Cranes don’t wave. These are all good things to sell to the vampires in Adelaide. Isn’t that what they want? No shame at all. It’s still dangerous here. The battlefield took out an extra-large jade bottle and quickly put the blood of the frozen emperor in the mouth of others and took back the ring.

By the time Bill reacted, he had already punched Zhang Zhenshen with a fist of Ba Yu’s incomparable power. Don’t you have Wang Gong? Pretty good, huh? Have a taste of Ba Yu’s true spirit. You don’t know what you are without hitting you. A ghost carpet doesn’t know how to separate yourself, does it? If I don’t put you back to your original shape, I will be a girl with you tomorrow morning!
Once again, the blood gas gushed out because of Zhang Zhentian’s strong Wang Gong’s anti-dusting. These guys are all hard bones that hurt the enemy, one thousand grandchildren, eight o, hey hey, no loss!
Morning thinks like this, relying on his abnormal golden body to quickly become proud of the three evil spirits. In addition to playing against Ning Ten, some people are often depressed, and they are often stopped by the party’s painting. This frozen emperor and Zhang Zhentian’s restless ghost carpet are all beaten by the morning without temper and vomiting blood!
However, the commotion of the magic mountain in the magic tower of the imperial god was still felt by the morning. The cunning roots of these three evil spirits were beaten and vomited blood by themselves, but they were not far from the scope of the lion’s misery. The magic mountain of the imperial god, the deer tower, lost its connection, and the morning had to keep attacking and looking for opportunities to do it. They also had to try their best to make them lose their connection.
The stiff emperor’s wood phosphorus was abruptly beaten by the magic Lingshan in the morning, but the other two were unable to find another way in the morning!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Magic Star in this world
Chapter two hundred and fifty-four Magic Star in this world
The imperial god crouched in the magic tower, and the lion’s misery kept shrinking, and finally it became three feet in size, so it could no longer be compressed. The magic spirit inside was crowded and almost integrated, and the magic aura was even stronger to an extremely horrible degree.
The lion’s miserable struggle is gradually reduced, and the two factions are fighting each other, while the yellow super masters are playing without knowing that the whole country has long since disappeared. In the morning, Ying Ying can feel that there are all kinds of energy collision traces everywhere in Fiona Fang’s thousands of miles area. That is what those super masters are fighting with each other. Some of them have already reached the morning induction range, and I’m afraid I don’t know how much it is. In the morning, I am constantly manipulating the imperial god, crouching the magic tower, refining the tower’s magic spirit, but there are two demons who are linked to the tower’s magic spirit. After all
"Day hair pitfalls! Thunder! "
The hand tactic is constantly changing. In the morning, a thunder tactic finally formed in the mouth. As a huge blue thunder column came, Zhang Zhentian was about to rush, and Zhang Zhentian was immediately scared to escape for several miles. Zhang Zhentian just hit a thunder column and poured it directly into the magic tower.
The arrival of Leizhu not only didn’t make the imperial god subdue the devil, but also counted the number of demons in the bellow. In these nine days, Leizhu became the purest vitality and was absorbed by the imperial god subdue the devil. However, there are too many demons in the tower, but this Leizhu can’t be killed by the roots!
Tianchen doesn’t beg for grace to continue to make thunder tactic, but it’s really difficult to start. I know that Tianchen wants to borrow thunder to deal with the magic door. Of course, three people won’t make Tianchen so easy to cast spells against Ningfangtian and react quickly. A thick magic gas greeted Tianchen with a better than ShaQi.
A sweet mouthful of blood in my throat in the morning finally poured into my mouth and swallowed it. At the same time, the flying sword drew a half-moon-shaped shock wave, and it was also unceremoniously beheaded. Although I was a master of the Xuan level, I was born with magic gas to face the morning with a humming physical strength and bullying. Although I was blocked by his forehead protective cover, I really even sprayed three mouths of blood. This barely stabilized my posture. Flying sword once again drew a dry cross-vibration, and I almost couldn’t hold the magic weapon that accompanied him for half a century!
I don’t know when Zhang Zhentian came back again. Wang Jin attacked the morning again, but he always paid attention to this ghost carpet that promoted the development of Huashan Conference. Just after he was nearly 100 meters away from his body, he had already sensed that it was very insidious to wait until Zhang zhen Tianwangjin hit and stretched out a palm in the morning.
