Lin Er’s girl is also very surprised. She really didn’t see it wrong. She knew that the young man in front of her was born a genius at refining, but she still didn’t expect that the abnormal young man successfully refined weapons for the first time. She studied refining with her grandfather for two years before she became a second-order refiner, but this teenager in front of her is really abnormal. Once she grows up, it is possible to reach the ninth-order refiner.

Thought of here, Lin Er girl’s eyes were full of tenderness, and she bowed her head around the teenager’s neck and gave him a kiss.
Tang Jun blushed and let Lin Er girl continue refining. This time, he directly chose to refine the treasure. Lin Er girl was surprised and smiled and gave the teenager an encouragement. She has become a third-order refiner. It is not bad to be able to refine the treasure ten times. How dare the teenager challenge the treasure just after learning to refine it? What are the chances of success?
This treasure refining weapon is vastly different. The materials alone have increased a lot, and it is difficult for these incompatible things to be fused together. Even if the fusion is successful, a little impurity will remain in all kinds of materials, and it will still fail to become a scrap in the final step. This is also the biggest headache for refining treasures.
Refining a treasure requires iron, steel, refined iron, black crystal, black iron, medium-order deity stone, and fourth-order Warcraft leather armor skeleton, and a little high-quality jadeite and high-quality crystal need to be added; When refining, you need the help of spiritual fire, otherwise it will be difficult to succeed.
After just some refining, Tang Jun has a little understanding of the basic operation of the refiner, and the third-order refiner Lin Er teaches Tang Jun whether he has spiritual fire or the most horrible "spiritual fire". Tang Jun completed the selection of materials and refining chemicals for integration in almost 20 minutes.
There are nine kinds of materials, each of which has different impurities. It is really difficult to get rid of these wastes and do exercises next to the high-temperature furnace tripod. However, Tang Junji’s soul perception ability is particularly strong, and it takes only half an hour for Tang Junji to get rid of the impurities in nine kinds of materials, but there is still a little impurity. Tang Jun feels that those precious materials are still horrible "divine fire"-it is still difficult to find out and clean them up.
Tang Jun couldn’t help but frown and look at Lin Er’s girl with a wry smile. "Sister, this refining treasure is really troublesome. It’s hard to find those impurities left behind even in the’ God Fire’. How did your third-order refiner do it?"
Miss Liner gave the teenager a white look and smiled angrily. "Every time my sister refines a treasure, it takes a few hours to find out these tiny impurities hidden in it. As a result, she worked hard for a few days to get it, but it’s still a waste. But if you refine it for the first time, can you find it?"
Tang Jun can’t help but feel a little depressed. If these tiny impurities are removed by law, they will definitely fail in the end.
Lin Er girl smiled and shook her head straight when she saw the teenager’s expression. She pointed her snow-white finger at the teenager’s forehead and said, "You are not satisfied. Generally, it is difficult for a third-order refiner to sense the tiny impurities inside. You can feel that the soul perception is much stronger than others. Listen to my grandfather’s saying that if it takes half an hour to remove the special gas, it will be possible to find out those tiny impurities, and the fusion of the seventh-order refiner will rarely get stuck."
Tang Jun was overjoyed, and the whole person was full of energy. He immediately called for a new gas with excellent taste from the body and blew it into the furnace tripod. Suddenly, a little invisible gas entered the furnace tripod and turned around again, and then absorbed the tiny impurities in those materials and returned to Tang Jun.
"Good" Tang Jun smiled and showed his pride.
Miss Lin’s eyes are wide open and she stares at the young man in front of her. Is it true that the teenager just blew a sigh of relief and removed the tiny impurities inside? Is it possible that only a fairy can have this kind of great magical power, a samurai boy?
Seeing Lin Er’s sister’s silly and lovely Tang Jun couldn’t help hugging her and giving her a loud Chapter Three hundred and ninety Competition Square.
Then Tang Jun mobilized the "Divine Fire" to make nine kinds of materials that have been refined and blended together, and then pulled out the plug next to the furnace tripod to let the liquid in it flow into the mold, then put it into the sink for cooling, fished it out and put it into the furnace tripod for burning again. After being built by the "Divine Fire", it has become a glittering sword, and the sword has released an aura from time to time. However, at this time, the sword can not be said to be a treasure, and it will take a long time to burn it before it can really become a powerful treasure.
