But fortunately, his heart in Cheng Yaojin is calm and anxious. Although he can’t be wise, he knows how to handle the situation calmly, especially now when his life is fleeting.

"Don’t, don’t, don’t be a hero. Calm down. I can give you anything you want. I can do it." Cheng Yaojin hurriedly clenched his fist at the same time, but he didn’t dare to resist, because he knew the pros and cons. If it’s easy to be different from gambling, since you can be so powerful, you can’t resist yourself.
The wall immediately came to the side with hundreds of soldiers and hundreds of pike aimed at Rogge and Cheng Yaojin immediately surrounded Rogge.
"We can talk about everything in our city, but if you dare to hurt the Lord, you will end up beheaded. Please consider the splendor and death, and choose your own."
Cheng Yaojin hand a middle-aged general dressed in red Se shirt calm to say
Rogge always looks at all this coldly. Although this place is the protagonist now, he is like a bystander.
In the face of hundreds of armed soldiers, Rogge’s face is dull, and his eyes usually blink without expression, fear, excitement and speech, which is so deadlocked.
"I depend on this is silly? Uh ….. Wrong. Will there be such an extraordinary stupidity? But what’s wrong with his face … Give me an expression … Er … I’m going to kneel down! "
At the moment, several soldiers are slandering in their hearts because they have never seen such a natural to stay face. Look at his face of human and animal harm. Will you rest assured us? I said that no matter how awesome you are, you can’t get a thousand! There are thousands of soldiers in this wall. It won’t look good if I give you a blood hole …
"Hey men forgive men want anything though say men thirsty? Do you want some water, hero? Your belly called the floor to treat you to roast duck … "
Cheng Yaojin has almost said that it has been almost a quarter of an hour. This cargo is so motionless and deadlocked. What do you want is a pit? It makes my neck stiff. It’s so motionless and I’m not comfortable. Now Cheng Yaojin can’t wait to die at once … What a man …
Cheng Yaojin eyes turned out white.
"The duke! Lord! The Lord is dying. Rescue the Lord quickly! " Red generals quickly way
"I have nothing to do but roll my eyes." Cheng Yaojin suddenly came alive and didn’t have the spirit to stare at his department. "I am tired and want to sleep."
All the soldiers almost laughed when they had it, but they all endured it.
"Hungry" Rogge said.
Um ..
They almost didn’t fall.
I’m talking. I’m finally talking, but I’m hungry. What does that mean?
That’s silly. I didn’t guess wrong …
"Hungry means …"
"Want to eat …" A soldier replied.
"Yes, that’s it. If you are hungry, you have to eat."
Hungry? Cheng Yaojin couldn’t help turning his head and looking at the man. It didn’t matter. He was shocked.
Because the man actually wiped his lips with his hand, it seemed that he was really hungry.
"Building to drink? Please eat roast duck … "Cheng Yaojin slowly tempted and cautious.
"Okay, let’s go and drink. By the way, how about another roast R incarnation pig?" Rogge bent his finger and let it go from Cheng Yaojin’s throat. Then he patted Cheng Yaojin on the shoulder.
Cheng Yaojin shivered and got a fright! Hundreds of guns pointed at Rogge’s heart. This is a great opportunity. How can the soldiers miss this opportunity? The broadsword in the red general’s hand is ready to chop Rogge. At this point, Cheng Yaojin suddenly drinks "Stop it! Back "Cheng Yaojin suddenly took Rogge’s hand and Rogge didn’t refuse Cheng Yaojin with a warm smile." Go "Cheng Yaojin took Rogge to the tower and went to his department. They all recovered their weapons, but one hundred soldiers still followed two people and went to Cheng Yaojin. It was almost a mistake. It was hard to make peace. How could there be another conflict? Because Cheng Yaojin intuitively told himself that if his department really stabbed him just now, he didn’t know the consequences would be as he always felt that it would not be so smooth. This change was really great and Cheng Yaojin didn’t think the enemy was a brain. What’s his wishful thinking? Walking and thinking about it, I have reached the winery.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Light clouds and light winds
The table is set with roast chicken, wild bamboo shoots, spiced donkey meat, two dishes of peanuts, two jars of old wine and a little R incarnation pig.
I didn’t expect that there was really a roasted rǔ pig here, which surprised Rogge very much. The whole roast rǔ pig was golden and shiny, and a fat pig head was facing Rogge’s whole roast rǔ pig. Although it was not big, it was impossible for Rogge and Cheng Yaojin to completely solve it.
"Come and drink!" Cheng Yaojin raised an altar of wine and advised Rogge.
Now Rogge Suoxing doesn’t care, so he has to get up and lift the jar, not to mention it’s quite heavy.
Touch the jar in Cheng Yaojin’s hand, and the jar in Rogge’s hand will sound crisp together.
Rogge Cheng Yaojin gulped down the wine together to eat meat.
Cheng Yaojin tore a pork elbow and then chewed it directly. Rogge also tore a piece and ate it rudely.
Both of them seem to be very generous, and they are like iron brothers who haven’t seen each other for years. However, Cheng Yaojin’s eyes narrowed into a line
"Isn’t it afraid of my alcohol poisoning if this goods are really rude at all?" Cheng Yaojin muttered in my heart.
After drinking all the food on the table, most of them were killed by Cheng Yaojin alone, which made Rogge have to wear it to the end
"Dead fat can really be eaten!" Rogge also heart way
We’re out of wine and meat. Is this a showdown?