This is ridiculous.

Xiao Huang sneered.
At the sight of Xiao Huang, the queen mother was afraid of shaking and kept hiding from her in the corner of the hall so that she wouldn’t hear any bad news.
But Xiao Huang’s words still reached her ears.
"I’ve come to tell you that a younger sister died two days ago."
Xiao Huang was pale and said Xiao Qiao died in Chen Fu two days ago.
Old Chen Ge personally took his son to the palace to send a message. He was faint and said, don’t make a fuss about the death of the princess because of the uneasiness in Beijing.
Because Xiao Huang said that Chen Fu couldn’t keep a low profile, he simply hung up for three days and sent the princess away. Almost no one noticed it in the whole capital.
However, the emperor didn’t blame Chen Ge for his relief. To be honest, Xiao Qiao died and the Chen family was relieved.
This woman is a disaster at all. Who knows when something will happen?
It’s very kind of the emperor to get rid of her without blaming them.
Not only that, Xiao Huang also said on the spot that she would point out another princess to Chen Jia’s second wife.
Xiao Lin and Xiao Qiao are completely different. Chen Ge always knows that he is happy and thanked him immediately and went out.
After hearing Xiao Huang’s words, the Queen Mother of Yangde Palace Hall enlarged her eyes and cried, with tears and snot.
She regretted it. She really regretted it.
She knelt down in front of Xiao Huang. "Huang Er, stop it. Stop it. I’ll die and you’ll bypass Lujia."
My son and daughter are all dead, and now Lujia is left. If Lujia dies again, what is left of her and what they have
They suffered all these treatments because of her. Because of her.
If she doesn’t have other thoughts about Xiao Huang, Xiao Huang must have concerns and won’t really kill them all.
She knows that, but there is no regret medicine in the world
The queen mother kept kowtowing and plopping.
It’s a pity that Xiao Huang said lightly, "It’s late. The Lu family has been beheaded at noon today."
When he finished speaking, he got up gracefully and flicked his yellow dragon robe like a god, standing in the sun with domineering dignity/
It’s a pity that when I saw the queen mother’s eyes, I thought this man was a demon.
He is a devil.
"You’re a devil. You’re an evil ghost."
The queen mother turned pale and gnashed her teeth.
Xiao Huang is unmoved, but his eyes can’t be gentle. What if a person wants that person not to say that he is a devil, even if heaven and man say that he is a devil?
He turned and walked outside the temple, saying, "No, but they are you. Even if you die, I will let heaven and man know what kind of snake-hearted woman you are. Even if you die, you will bear the eternal blame."
"ah ah"
The queen mother’s eye pupil is red and crazy, and she seems to bump into one side column of the main hall.
This time, she did what she could. She hit the head of the column and spent a lot of time. But when she died, Xiao Huang still had that sentence in her mind, and you will bear a thousand years of blame until you die.
Hehehe, this is her own sin. She can’t live. What goes around comes around.
Behind the temple, there was an exclamation of "Empress Dowager"
The eunuch ran out and saw the emperor standing outside the temple looking up at the sky. The eunuch novel said, "The empress dowager empress her."
"Take it out and throw it anywhere, but don’t go out about it."
"It’s the emperor"
The little eunuch looked handsome like a fairy emperor, but he was cold from head to foot.
Xiao Huang is in a good mood, but she led Xia Shao away all the way.
But as soon as they got out of hall of mental cultivation, they saw Nie Li leading several people running over and cried, "It’s bad for the emperor. The little emperor met an assassin in the imperial garden, and the empress hurried over to the emperor. Now the little emperor has fallen into the hands of the assassin."
Xiao Huang’s face changed and he turned and ran to the imperial garden.
He doesn’t care, but he doesn’t allow anyone to hurt himself.
At this time, many guards in the imperial garden are surrounded by several ladies-in-waiting wearing palace clothes, and one of them is holding the little emperor Yuanyuan in his hand.
Yuanyuan has always been bold, but now she is scared to cry because he can feel the rage of the maid-in-waiting holding her.
Although the child can’t speak, he can intuitively feel the likes and dislikes of others. He fell into the hands of the maid-in-waiting holding her, and he cried with fear.