentic crane-eating fist!
At this time, Founder, curator of Fuyang Martial Arts School, started to move.
As soon as he stretched out his hand and pulled out one of his younger brothers, he threw it forward and went to Zheng Lishen. At this time, the founder’s thin body suddenly retreated to Zheng Lishen’s oblique rear.
Zheng Lishuang’s standard-bearer can’t help but feel a little sorry for beating Yue Xin. People fought Zheng Linsheng with their nephews aboveboard. Although he was out of saving people’s hearts and called for resistance, stealing Gong was different after all.
He was going to say two words of apology when he saw a flash of brown shadow in front of him.
At that time, he was able to hold out the crane-sealing gesture with his knees in arms. Yu wanted to seal the bearer. At this time, he felt a sudden pain in his lower back, and before he could react, he felt that his cervical spine was as painful as a knife.
However, Founder flashed behind him, and while his mind was not in the right place, first one leg bounced on his waist, and then his hand was clenched like a crane’s mouth on his back neck.
Zheng Li felt dizzy as soon as he felt a pain in his cervical vertebra, and he fell to the ground.
In vertigo, he heard a scream from his nephew Zheng Linsheng and his daughter Zheng Xiuqing.
Fujian Crane Boxing is a big school. It is said that Fang Zhendong, a boxer from Lishui, Zhejiang Province, gave boxing skills to his only wife, Shi Niang, who usually likes to practice by the stream. During the practice, he observed the crane’s foraging, flapping its wings, jumping, flying, standing still and imitating and combined it with boxing to create "Shaolin White Crane Boxing", which was later called "White Crane Boxing" or "Crane Boxing".
Later, in the long-term development and evolution, five kinds of crane fists with different styles and outstanding boxing techniques were gradually formed in the late Qing Dynasty: vertical crane, flying crane, singing crane, standing crane and eating crane.
However, although the five kinds of crane boxing have different styles, they all keep the strength of the crane boxing.
Moreover, people who practice crane boxing practice hard work more. Zheng Lilian pierces the iron sand palm with five fingers, while the founder practices the "pickaxe" with five fingers. Ordinary bricks can also be smashed by his hand. The situation is Zheng Li’s cervical vertebra.
At this moment, Zheng Linsheng and Zheng Xiuqing turned to see Zheng Lifu, who was prostrate. His face was as white as paper and his eyes were wide open. Obviously, it hurt. "Dad, how do you feel?" Zheng Xiu brought out KuQiang in the voiceless voice.
"Zheng Li wants you to promise to dissolve Yifutang, and I will send the antidote here immediately!" Founder said coldly, "A family of red flowers and green leaves can’t write two red characters in one stroke!" It turns out that Founder’s ancestors were also Hong Men’s younger brothers.
"What red flowers and green leaves? You are also Hong Men’s younger brother. How can you help outsiders to bully us Chinese!" Zheng Xiuqing couldn’t help but cry, "Are you still Hong Men’s brother doing things like this?"
"Shut up!" At this time, the mouth is that Hongfu will be Lingzhaoer. "Your father will get into trouble for us Chinese sooner or later if Javanese do the right thing everywhere! If your family dies, you can’t get everyone involved, can you? Today, you have to come and go, and you have to come and go. Believe it or not, I will let people tear down your Fulintang signboard! "