Zhang Zhentian knew that it was not good just after the palm-to-palm. Although he took Bill’s body, it was a ghost blanket who was born in the face of the golden strength in the morning, just like a kid who saw the palm of his hand before it was right. When the palm of his hand crossed, Zhang Zhentian completely recovered Wang Jin, but he was just unceremoniously attacked by Chen Zhenli and poured the golden strength into Zhang Zhentian’s palm.
Exclaimed Zhang zhen Arabian Palm has * * shriveled bones, and immediately flew back. Dan medicine was poured into the mouth by Zhang Zhentian, but he dug a panacea from the grave of the bodhi old zu master, and even though it was almost ruined by the golden strength, the right hand was gradually recovered.
"Card wipe …"
In the original pain, Zhang Zhentian was so proud that he felt much better after taking Dan medicine. He was about to encircle Tianchen again but was directly beheaded by two Indiana Jones!
Shadow flashing Zhang Zhentian this just screamed and fell.
Looking at the two disappeared black corners of the mouth in the morning, I was slightly alone. This Yin Rose’s parents really attacked the black-handed ancestors at this critical moment, and they actually destroyed Zhang Zhentian’s hands with one blow.
It’s a pity that if I looked at my eyes, I was helped by the girl, Zhang Zhentian. If I could make up an estimate, I could completely end this evil spirit’s life. It’s a pity that a claw next to me hit the frozen emperor’s scales again and stretched out his frozen emperor’s claws to the morning.
Once again, I hit the wooden phosphorus claw with one punch, and I didn’t forget to continue to launch the thunder tactic. In the second nine days, the thunder fell down again and smashed the imperial god, the magic and the magic spirit. These nine days, the thunder turned into vitality. At this moment, the forehead of the imperial god and the magic spirit has been reduced to the size of ten feet again. It is estimated that the thunder will be able to completely hold the purest vitality of the tower’s forehead and magic spirit, but the inverse ning over there has been the first big lift today!
"The magic star of heaven and earth is alive!"
The sound of the sea just fell, and almost at the same time, a dark cloud covered the sky, and there were more than a dozen stars in the dark clouds. In the dark clouds, a total of thirteen stars in the underworld were reversed by the magic power, and all the monsters in this world began to end. The carnival was suppressed by the magic tower of the imperial god, and the shining of the stars in the foothills of the magic spirit changed dramatically for a moment. Thirteen huge deer spirits were generated and separated from the suppression of the magic tower of the imperial god, and they came to the tower in the morning to reverse the evil spirit, and thirteen powerful demons in the middle stage of feeding the yellow level were reversed.
"independence!" The morning is also unambiguous, and the syllables in the mouth are moved by thousands of spells, which are instantly smashed, and the whole town is covered with this simple magic charm. Although the magic charm is worse than the winning quantity, the magic charm of controlling the inferior amount in the morning also shows a powerful attack. The magic charm is smashed like a shell and is rushing to the morning. The magic spirit has not crossed the general distance, and the two magic spirits can’t help but scream and disappear, but the number of magic spirits is not small. Eleven huge magic spirits still risk their lives to charge towards the morning.
I don’t mind knowing that the spell effect is not good in the morning, but I saw that the magic tower was inspired by the magic star, and the magic mountain was re-supported by the magic mountain from the size of ten feet to the size of fifteen feet. I had to endure the dreary exercise and pottery five blue spells out of the ring in the morning to deal with the magic spirit!
It’s cheap, Master Yu Xuan. It’s rare to leave a few pieces of authentic fairy symbols of Yu Shenzong. Even in the celestial world, there are not many good things. Especially, it can make people in the mortal world make it even better to deal with the magical things catalyzed by magical aura. It’s absolutely immediate.
"soldier! Now! "
Maoshan sent the town to send the method and spread the beans to become a soldier. It has the same effect. Five fairy tales are recited in the morning, and in a short time, five heavenly soldiers are born. Each of them is fed with the initial strength of the Xuan level to hedge against eleven. However, in the middle of the Yellow level, the five heavenly soldiers are cut into several pieces by spending a few guns or cutting a huge magic spirit.
The mountain soldiers who finished the work didn’t just return to the virtual morning, and the order continued to rush to work hard for a while. enter the dragon!
Ding-ding among the five mountain soldiers, each of them made the soldiers hit the rebellious attitude, and the painting cost of Fang Tian fiddled with his strength back and forth. Although Gao Qiang reached the initial level of the five mysterious mountain soldiers, although the attack power was at most half, it was enough for him to drink a pot of money. It was not an empty talk to accidentally deal with capsizing in the gutter!