As soon as they touched the flying sword, the several beams of light were instantly beaten to ashes, and the speed of the flying sword remained unchanged. Although Tianlu’s posture was fast, he couldn’t come at all.

The key moment is small, but it is unhurried to throw out the ten thousand-year-old xuanjing concentrate. "Grandma just saw such a garbage fairy baby give me a good beating today!"
As if to set off his grandiloquence, the stick hit the flying sword and suddenly "choked". In Tianlu’s dumbfounded eyes, the mighty little sword was torn apart on the spot and fell to the ground.
"Uh …" Tianlu wiped her eyes. "Are you kidding?"
Gastrodia elata was surprised and rushed to stretch out his hand and take out a mirror from his pocket to call out, "Gan Kun is extremely …"
Xiao Cai didn’t bother to give him a chance to make a magic weapon. He pointed his hand at Gastrodia elata and said, "Call me!"
In ten thousand, the speed of iron concentrate was so rapid that everyone’s brains didn’t react. They had come to Gastrodia elata and knocked at his head with a stick.
Gastrodia elata is also a bit of a hurry. Although it is not possible to display the magical power of this mirror, it is still possible to raise the mirror to block it. He blocked it with one hand and heard a "snap" in the past moment. This mirror was broken again.
"Oh, my God!" Tianlu is also a little dumbfounded. "This is the magic weapon of Gastrodia elata. Is it so broken?"
Tianlu is still dumbfounded. Gastrodia elata wants to cry. The mirror of Yin and Yang is broken, but he doesn’t even have a chance to mourn. Because of that black stick, his head is already thunderous.
"No way out, try to block it …" Gastrodia elata wanted to cry again and took out a magic weapon to meet with confidence.
"poof!" Juling’s banner is broken and broken.
"Card!" The white jade bowl is cracked.
"bang!" The elixir exploded.
Tianlu "… Am I dreaming?"
Yao Yuan: "You didn’t dream. Brother has always been tough."
Gastrodia elata’s mood at the moment can’t be shaped except "I want to die". This time, it took him a lot of effort to borrow a lot of magic weapons from Taoist friends. It’s someone else’s white jade bowl and everyone else’s ruined now. Even if he can go back, he will take off his skin. If he angered those grumpy six immortals …
But the key is-the elixir is blown up.
The inferno can cultivate life magic beads and immortals can also cultivate life elixirs. Different from magic beads, there are many elixirs, but this elixir contains the most essential part of the immortal strength values of the immortals. Although it is not as involved in life and death as Yuan Ying and Dan, it is almost half-life.
Now this half-life has been beaten by that weird stick.
Gastrodia elata was angry and sorrowful, and the ghost looked straight at the body and everything was cleaned. Finally, I couldn’t help but scream, "Forgive me!"
It’s a real spirit. After shouting the stick in three words, I immediately stopped my head three centimeters away. A sense of sen’s cold metal came over and made Gastrodia suddenly make a cold war again.
"You go, I won’t kill you." Little smile happily said, "Although I am a worm, you are not a worm. Yaochi in Kunlun Mountain still needs your protection."
Gastrodia elata was pale and his mouth trembled. Suosuo took out a pair of glasses like longicorn in his pocket and stared at the lens for a long time before he said dumb, "Are you … three immortals?"
"No" Trail "I’m just a human being. Please go. My friend is still waiting for revenge. I’ll change my mind later."
Gastrodia stupefied for a long time and then said, "What’s your name, Xian Zun?"
Trail "My name is Yan Xiao"
Gastrodia elata mumbled the name several times and finally left with a stamp of hate.
Tianlu didn’t really return to absolute being until Gastrodia elata disappeared. At this moment, ten thousand years ago, the iron concentrate was still floating. Tianlu held his glasses and stared for a long time. Finally, he sighed a whole face and turned into a bitter gourd. "I’m finished. I’m really finished this time."
"Are you kidding?" Yao Yuan wondered. "Didn’t we win?"
Instead, Tianlu ignored him and looked up and sighed, "My favorite thing in Tianlu’s life is freedom, but this time I owe Yan Xiao a great kindness … I wanted to give back what I have learned in my life … Who knows, I actually saw that his immortal strength value was fifty thousand …
My mother, how can I repay you? "
"Don’t do this," the little comfort said. "I don’t need you to repay me. I’m not trying to save you. I’m just a clear-water toad …"
"That won’t do!" Tianlu grabbed his little arm and suddenly it got dirty. "I’ve always been aboveboard and grateful, and I’m definitely not an ungrateful person. I’ll try my best to repay your kindness to me!"
His eyes were bright and he made up his mind instantly. "I’ve decided that I will follow you until I find a way to repay you!" "
"It’s not convenient for you to follow me," pleaded the little girl. "I just have some trivial matters to deal with recently …"
"Then I don’t care." I want to respect my sentiment and integrity! "
"Er … do you think this is good?" The little head hurts. "Look, the garden is dirty by you. Why don’t you clean it up? It’s a reward."
"What did you say!" Tianlu jumped up on the spot, and his voice suddenly became high, and his face was extremely fierce. It seemed as if he had suddenly killed his father and killed his wife and hated Xiao. "Yan Xiao, although your immortal strength is 20,000, you can’t insult me!"
"I … I didn’t." Small also some startled.
"Still say no!" Tianlu said angrily, "What is it that you want me to sweep the garden? You are underestimating my strength, underestimating me and underestimating me. You are deliberately trying to put me in infidelity, injustice and unfilial. Your heart is really sinister! "
He rolled up his sleeve. "Although my talent is low, I am worthless in front of you, but I can’t stand your insulting me … I will fight you endlessly!"
Xiao suddenly got a fright. "Holy shit, are you serious?"
"Do I look like a man of my word?" Tianlu is even more angry. "First, let me repay you. Second, fight with me. You choose!"
Little completely faded "I … I choose one"
Tianlu suddenly eyebrow eye smile that speed is faster than the face change in Sichuan Opera "Ok, ok, now that you have promised, I will follow you. Don’t worry, I have a lot of oh, by the way, didn’t you just say that there are some trivial things to deal with?" You said I would help you! "
"Alas, you can’t help anyone in this matter." When it comes to this little face, it’s a little bitter again. "This time it’s very troublesome. Besides this clear water toad, I have to go to a place to get humanoid blood jade and then … then I have to practice a very strange kung fu … Poor me, I don’t even have a formula … Alas, it’s very troublesome …"
Tianlu suddenly looked a little strange and stared at it for a long time before saying, "Double major?"