"He’s all right …" Summer night looked at the black figure with a long sigh of relief and said with admiration, "I knew he wouldn’t die so easily."

Ye Xiong com Lian Zun Wang said anxiously, "Wang seems that Xia Feng has set an ambush here. Maybe there are many bombs buried in this place. You can’t move on or it will be very dangerous."
"Ye Xiong, you are becoming more and more impatient …" The king’s tone was displeased. "I forgot that the night car has a detector 300 meters and a bomb will sound an alarm."
"Uh" Ye Xiong leng in situ embarrassed said "the king I at that time the feeling be nasty …"
"Immediately dispatch bomb squad to dismantle the Icelandic border bomb" Your Majesty ordered coldly.
"It’s my horse’s arrangement …" Before Ye Xiong finished speaking, the king hung up the com and flashed through the gloomy land like a ghost and soon disappeared from sight.
Ye Xiong quickly arranged to transfer bomb squad from the branch to be here.
"It turned out that he deliberately let the car explode, which was a diversion to let the other side lower their guard." Summer night frowned slightly and looked at the direction of Zunwang. "So he also has a detector, right? So he can be so agile and light to avoid bombs and go to his destination. "
"Yes," said Ye Xiong when you are sad. "Just now, something happened to my king and he forgot such a simple thing, but even if Wang can match it, the car has blown up his shirtless array without a sunshade, and the consequences will be unimaginable for a long time …"
"What we need to find out as soon as possible is when Xi ‘er and her family reduced him." Looking at the waiter who is good at I in the summer night, we frowned and asked, "Haven’t you found it yet?"
"The other person’s skill is too strong. He has set this germ to obstruct our tracker. Although the tracker has located the whole map, it has been covered with a black fog by the virus." The waiter’s eyes are still staring at the brain screen, but he is hesitant to continue to fuck.
"Let me see" summer night took the waiter’s hand palm brain exercise.
"Night is less, so your I skills are so powerful." The waiter knew at a glance that summer night was an I master.
"I have never been interested in this aspect, but I occasionally look at research one."
Summer night didn’t lift his head to say that he was a gifted boy since he was a child, with an unforgettable memory and a keen mind. He has always been interested in business matters, and he has been a business wizard since he was a teenager. Although he didn’t study I deeply, he can make a breakthrough in his mind by looking at things once.
"Mobilize people to surround Iceland. I want to make it difficult for Xia Feng to fly," arranged by Ye Xiong.
"The left guardian helicopter has set off from the branch and I believe it will come to Iceland soon." A waiter came to report.
"Speed up" Ye Xiong command
"Well, the virus has been solved, but the previous tracking clue has been destroyed by the virus." Summer night, I handed over my palm to the waiter. "I have set up a new defense software system and will not be attacked by the virus again."
"Yes," I the waiter sighed sincerely when he saw the clear map of brain shielding. "You are too powerful at night. I have been studying I technology for more than ten years, but it’s a shame not to watch it occasionally."
"This is the difference between a genius and a mortal." Summer night smiles. He has been called a gifted child since he was six years old. If he can solve problems with his brain, it will be even worse. The night servant has always been less powerful than the martial servant. What’s worse, this I waiter is faced with a ball. I am a genius. Xia Feng is of course difficult to deal with. No wonder Xia Mo wants to reform and attach importance to carrying forward the literature.
"Hurry up and track the specific address of Xia Feng" Ye Xiong urged.
"it’s the left protector"
The person who dialed Xia Han dialect in summer night answered. He was able to dial Lang dialect for a long time and finally got through.
"michel platini you …"
"We are on our way to Iceland at night." The tone is a little urgent, and the light car can hear that they are driving.
"Did Xia Feng inform you to come?" Summer night setting up eyebrows, he thought it was very strange. Since Xia Feng was aiming at Xia Mo, why should everyone be brought here?
"He asked us to come in person …"