Even if Jia Wenhua identified 20 pieces of porcelain, it would be a victory for Wang Haidong.

Who told him to boast that Wang Haidong was a piece and that a draw was a victory for Wang Haidong?
At this time, Jia Wenhua was also a bachelor and said thoughtfully, "It was a hero and a teenager. This guy Chen really cultivated a good apprentice."
Speaking of which, Jia Wenhua left the private seal of Ganlong without returning to everyone. He didn’t even look at it for the last time. This move was that Jia Wenhua regained a lot of faces. What is a master? This is called a master.
Although Jia’s cultural name is not very pleasant to listen to, he is really a master in this respect.
Xia Guangshan took the lead in applauding Jia Wenhua, followed by a warm applause.
This palm is a farewell to Jia Wenhua, but in the end, it became more and more enthusiastic, but it was a Wang Haidong. This is a recognition given to Wang Haidong by peers in the antique industry in Jiangling City.
From this moment, Wang Haidong is truly integrated into the unfathomable antique circle of the river city.
After the palm of your hand, Xia Guangshan walked to the front desk and took out a purple gold-inlaid card in public, saying, "This is our VIP card of Hanhai Auction House. Now, congratulations on Wang Zhanggui’s victory in this gambling fight. This card is given to Wang Zhanggui as a gift."
There are not two VIP cards of Hanhai auction house in the whole river city, but Nangong Wang, president of the Cultural Relics Association, and Chen Dalong, grandfather of Wang Haidong. This card is recognized by Hanhai auction house for an industry peer.
With this VIP card, Wang Haidong can enjoy a 10% discount at Hanhai Auction House, although this is only a 10% discount. If it is a million antique transactions, the 10% discount is 100,000 units.
This is also a means for Hanhai auction house to win over some antiques. Although Wang Haidong’s grandfather Chen Dalong owned such a card, the card automatically became invalid after Chen Dalong’s death.
Now Wang Haidong is finally Jubaoge once again won a VIP card.
The appraisal meeting went on, but the antiques sent didn’t bring too many surprises to everyone, but the box of golden nanmu was very attractive in terms of workmanship and age
But Wang Haidong inquired carefully that this antique was bought by Hanhai auction house.
When the time comes, how much you earn will be Hanhai auction house, which is also a big part of the auction house’s money.
Finally, Jin Pang came up and said, "You may be a little unsatisfied, but we won’t let you identify the three antiques left. This time, the pastel porcelain with gold tracing lines brought by Wang Zhanggui is our finale auction, but the headquarters has come to allocate three treasures. We will help out this summer auction.
These last three antiques have been appraised by experts from the Palace Museum, and experts have appraisal certificates to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the antiques. I hope that our auction house will bring you a surprise in three days. "
This time, the goods appraisal meeting ended. The biggest gain was not the house auction house, but Wang Haidong, a novice. After everyone dispersed, Xia Guangshan called to let Jin Fat pass.
He sat in the boss’s chair and said with a frown, "Laojin, this time things are beyond my expectation. It’s not bad that I have a gold tracing pastel porcelain finale auction."
But in the city, it is said that this time, the investment delegation will not only come from Guangzhou, but also from Hong Kong. It seems that it is to inspect the construction of industrial parks, so I called the headquarters to send three better antiques. Are you sure to host this auction? "
Jin Pang wanted to mean to say, "I also have experience in hosting large-scale auctions in summer. Don’t worry about this, but since there are Hong Kong businessmen, can the antiques be sold to them?" Don’t let anyone bother us again because of this. "
Some antiques can’t be sold abroad. Although Hong Kong has already returned to the motherland, it is our territory, but some antiques in a free port in Hong Kong are still not suitable for selling to that place.
If it’s calm, of course, this matter will be sold without any problems, but if Hanhai auction house dares to do so, it’s not impossible for someone to criticize it in the end.
Jin Pang is also an old man in the industry. He has experienced a lot of things.
Xia Guangshan nodded and said, "Don’t worry, I’ve arranged some things. I can’t sell them to Hong Kong businessmen then, but I’m looking for some people who are acquaintances. The sudden rise of Wang Haidong makes me feel that if I ask him for help again, it will be lost in case."
After all, he is a young man. If he is impulsive and bids with Hong Kong businessmen, it is not good for them to dispute with a child. "
If there are excuses in antique shops, there are many secrets, real secrets, false secrets, mutual trust and so on.
It’s easy to explain this. If it’s dark, then it’s easy to understand that it’s true to support the scene. It’s also easy to understand that it’s true to support it. It’s complicated to support it. Usually, if two people attending the flattery meeting are more truthful, then these two people are false.
It was not the auction house that found it, but the grudge that raised the auction price, but in the end it was the auction house that benefited.
It’s more interesting to trust each other. Trust each other is that two people who participate in the auction collude with each other. Well, you and I will raise the price of antiques. Of course, it’s also learned to trust them. If you are not careful, it’s not impossible to steal chickens and eat rice.
Chapter 16 Auction
Gold fat this guy did things tactfully enough to directly find the Jubaoge in less than half an hour. At this time, Wang Haidong was wondering how to deal with Jubaoge’s debts with this private seal.
If the auction is over, all debts will naturally be paid off.
But what should I do with this seal? After thinking about it for a long time, Wang Haidong decided to stay as a treasure cabinet.
He won Jia Wenhua’s dry dragon seal in a gambling fight, so that the whole Huilongguan antique market knows it very well.
At this time, Jin Pang came along with Xiao Cheng. Wang Haidong looked up and said, "What brings you here, Mr. Kim?"
Jin Pang is very impolite to find a chair and say, "Official style". This auction was actually held half a month later, but it was said in the city that a delegation would come and hold it three days later, which made our auction house feel more difficult.
And there are also Hong Kong businessmen. Wang Zhanggui wants to know that some antiques can not be bought by Hong Kong businessmen. This city has given us a problem, so I want to ask Wang Zhanggui for help. I don’t know what you mean. "
This is to invite Wang Haidong to do a job and talk to people in the industry. It’s no nonsense to say it. It’s also the difference between people in the industry and laymen. Wang Haidong heard grandpa once talk about such things. How many times did grandpa do it?
Wang Haidong smiled treacherously and said, "It’s not impossible. Some things are really impossible to get to Hong Kong, otherwise it would be difficult to get them back."
But if it’s for me to do this thing, then if it becomes a procedure, give me half. "
Generally speaking, the auction house has to charge 5% to 10% of the formalities. At this time, Wang Haidong is not willing to save the money and let Hanhai auction house make a profit. If the gold tracing can sell for 3 million, then at least 300,000 formalities should be given to Hanhai.