Put the formed sword into the furnace tripod cover, and Tang Jun sat next to it to control the "jack-o’-lantern". Lin Er, a girl sitting next to the teenager, was a little incredulous. Could it really be successful to watch his teenager refine jewels for the first time?
Tang Jun is confident that since those tiny impurities have been removed, the success rate of refining jewels this time can be said to have reached 90%, and there is almost no problem with the help of "divine fire" in the last furnace.
"Sister Lin, you help my younger brother guard the jack-o’-lantern. I will have a rest this time. If refining succeeds, my younger brother will give you a big gift." Tang Jun laughed and put his head on Lin’s thigh and closed his eyes.
Lin Er girl stretched out her snow-white hand and gently stroked the teenager’s cheek and smiled, "My younger brother has a lot of treasures. If I send one to my sister, I will be so happy."
"It’s a pity that my baby is almost not myself. It’s my younger brother’s intention to accept a maid and give it to me for safekeeping." Tang Jun suddenly sat up and whispered close to Liner’s girl’s ear. "If my sister is willing to be my younger brother’s personal maid, how can you choose my baby?"
"Do you dare? Do you dare to accept a servant girl if you are a master of honour? " Lin son girl stared at the young JiaoChen way
"Is it unusual for the venerable servant girl?" Tang Jun’s face showed contempt and laughed. "What is the servant girl who dares to accept the venerable?"
Lin Er’s girl turned white-eyed and couldn’t say a word. The Star Mainland is a super master who has reached the level of the Emperor. It is rare to see the venerable servant girls around her. This is because anyone who has reached the level of the venerable master will step into the ranks of the strong, and even if he is a servant girl, he will automatically abolish and be a free agent. Unless the venerable master is willing to continue to wait on his master, no one can force him to bully or he will become an enemy of all the masters all day.
"Don’t regret it if you don’t want to?" Tang Jun winked at Lin Er’s sister without explaining that she lay down again and again, resting her head against her soft and plump thighs and closing her eyes.
I didn’t expect this teenager to be so arrogant in front of me. Liner girl was amazed that she still agreed with the juvenile talk. Once the abnormal teenager grows up in the future, I’m afraid she is not worthy to be his servant girl. But now she is a master of honour. Is she really willing to be a servant girl for the teenager?
Tang Jun turned over to lie on Liner’s sister’s legs and put her arms around her waist to continue dreaming.
At this time, it was dark, and it was late. While manipulating the "jack-o’-lantern", Liner gently stroked the teenager’s hair, and her heart was in a mess. I don’t know when she fell asleep.
When Liner wakes up, her eyes are dim and she sees the young man with a shining sword in his hand, and her face is triumphant.
Lin Er girl was so surprised that she immediately got up and was about to go and have a look. Suddenly, she found that her clothes, chest and super breasts were almost exposed. Obviously, what did the teenager do last night?
Lin Er’s pretty cheeks immediately blushed. She was a little in distress situation. This little bastard knew how to bully her and take advantage of her. He seemed to owe him a generation. Otherwise, how could he have touched such a lai?
Tang Jun saw Lin Er’s sister wake up and immediately went over to her side and stared at her super big breasts. She stretched out her little hand to help her gently button a few buttons on her chest and laughed. "It’s cheap for you to sleep like a pig without cleaning you up."
"Don’t you dare," said Lin’s angry girl, staring at the teenager and gently beating his chest.
Lin Er’s shame and anger are even more touching. Tang Jun’s heart laughed and hugged her into his arms. "In order to compensate Lin Er’s servant girl for her loss, Uncle decided to send you a big gift."
"I’m not going to be you."
Lin Er, the girl was angry. Suddenly, her eyes bulged out before she finished a word, and she couldn’t blink a furnace to help refine the "jack-o’-lantern". The "fire of the gods" actually shot out and slipped into her mouth and burned down her throat. Finally, she didn’t leave the abdomen. Although the body was in great pain, it disappeared as soon as it disappeared.
Lin Er’s girl looked at the young man with a trembling lip for a long time without saying a word. Now that she has "fairy aura" and "divine fire", it is no problem to practice hard and become a seven-order refiner in the future.
Tang Jun laughed and picked up the sword just refined and put the girl’s hand.